Solectrac Has Announced A Facility Expansion To Increase production and support.

The California-based company is hard at work and recently announced two new developments: launching its certified dealer network and moving to a new 36,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Windsor, CA, which will be in full capacity by June 2022.  (Here at DrivePilots we report a lot about electric vehicles in the private transport space, as they are a major part of the transition from fossil fuels. Other types of vehicles are also electrified and electric tractors are better for the environment.

Talked with Electric Tractor Manufacturer Solectrac.

There is no better person than Mani Iyer, the company’s CEO, to talk about Solectrac’s new growth, and he answered a few questions generously.

Image courtesy of Mani Iyer, Solectrac.

Why is it important to add new dealership partners in the Pacific Northwest and how many electric tractors can you sell due to the addition?

The Solectrac dealership is key to our continued growth.  We hope to double our monthly sales over the next year through our dealer network.

How does the expansion of the Pacific Northwest fit into the Nationwide Plan?

The Washington and Oregon tractor industry sales in this tractor segment exceeded 4,000 units by 2021.  Both states are in the top 20 states for tractor sales.  These states represent some of the earliest adopters of EV technology, and Washington is home to 1,000 wines, a major consumer segment of Sotrak.

What are some of the company’s key goals for the next three to five years?

Over the next five years, we will focus on distributor growth, product expansion, technological improvements and manufacturing efficiency.

What types of forms are your electric tractors using and what are they used for?

Our primary farm demographics are interest farms, first time tractor owners, equine and natural farms.  The 70 HP elegance e70N is designed for vineyards and gardens.  Our tractors may be discovered more often than not in Sonoma and Napa vineyards.  They can also be found at the Mushroom Farm in Pescadero.  Our e25 compact electric tractor is being used by Jack Johnsonโ€™s Kokua Hawaii Foundation.

What utilities are they using and for what?

Utilities subsidise all use of EV platforms.  Southern CA Edison and Georgia Power have recently started developing credits / repayment programs for customers using EVs, as well as solar power.  Utilities are using a variety of EV platforms and we expect them to provide additional subsidies for their own use.

What are the main advantages of using electric tractors over gas and diesel powered ones?

Two major advantages of using electric tractors are zero emissions and low maintenance charges.  The electric motor delivers instant torque with only one moving part compared to approximately 300 parts in a diesel engine, reducing maintenance requirements.  The electric tractor can be charged from a utility grid or renewable energy sources to further reduce its carbon footprint.  The e70N replaces diesel tractors of the same size and eliminates the health effects of harmful emissions and noise to operators.

Are some of your customers using their own solar power and wind power system to charge their electric tractors?

Yes, many of our customers use their own solar power systems – and some are completely “off the grid.”

If so, is there an estimate of how much money they can save on fuel costs in the long run?

Previous studies have shown savings of more than $ 2,000 / year.  Considering the recent increase in fuel prices, this yearโ€™s savings are rising dramatically.

So far, are all your customers in the US or do you have customers abroad?

We have tremendous interest abroad, but we are now focused on the United States and Canada.

How a lot is americaA Electric Tractor Market predicted to develop over the following ten years?

The compact tractor market is growing at a rate of 5% over 2021;  It was also a record year.  Today, the electric tractor market is only a small fraction of less than 1%.  The global electric tractor market is exhibiting a CAGR of 18.25% over the forecast period of 2021 to 2028 and we are looking to increase our market share


Does the e25 have 4WD?

The e25 comes with 4WD quality.

Does the e25 incorporate existing equipment?

The e25 has a standard Class 1 three-point hitch that can lift 1600 lbs.  And 540 rpm PTO.  It also has hydraulic hookups for needed equipment.

Does the e25 have different tire options?

The e25 can be ordered with Ag, turf or industrial tires.  The Ag option has a track that matches the maximum outside width to accommodate the minimum outer width of 38 “or 30” beds.

Is the E25 suitable for steep slopes?

The e25 has a low centre of gravity and 4WD and is well suited for use on steep slopes.

Can you order the e25 with the front loader?

Yes and our front loader is now available.

Do you offer a 4WD version of eUtility?

eUtility is only 2WD, but we offer a 4WD compact electric tractor (CET).

Does eutility enable my existing tools?

