Electric Car ready for Tesla, Fisker Electric Car Company unit launch in India, hiring start!

Tesla India delayed arrival due to several reasons, Fisker Inc car company, which has hurt Tesla, electric car company in India

 Tesla Rival Fisker Inc electric car set to open production unit tech centre in india

 India: Electric car demand in India is growing.  However, the central government has made some efforts to bring the Tesla electric car to India.  But Tesla is no longer operating in India for some reason, including India’s import tariffs and taxes.  Meanwhile, Fisker Inc (Fisker), another electric car company in the US, has now entered India to sue Tesla.  The manufacturing plant in India is set to launch the car in India through Make in India.

ย Fisker Inc Electric Car Company, which has gained immense popularity in other countries including the US, is now launching a production unit and Tech Centre in India.ย  The recruitment process has also begun.ย  This means that before the Tesla cars are launched in India, Fisker Inc will see two popular cars being launched in India.

Tesla in India: Various states offer Elon to open car unit: Terrific response to Musk Tweet!

 480 km mileage;  Fisker Ocean SUV Car Coming!

 Fisker Inc has announced the launch of two electric cars – Ocean and Piero Anno in India.  According to the Economic Times, Taiwanese Foxconn company will start production in India.

 Fisker Inc S tech centre is opening in Hyderabad.  The company is in talks with some states, including Karnataka, about the start of the car manufacturing plant.  Fisker Electric Cars, which has already jammed into the European and Chinese markets, will be popular in India, which is in huge demand.

 Fisker Inc is leading the electric cars market in India and the world market through its Global Technology Centre in Hyderabad.  Fisker Inc has hired several key positions, including 300 engineers, software development, and more.

 Fisker Inc has not disclosed any information on this.  Fisker Inc will issue an official announcement next week, the Economics Times said in its report.  Fisker Inc is leading the largest unit in India and exporting from here.  This will reduce the cost of production.  Fisker Inc. calculates that exports will be facilitated as imports are not increased in other countries.

  The Fisker Inc decision hit Tesla with a severe blow.  Tesla, which is preparing for its car launch in India, has been hit by import tariffs and the government’s Make in India policy.  Tesla was ahead of the car sales by bringing spare parts to India.  But due to the central emphasis on the Make in India project, the import duty has increased.  This will cost Tesla Rs 60 lakh in India and Rs 60 lakh in India.

About Fisker Inc

Fisker Inc. American Electric Vehicle Manufacturer innovated by Henrik Fisker and his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker. embarked in 2016 and grounded in Southern California, FiskerInc. was innovated by Fisker Automotive ( innovated in 2007 by Henrik Fisker), which erected Fisker Karma. Fisker Inc. Fisker is elaborating Ocean, an each-electric SUV formed of recycled and vegan material, with an estimated range of 300-350 country miles.

Fisker’s revitalization (from Fisker Automotive) is largely grounded on claims on the development of new battery technologies, similar as a 500- afar range battery from 1- nanosecond charging. Peer- reviewed publications, on the other hand, bandy that there’s no scientific base for these anomalous rights and that they’re for fundraising alone.

About Dr Geeta Gupta Fisker.

Dr Geeta Gupta Fisker is co-founder and CFO of Fisker Inc. She has a PhD in biotechnology and organic chemistry at the University of Cambridge and then worked in venture capital. Since 2013, she has been working on Fisker family businesses.

She worked in international finance for Lloyds Banking Group, and managed investments for a high net worth client for several years

She has been married to auto designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker.

About Henrik Fisker.

Henrik Fisker (born 10 August 1963) is a Danish-American automotive developer and businessman based in Los Angeles, California.  They are best known for their luxury buses carrying the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Fisker Karma, Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket, VLF Force 1 V10, VLF Destino V8, Fisker EMotion, Fisker Ocean, and Fisker Ocean.  He has targeted the Viking Motorcycle and the Benetti Fisker 50 Super Catch and is concerned with the blueprint of flexible solid-state battery technology.

   He is the founder of HF Design, co-founded by VLF Automotive, founder and former CEO of Fisker Coachbuild, Fisker Automotive, where he served as president and CEO until March 2013 and is currently the author, president and CEO of Fisker Inc.

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