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‘Nuclear Powered Car’ Can Travel 8000 Kilometres, Making Impossible Dreams Come True.

It was based on the belief that Imagine, a car traveling 5000 miles (over 8000 km) in one go until it reaches the next fuel station! The 1950s used to be a time when car-makers around the world were toying with such seemingly impossible ideas.

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Ford Is Aiming For Jovial Ride In India Through Electric Vehicles.

Ford needs to prove that India is cost-competitive to manufacture EVs, which requires large investments to localise the supply chain,” he said, adding that it had to figure out how to source lithium-ion.  Batteries.

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“Ford F-150 Intelligent Backup Power Feature Lights Home for Three Days”.!

Ford F-150 Lightning has received a strong initial response in the US market and the first batch of electric vehicle (EV) is ready for delivery.  And while this is a highly sought-after $ 40,000 base pro model, there is also a top-of-the-line model with a larger battery pack that allows owners to power their homes for up to three days.

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