This business enterprise combines solar and wind electricity in a single renewable electricity technology device

Come rain or shine, this device will preserve electricity. three-D rendering of Unéole’s mixed-electricity platform. Unéole/Facebook Unéole, a business enterprise primarily based totally in Ronchin

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Cedric Lynch Electric Motorcycle: Improving the Axial Flux Electric Motor.

Cedric Lynch, the inventor of Lynch Motor, a highly efficient axial flux electric motor, is today engaging with the challenges and opportunities of electric mobility as he built the simple electric motors with the help of Ladybird’s book as a child

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DeepSpeed’s new High Power High Efficiency Liquid Cooled Electric Boat Battery.

Some airplanes have propellers, some have jets, he reasoned. … DeepSpeed’s new high power liquid cooled electric boat battery.
Video for deepspeed new high power high efficiency liquid cooled electric boat battery.

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LiFePo4 Batteries – The Secret and Low-Cost of BLUETTI’s Long-Lasting.

Moreover, it offers long cycle life, fast charging, and low toxicity. So let’s take a detailed look at the LFP battery technology used by …
LiFePo4 Batteries – The Secret and Low-Cost of BLUETTI’s Long-Lasting. from

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All You Need To Know About cooling and lubricating liquids are important to improve EVs

EV transmissions still need lubricating and motors still need cooling, though, as do batteries and power electronics. … It believes it can improve efficiency, with the knock-on effect of increasing range, just by the use of specially developed lubricating and coolants for EVs.

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Quark and Terrier, Koenigsegg’s Preset Their First E-Motor and E-Drive Units – ‘Roxial Flux’ topology

key driver for the development of the Quark e-motor is to continue the company’s record-breaking heritage with the Koenigsegg Gemera;  EV is offering the broad market the opportunity to tap torque-rich, ultra-compact e-motor for a wide range of applications such as powertrains, aerospace, VTOL, marine and more.

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