Weird Alibaba: Extraordinary a large cement mixer electric powered truck on-line is the future, today

Laggards beware:       no transportation enterprise is secure from electrification. It’s going to pull you, kicking and screaming if necessary, into the future.

That’s genuine whether or not we’re  about planes, trains or automobiles, or maybe cement mixers. And now no longer handiest are electric powered cement mixers now an element, however you may order one directly from China. Learn all about it on this week’s version of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week.

That method as opposed to idling to your avenue whilst spewing diesel fumes and cancer agents into the air, the handiest crap this element will depart at the back of are bits of dried concrete on the street surface.

The 12,800 kg (28,000 lb) truck is a beast powered with the aid of using a 250 kW electric powered motor with a height output of 360 kW (483 hp). Unlike electric powered sport vehicles that use a great deal of energy to get going rapidly, this hunk of metal and rock makes use of it to lumber alongside below all of that weight.

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Tired of these youths flying down your residential avenue of their tricked out warm rods? Lay down some strategically positioned appropriate ol’ long-established velocity bumps. Your nearby avenue authority takes too lengthy to patch the ones pot holes? Drop on your personal cement!

Having your personal cement mixer appears to clear up extra troubles than it creates. And in view that it’s electric powered, you don’t even need to sense approximately all the dangerous emissions. Maybe you may even get $7,500 lower back to your taxes. I don’t recognise how the ones federal tax credit paintings for EVs ordered on-line from China, however whilst there’s a will, there’s a way!

Now I’m now no longer pronouncing you must end up a cement-blending vigilante here. But I am pronouncing in any argument that pits a cement mixer in opposition to some other facet without a cement mixer, I recognise who I’d wager on.