FELO China has officially released the FW06 electric scooter based on the KYMCO F9

Fellow FW06

KYMCO F9 based scooter officially launched by Fellow China.  The FW06 scooter runs up to 87 miles.

FELO officially launches their FW06 scooter, with some changes from KYMCO’s F9 based on that.  The main one is the large battery capacity, which increases the range compared to the F9.

FELO Design is the R&D branch of Hyetang – a Chinese-based performance vehicle company – which later became FELO technology focused on performance motorcycles.  Since 2019, FELO Technology has entered the field of electric high-performance motorcycles to launch its own brand – FELO EV.  Securing their investment from Kymco’s Treasury portfolio, the two companies later launched their electric products KYMCO’s F9 in Taipei and FELO’s FW-06 in Shanghai.

Recently, Kymco, FELO and Super Soco signed a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating the expansion of electric motorcycles to global markets and building the Ionex network for replaceable battery systems.

Compare FW06

With the recent announcement of the companies, it seems that they share a strategic path together for pretty much every aspect.  Technology will be shared, product development,  network, brand collaboration, OEM and more.

Fellow FW06

The full specifications of the two maxi-scooters are the same with the disc brakes (ABS front), the same frames and seat position, of course the typical 2 gear brushless DC motor.  The motor produces a maximum of 10kW, and 30 Nm of torque – exactly like the F9, a nominal 6kW or 16Nm.

The difference to the FW06 is that the battery options it offers – called sub-models for the FW06 – are the GL and DX, with a choice between 7.68kWh to 8.5kWh (96V 80Ah / 88Ah), respectively.

This difference also affects the range, where the FW06 DX gets a range of 87 miles (140km), the GL type moves up to 68 miles (110km), and the charging time varies from 4 to 6 hours.

FELO FW06 is sold in China for a total of ยฅ 26,800 – 28,800 RMB, an estimated $ 4200-4500 USD.  It has already started pre-orders on the company’s website – for Chinese natives.

Compare FW06

Source: FELO

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