Yes.  All Class I equipment can be used on the rear hitch except for those that require hydraulics.  The hydraulic pump can be installed for legacy equipment that requires this option as an additional option.

Can the tractor be adjusted for slender width applications?

The rear wheels can be adjusted from a 46 “narrow track to a 54” wide track.

Can the utility tractor accommodate the snow blower?

Yes.  Snowblowers can be mounted on the rear 3-point hitch using PTO or mounted on the front with the purchase of a hydraulic package for our tractoshareo you offer a front loader for the e70N?

The e70N is not available with the front loader at this time.

Do you offer the 4WD version of the e70N?

The e70N comes with standard four-wheel drive.

Can the e70N be adjusted for narrow width applications?

The track is fixed at 54 inches.

e25 Compact Electric Tractor

The e25 compact electric tractor packs a lot of power and capacity into a small

Package.  Depending on the e25, it can run for 3-6 hours with a 22 kWh battery pack

Loading.  Battery can be charged in 220VAC, 30-amp outlet or 12 to 8 hours

Hours from 120VAC, 15-amp outlet.  It accepts all Class 1N 540 PTO equipment,

And comes popular with hydraulics on its rear hitch.  1300 lb potential the front loader.

Available, plus turf and industrial tire options.

  Specifications e25

Motor Horse Power / KW 25 HP (18kW) Class,

Type brushless AC induction,

Rated output of 300 amps at 72V,

The service life is 80,000 hours,

Li-ion Battery: Pack Onboard Capacity 22kWh,

Rated output of 300 amps at 72V,

Runtime 3-6 hours (depending on load),

Life cycle 2500 cycles,

Charging Standards Step 2 – 220VAC, 30-amp outlet or 120VAC 15-amp outlet,

Charging time eight hours @ 220 VAC, 30 amps / 12 hours @ one hundred twenty VAC 15 amps,

Operating temperature: Minimum: -10 ยฐ C (14 ยฐ F) |  Max: 55 ยฐ C (131 ยฐ F),

Charging Temperature: Min: 0 ยฐ C (32 ยฐ F) |  Max: 40 ยฐ C (104 ยฐ F),

Hitch three Point Link Class 1N,

Hydraulic is to be had for equipment,

Lift potential 992 lb (450 kg)

Front quit Loader:

Lifting capacity 550 lb @ bucket, 1300 lb @ pin,

Maximum lifting height 70 “(1800mm),

Bucket width 50 “(1270mm).

Bucket height 19 “(482 mm),

Bucket Depth 17 “(432mm)

TIRES: Agricultural Tire Front: 5 x 12 “| Rear: 8 x 18”,

Turf Tire Front: 23 x 8.5 โ€|  Rear: 33 x 15.5 “,

Industrial Tire Front: 23 x 8.5 โ€|  Rear: 33 x 15,

25 HP Class e25 is a versatile, 4WD utility vehicle,

Runtime: 3-6 hours with 22 kWh battery pack depending on load.

Is being charged: Battery can be charged from 220VAC, 30-amp outlet in 8 hours or 110VAC, 15 amp outlet at night.

Battery life: Depreciation of operating cycles and discharge (DOD) for 10 years.  3,500 wheels @ 80% DOD.

Original Price: $ 27,999 (โ‚น -)

Implements / Rear Hitch

Accepts all Class 1, 540 PTO equipment, including hydraulics on its rear 3-point hitch.

Great for hobby parks, golf courses, sports fields, equestrian centres and municipalities.

A powerful and efficient compact utility vehicle for any farm, CET is ideal for shipping, mowing, ploughing, and jobs that do not require a large tractor.

Electric Tractor e70N

The e70N Narrow Electric Tractor is ready to tackle big, challenging tasks

Your farmland.  With a rear hitch and ability to lift 2000 lbs

To use Category 1 and 2 tools, e70N gives you more options

And the power to pull, plough, distil, and spray.  In addition to the onboard battery

The pack comes with a front-end battery mount to hold the e70N optional

The interchangeable battery pack can increase your run time by up to 3-8 hours (depending

On load).  Standard four-wheel drive greatly improves traction on challenging terrain

Like hills and mud, and full torque (200 feet lb) available at any speed.

