Volvo launches wi-fi charging assessments for electric powered automobiles with 40Kw technology.

Volvo is testing a new wireless charging system for electric cars, which has the potential to increase electric car sales by eliminating worries about where to charge.

Volvo is testing a charging solution in Sweden that can stop an electric car and then drive it with a fully charged battery.  Wireless charging technology has already been successfully applied to smartphones and many other devices.  However, considering the size and performance of its battery, charging an electric vehicle wirelessly is a more difficult challenge.

For fully electric XC40 rechargeable cars, wireless charging power is more than 40 kW, four times faster than a wired 11 kW AC charger and a wired 50 kW DC fast charger.

Volvo aims to become the first automaker to release a wireless charger for electric cars globally.

Electric car batteries are modified lithium-ion batteries designed for use in laptops and electronic devices.  These batteries are selected for their high power density and long life cycles, but vary in power, charging speed and duration.

When it comes to smartphones, the lithium battery can be charged wirelessly by simply placing it in a pad, using a process called inductive charging, and testing the same process on Volvo electric cars.

The Volvo project is promising, but not the only one

Volvo is far from the first company to test wireless electric car charging systems.  For example, a company called Genesis has a wireless chargeable SUV model and BMW has been testing the technology for years.

However, some have gone even further in imagining the world of charging an electric car by driving on the road.  Last year, the Indiana Department of Transportation announced plans to build the first concrete-paved highway with no wireless charging.  Working with Purdue University and other partners, the goal is to turn the interstate highway into a wireless charger.

Michigan also recently announced a similar plan.  The Government of Michigan awarded Electrician its first wireless electric vehicle charging road system contract.  One mile of Detroit will be converted into a public wireless charging lane.  Electric cars can be charged when moving, traffic jams, or stopped.  Outside the US, the UK, Norway and other European countries are also investing in electric vehicle charging roads.

As the future of mobility continues to innovate with disruptive technology, charging electric may soon be a concern of the past.  “The inexperienced quarter town of Gothenburg permits us to enjoy new technology in a real-international surroundings and compare them over the years for destiny introduction,” stated Mats Moberg, Head of Research and Development at Volvo Cars.

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Volvo has announced the largest 50-gigawatt-hour battery plant in Gothenburg, Sweden,

Volvo assessments may be held in Sweden.

Volvo has announced it will begin testing wireless charging stations in Sweden, with the testing program scheduled for three years.  Wireless chargers provide up to 40 kilowatts of power, similar to most wired DC fast chargers.

Using the fleet of all-electric Volvo XC40 recharge taxis from the largest taxi operator in the Nordic region, cars automatically charge when parked on a charging platform.  The electric taxi fleet will run 12 hours a day with the goal of moving 100,000 km a year.  The test determines performance, endurance and future commercial adaptations.


Does the Volvo XC40 have wireless charging?

Qi has introduced wireless charging on the Volvo XC40.

What is wireless charging technology?

Wireless charging usually removes the cable needed to charge mobile phones, cordless devices and so on.  With a wireless charger, the battery within any battery-operated device can be charged by placing it in a wireless power transmitter or near the designated charging station.

Which Volvo models have wireless charging?

Fits as built in vehicle.  Wireless Charger Compatible with Volvo XC90 (2015-2021), XC60 (2018-2021), S90 (2017-2021), V90 (2017-2021), V60 (2019-2021), S60 (2019-2021)

How do I turn on wireless charging on my Volvo?

To use the wireless charging plate: Make sure the charging plate is turned on in the Function View of the center display.  Remove all items from the charging pad and place the phone in the center of the pad.  The phone starts charging and the sign appears at the top of the middle display

Can you wirelessly charge an electric car?

It has been working on the technology for nearly a decade and has already found a way to wirelessly power vehicles when parked underground by transferring electricity through the underground charging pad and the base plate attached to the bottom of the car.  Battery

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