Electric Citroen e-C3 release in January 2023

Tata Tiago EV rival to get 30.2kWh battery, 85hp motor; probably to be priced from Rs 10 lakh.

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Carlos Tavares, the worldwide CEO of Stellantis, has indicated that an all-electric powered Citroen C3 โ€œmay be released early the following yearโ€. The precise date has now no longer been announced, however it’s far possible to be in January quickly after Auto Expo 2023.

  • Citroen e-C3 to be priced among Rs 10 lakh-12 lakh
  • Will include a 30.2 kWh battery
  • Planned to be exported to numerous worldwide markets

Called the e-C3, Citroenโ€™s first electric powered supplying for India comes an insignificant six months after the petrol-powered C3 became released. The corporation is brief to factor out that no different mass producer has advanced and released an EV version of an ICE vehicle inside this sort of quick time window. 

Citroen e-C3 battery and powertrain

A massive goal for Citroen is the rate of the electrical C3. โ€œHow to make EVs less expensive to the centre elegance is the most important challenge,” Tavares stated at some stage in a media interplay in Chennai on Wednesday. “Only economically can create scale and most successfully then can it have a huge  effect on the environment.” 

Thus, to maintain fees in check, the e-C3 could have a modestly sized battery with a ability of 30.2kWh, and assets inform us it’ll use LFP cells from Chinese corporation Svolt. The vehicle could have a 3.3kW onboard AC charger, and additionally be able to CCS2 rapid charging. Citroen, however, is likewise eager to have this localised. โ€œI would honestly like to shop for a battery from an Indian trader. I am nonetheless searching for it. We have now no longer located a supply yet; it’ll take place in the following couple of years,โ€ Tavares stated.

For reference, the biggest battery to be had on a Tata Tiago EV is 24kWh which is right for an ARAI-rated variety of 315 km, at the same time as a Tata Nexon EV Max makes use of a 40.5kWh battery which offers it an ARAI variety of 437 km, so the diminutive Citroen e-C3 may want to get a exceptionally lengthy variety too.

We have additionally learnt that the Citroen eC3’s single electric powered motor could have a energy output of 63kW (86hp) and 143 Nm, which again, is exceedingly modest. For reference, the 1.2 Turbo petrol Citroen C3 produces 110hp and one hundred ninety Nm, and the EV is possibly heavier. That stated, the Tata Tiago EV produces 74hp and 114Nm.

Citroen e-C3 anticipated rate

To optimise fees, the electrical model of C3 will proportion all different components and components, that are closely localised, with the petrol model. The body, indoors and mechanicals are common; that is why the e-C3 seems same to its petrol-powered cousin and the most effective differentiator is the charging port placed at the front fender. The indoors too is possibly to be unchanged, besides for the pressure controller that replaces the petrol manualโ€™s equipment stick.

Citroen is assured that it may rate the e-C3 competitively, and even though no indication of the rate and positioning had been given, itโ€™s truthful to expect it’ll be priced across the Rs 10 lakh to twelve lakh bracket, or among the Tata Tigor EV and the Nexon EV, which, with the aid of using multinational standards, may be very aggressive. 

That aggressive rate can even make the e-C3 the least expensive Citroen EV in the world, besides for the Citroen Ami, that’s a quadricycle. This could additionally supply its large ability in export markets, wherein compact EVs are popular, however the rate-to-length ratio nonetheless can’t be pretty in shape that of an ICE vehicle.

Citroen e-C3 income and exports

A lot is driving the e-C3, which, aside from seeding Citroenโ€™s EV generation in India, will supply a giant raise to common C3 volumes which have been disappointingly low with the aid of using phase standards. 

Tavares is brief to feature that he isn’t always chasing volumes and is in no hurry to win market proportion. His priority is to get the product and the fine properly. โ€œAt Stellantis, we no longer push the steel, due to the fact we remember pushing the steel as a form of cost destruction. So we aren’t chasing volumes; we’re doing the proper thing, in the proper way. If we do the proper thing, the extent may be the reward.โ€ 

Supplier reassets monitor that an annual manufacturing extent of 25,000 devices in keeping with annum for the e-C3 has been projected, which incorporates a great quantity for exports. Tavares is enthusiastic about the export opportunities of the e-C3 saying, โ€œThere is a massive possibility for India with the intention to promote EV compact vehicles at a less expensive rate to defend the profitability. Because the United States of America has this sort of cost-aggressive provider base, so it [exports to Europe] is possible.โ€ But he additionally cautions there may be no concrete idea for now and that transporting to Europe is no โ€œstroll in the parkโ€. 

With the excitement around EVs in India at an all-time high, the e-C3 will be simply what Citroen desires to create cognizance for its compact crossover hatch and place it on the automobile buyer’s scanner.

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