Electric Citroen e-C3 release in January 2023

Electric Citroen e-C3 release in January 2023

Tata Tiago EV rival to get 30.2kWh battery, 85hp motor; probably to be priced from Rs 10 lakh.

“How to make EVs less expensive to the centre elegance is the most important challenge,”

– Will include a 30.2 kWh battery

Citroen eC3’s single electric powered motor could have a energy output of 63kW (86hp) and 143 Nm,

“There is a massive possibility for India with the intention to promote EV compact vehicles at a less expensive rate to defend the profitability. Because the United States of America has this sort of cost-aggressive provider base, so it [exports to Europe] is possible.”

“At Stellantis, we no longer push the steel, due to the fact we remember pushing the steel as a form of cost destruction. So we aren’t chasing volumes; we’re doing the proper thing, in the proper way. If we do the proper thing, the extent may be the reward

With the excitement around EVs in India at an all-time high, the e-C3 will be simply what Citroen desires to create cognizance for its compact crossover hatch and place it on the automobile buyer’s scanner