Saudi Crown Prince and Thai Prime Minister meet after 30 years in Riyadh.

  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Tuesday in Riyadh as official talks begin.

  The Saudi Crown Prince welcomed the Thai leader at the meeting in a large joint ceremony on the Kingdom’s Foreign Affairs website on Twitter, while Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Rehman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of Riyadh, presented the Thai delegation.  On Twitter.  King Khalid International Airport with both country’s state officials.  Airport is located 35 kilometres (22 mi) north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

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  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will receive Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in Riyadh on January 25, 2022, as the first formal talks begin 30 years later.  Spa

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on January 26, 2022.


  According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the dual leaders exchanged opinions, consultation and coordination on a number of issues in order to achieve the common interests of the two countries.

  The Thai Foreign Ministry said the two-day visit was at the invitation of Saudi Arabia and “the first government-level meeting in 30 years to promote and strengthen bilateral relations”.

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  Saudi Arabia reduced its diplomatic relations with Thailand over theft 30 years ago, known as the Blue Diamond Affair.

  King Salman presides over Saudi Arabia’s first personal ministerial session after the epidemic

  Saudi Arabia and Iraq have signed a memorandum of understanding connecting the power networks

  Saudi Arabia, Cirque du Soleil for the first time, the establishment of a regional office

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About Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

  Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (Arabic: ู…ุญู…ุฏ ุจู† ุณู„ู…ุงู† ุขู„ ุณุนูˆุฏ, Romanized: Muhammad bin Salman Al Su’d; born 31 August 1985), colloquially known as MBS  And Saudi Arabia’s defense minister.  He also serves as chairman of the board of economic and development affairs and chairman of the board of political and security affairs.

He was the seventh son of King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the eldest of six sons born to King Salman’s third wife, Fahda Bint Falah Al-Hitlane.  Mohammed bin Salman controls his father’s government and is regarded as the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia.  In June 2017, King Salman removed his nephew Muhammad bin Nayef from the crown prince position and replaced him with Mohammed bin Salman.

  About Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The Prime Minister of Thailand (Thai: เธ™เธฒเธขเธเธฃเธฑเธเธกเธ™เธ•เธฃเธต; RTGS: Nayok Rattamontri; IPA: [naห.jรณk rรกt.t.tสฐร .mon.triห], literally heads the government of Thailand. The Prime Minister is also President of the Cabinet of Thailand.  Vacancies exist.

Prior to the coup, the Prime Minister was nominated by a simple majority in the House of Representatives of the Thai House of Representatives and later sworn in by the King of Thailand.  The choice of home is usually based on the fact that the leader of the lower house is the largest political party, or the leader of a large coalition of parties.  According to the Constitution, the Prime Minister can be appointed only twice and is therefore limited to a maximum of two consecutive terms.  Retired general Prayut Chan-o-cha holds the post of prime minister following the May 22, 2014 coup.

Sources :Al Arabiya news

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