Metakoo CyberTrack E-Bike Analysis: Cheap Off-Road Electric Bike Don’t Think Cheap

Metakoo is a fairly new e-bike brand that originated from the same company that brought us the MacWheel series of e-bikes.  These bikes are not known as the top shelf (or middle shelf), but they do present a strong bang-for-your-buck in the entry-level classroom.  The company’s first model, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100, offers a semi-mountain bike format designed for price-conscious customers.

 Metakoo Cybertrack 100 Technical Specifications

 Motor: Bafang 350W rear hub motor

Battery: 36V 10.4Ah (375 Wh)

Maximum acceleration is 32 km / h (20 mph)

Range is up to 48 km (30 mi)

Maximum load capacity 140 kg (309 lb)

Weighting 20.8 kg (46 lb)

Suspension is Only on the front

 Brakes is Mechanical Disc Brakes, Front (Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes,)

 Additionals are LCD display, 4A fast charger, 21 speed (!), Kickstand

 Price is $ 799

 Available Colours black, white

 Check out this e-bike at the Metakoo Cybertrack 100!

 Start with realistic expectations

 I’ve reviewed all kinds of e-bikes, from fancy and expensive e-bikes to bargain basement models.  It is very second, its budget price is just under $ 800.  For just under 1000 bucks.

 So you have to go with realistic expectations.

 It is neither the most powerful e-bike nor the super long range e-bike.  We know that before throwing a foot on a bike.

 Powerful motor

 With the Bafang 350W brushless motor and 375 Wh battery, the bike accelerates to a maximum speed of 20mph (32kph).  This is a high-performance motor you can really rely on.  These are very entry level specifications.

 But with that reference frame, we can determine whether the e-bike is worth the money within its category.

 And spoiler alert: this is a pretty decent e-bike when viewed through that lens. It does not attain any races against the moreover important options out there, but that is why thise-bike isn’t.

 To me, this is a low-cost way to ride an off-road electric bike.  Enjoy your cycling without overdoing it.

 Five-step pedal assistance gives you the right support when you ride, cycling without help, switch to Step 0 or turn off the power.  When you don’t want to pedal, turn the throttle for powerful all-electric propulsion.

 Riding downhill or hitting any sweet jumps is not that serious, but instead some good old-fashioned trail riding on the e-bike will give you a good boost that will help you go faster and farther.

Is Twenty-one speed not enough?  

 This is one of the few e-bikes I’ve tested, with a rear derailleur and a front derailleur.  That gives it 21 speeds.

 The Bafang 350W accelerates the brushless motorbike to a maximum speed of 20mph (32kph).  This is a high-performance motor you can really rely on

 Truth be told, it was about 14 more gear ratios than I think it really needed.  If you are very refined in your cycling, and you need two gears in between each and every gear used by casual 7-speeders, you’re probably not interested in a cheap e-bike.

 I don’t think most people need this grade on their e-bike drivetrain.  It’s one thing on a pedal bike, but with the help of a motor, you can optimize your gear a little less – you don’t always need the perfect ratio for each slope.  But for those who want more options, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 is definitely not on hold.

 The pedal assist uses the cadence-sensor, which does not respond as well as the actual torque-sensor, but it does better for our entry-level ride here.

 Handle any terrain with efficiency and ease.  You will always have the right gear, even if you ride without the help of electricity.

 I really like that the bike has a half-twist throttle instead of a thumb throttle.  I hate when off-road e-bikes come with thumb throttles, because your thumb bobs up and down with the bike, making it difficult to hold them in place when the terrain is uneven.  But the Half-Twist throttle is ideal for that situation, as your palms hold both the throttle and the non-moving grip, maintaining your throttle position.

 Do a minimum exercise and be healthy 

 The durable aluminum alloy frame is complemented by a front suspension fork for a smoother and more comfortable ride experience.  Mechanical disc brakes encourage strong and robust braking to safely stop under every condition and in all weather conditions.

 I appreciate that Metakoo did not cut the common corners and set up a bunch of cheap parts like plastic pedals.  There are real alloy pedals that are good and brush to stay under your shoes while bouncing on the trail.

 The company went the extra mile to add a 4A charger, which is twice as powerful as most budget e-bike chargers.  The 4A charger attached to this battery means you can get a full charge in just three hours.

 That being said, corners have been cut in some places to drop at this $ 799 price.  The welds look pretty much like Rocky at the end of the first movie.  There are no lights or fenders, which means you need to add some parts to make this bike a passenger.  And the suspension fork is acceptable but not at all high level.

 There are good bikes out there for commuter use, so I’m not sure you’ll want to buy a daily road ride, so the lack of lights and fenders doesn’t bother me much.

Everything on the bike screams” logical enough”to me. The thickets are fine, not fancy. The defile is capable, not astral.  The frame is fine, not overly built but fine (and at least it has partial internal wiring).  Shifters are great for this level of e-bike.

 It is acceptable for a leisurely, fun e-bike designed to get anyone out of the house and into a road or trail.

 You are offering some serious service and support by going with a lot of young Amazon in the world, but you are not giving up much on quality.  And if I had to pick one, I think I would have a decent e-bike with a company that is harder to connect to than crappy, falling apart with an e-bike with a company that I can talk to anytime I want.  The first puts me in the saddle, but the second one makes you hear the phrase “we understand this is frustrating for you …”.

 Overall OK eBike, the battery does not hold the charge for extended periods of time, awkward hand controls on the handlebar, cheap seat replacement, several speeds, controls and displays are not well detailed, easy to assemble

 Half an hour to set up and I haven’t had to make a single adjustment since.  It does everything I thought it could with an e-bike.

 So for a decent decent e-bike for less than $ 800, it’s actually a good choice in the off-road and trail-riding categories.  It is not too heavy on the back or in the wallet and offers decent performance for the price.  They offer free delivery and return and exchange and many price-sensitive buyers are looking.

sources : Metakoo

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