Quick Look Specifications,

70 HP (52kW) class,

55 PTO HP (41kW) Class,

3-8 hours drive,

4 wheel drive,

Cat 1, 2 adopters,

Battery mount,


Approximate 6 hours charge time,

Depending on the load,


Dashboard metres,

Length: 144″,

Width: 54″,

Height (with rollbar): 100″,

Ground Clearance (min): 8โ€.

Tire front: 8″x 18″,

Tire rear: 14.9 “x 24”,

Front Weight: 3190 lb,

Rear weight: 3465 lb,

Total weight: 6655 lb,

State of Charge (SOC),

Motor Horsepower / KW 70 HP (52kW) Class,

Type brushless AC induction,

500 amps rated output at 106V, 70HP,

The service life is 80,000 hours,

Li-ion Battery Pack Onboard Capacity 60kWh,

500 amps rated output at 106V, 70HP,

Runtime 3-8 hours (depending on load),

Charging Standards Step 2 – 220VAC, 50-amp outlet,

Charging time of approximately 6 hours with 220VAC, 50 amps,

Operating temperature is -22 to 55 C ยฐ, -4 to 130 F ยฐ,

Operates the rear-hitch,

3 Point Link Class 1, 2,

Hydraulics are available for equipment,

Lift capacity 2000 lb (902 kg),

Tires: Agricultural tire quality,

Front Tire 8 “x 18” (20cm x 46cm)

Rear tire 14.9 “x 24” (38cm x 61cm),

Take the Power Off: PTO Speed โ€‹โ€‹540 RPM,

Horsepower / kW 55 HP (41kW) class,

Transmission Type Four-Wheel Drive

The 70 hp class e70N is a powerful, narrow electric tractor that is perfectly suited for vineyards and gardens.

Runtime: 3-8 hours per load, and you can double the range with an interchangeable pack.

Is being charged: 8-10 hours with 220 VAC, 50 amps, and 6 hours with 8 kW solar array.

Battery life: Depreciation of operating cycles and discharge (DOD) for 10 years.  3,000 cycles @ 80% DOD.

Original price: $ 74,999

30kWh replaceable battery pack with 6kW charger: $ 9,999 USD

Implements / Rear-Hitch

The rear 3-point hitch, capable of lifting up to 2000 pounds, accepts all Class 1 and 2 equipment at 540 rpm PTO.

  In the field

“Part of sustainability is creating a healthy and safe environment for people working on farmland here. An electric tractor with no exhaust and little noise can help us do that.

Utility Tractor, 40 HP class

The 40 HP class of eUtility is the ideal tractor for any small farm or livestock operation, equestrian centre and other utility type jobs.

Utility Tractor, 40 HP specification

Runtime: 4-8 hours with 28 kWh battery pack depending on load.  Runtime can be extended with optional interchangeable battery packs.

Is being charged: Step 2 fast charging for 80% charge in 4 hours or full charge at night.  Battery Management System (BMS) automatically protects batteries when charging and discharging.

Battery life: Depreciation of operating cycles and discharge (DOD) for 10 years.  3,000 cycles @ 80% DOD

Solectrac eUtility with Tiller

Implements / Rear-Hitch

Accepts all class 1 – 540 rpm PTO equipment on rear hitch.  Linear actuators provide 1,000 lb dynamic load and 3,000 lb static load.

Horsepower: 40 HP (30kW)class,

25 HP PTO (18kW) class,

Front Loader,

750 lb.  Ability to lift,

Lifting Force,

1,000 lb.  Dynamic, 3,000 lb.  Static,

MPH (Rank): 01 to 25mph.

Life cycle 3,000 at 80% DOD,

On board battery 28 kWh,

Auxiliary packs 28 kWh,

Voltage and Current 240 VAC – 30 A,

Service life: 80,000 hours


Length: 115 “,

Front track width: 48 ” (incompatible),

Front outer width: 54 ” (incompatible),

Rear track width: 40-64 ” (adjustable),

Rear outer width: 50-74 ” (adjustable),

Shipping Width: 54 ” (Front / Rear),

Height with roll bar: 99 “,

Track: 48-52 “,

Ground Clearance (min): 18 “,

Tire front: 750 x 26-30.5 โ€,

Tire rear: 12.4 x 28-42.

 For more details contact :Solectrac, Inc.  |  5600 Earhart Court, Windsor, CA 95492 WWW.SOLECTRAC.COM

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