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Hybrid Series Ruling Clears the Path for Greater Innovation

The decision of the German regulator at Mando Footloose sparked a long-running campaign to have a series of hybrids classified as bicycles.

The decision of the German regulator at Mando Footloose sparked a long-running campaign to have a series of hybrids classified as bicycles.  Photo credit: Mando

  In Europe

According to the European Association of Electric Vehicles, the European Commission’s ruling classifying hybrid e-bikes as bicycles has opened the door for further technological development.

High-tech bikes that bring cycling to a new world.

The Light Electric Vehicle Association of Europe (LEVA-EU) has been promoting the Commission for nearly five years.  It followed a warning from German approval firm Kraftfahrt Bundesamt (KBA) in 2018 that dealers selling a particular electric bike without a chain, Mando Footloose, endangered the โ‚ฌ 5,000 (A $ 7,713) fine.

The Mondo attaches pedal cranks to a fully enclosed rotator, which sends man-made power from the pedals directly to the motor at the center of the rear wheel.

The KBA has ruled that a series of hybrids that flow directly from the pedal generator to the motor should be classified as L-class vehicles with motorbikes, mopeds, quadricycles and ‘micro cars’.

A few years ago, Dutch approval agency RDW announced that the series of hybrids would be Electronic Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC).

Since 2012, several companies have begun to develop a series of hybrid systems (SH), which are particularly suitable for cargo bikes, according to a statement from LEVA-EU.

“Because the gadget has fewer mechanical parts, it gives the benefit of decreasing wear and coping with costs, It allows fleet management and service intervals to be reduced,” the statement said.

โ€œThis gives greater design freedom and greater ability to customise the digital system to the needs of particular riders, e.g., the elderly and disabled, travellers, delivery and courier riders.

“Finally, the SH-gadget additionally permits the opposite function, that is specifically exciting for e-shipment cycles or different EPACs with extra than  wheels.”

LEVA-EU “is lobbying to remove legal barriers in technical legislation that seriously impede technical development”.

It says uncertainty over the legal status of SH systems is becoming a major stumbling block for manufacturers’ potential customers and investors, and therefore requested a meeting with the LEVA-EU Commission.

At a meeting with EU member states on February 17, pedal cycles met the EPACs classification:

They are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with a maximum sustained power of 250 watts.

The motor cuts off whilst the bicycle owner stops pedalling.

The motor is otherwise progressively reduced and eventually cut off before reaching 25 km h.

It has also confirmed that it includes chainless e-bikes.

Designboom aielo urban community bike |

The LEVA-EU Declaration stated that SH-System bikes are given the same status as traditional bicycles in all EU member states on the road.

Podbike’s FRIKAR series hybrid e-bike is scheduled to begin production next month.  Photo: Podbike

Bottom-up decision

Norwegian manufacturer Podbike has welcomed clarification on its FRIKAR e-bike and other EPACs as a “ground seal moment”.

According to Podbike, which has been lobbying for the verdict for the past five years, “it will be a game changer for the expansion of e-bikes in Europe.”

That said, “regulatory confusion” does not prevent Podbike and other manufacturers from pressing forward with their ideas because “common sense prevails.”

Labrea Bike Works – WOW! The Polygon concept bike was designed by Reindy Allendra.

“But the EU’s slow response has discouraged investment in the hybrid bike design sector and has hampered other e-bike design innovations in the past five years.”  The clarification comes at a particularly important time for Podbike, which is preparing to release its Fricker four-wheeled electric vehicle this year.


What is a Hybrid Bike Cycle?

It sounds exactly like – a hybrid between two types of vehicles.  Hybrid bicycles are a mix of road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes.  These types of bikes offer the best of all specialty bikes and allow riders to use them for general purposes.

What is the best hybrid cycle brand?

10 Best Hybrid Bikes To Buy In 2020

Giant Escape 2 Disc.  …

B’Twin Tribon RC500.  …

Trek FX 3 Disc.  …

White Victoria.  …

Canandale Quick 2. …

Canyon Pathlight AL 6.0.  …

Special Cirrus 4.0.  …

Surly Ogre.  This solid steel steed will be able to handle anything you throw.

Is the hybrid bike fast?

The average hybrid bike can ride at an average speed of 12 to 18 miles per hour.  The bicycle goes fast when the road is clean and open.  Some hybrid bikes come with multiple gears that will help you to ride at comfortable speeds depending on the situation

How does a biological hybrid work?

Muscle power and electric motor combined in an innovative and environmentally friendly propulsion system for the connected city

What are biohybrid materials?

Biohybrid substances are compounds made of organic and non-organic materials by chemical bonds.

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