“Uncover the Astonishing Journey of Thalapathy Vijay as the First Electrifying Vehicle to His Luxurious Car Collection! – Details Revealed

Step into the world of Thalapathy Vijay, a multi-talented actor, playback singer, and dancer. Apart from his stellar performances, he is a great humanitarian, playing an active role in charitable endeavours. The actor is also said to be an avid car enthusiast, and his latest acquisition is nothing short of a marvel in the automotive world. Let’s delve into the captivating details of his first electric vehicle.

Recently, Thalapathy Vijay proudly unveiled his brand-new BMW i7 xDrive 60, an electric car that boasts cutting-edge technology and elegant craftsmanship. His latest car’s colour is said to be a unique shade of blue, adding to the allure of this stylish automobile. Vijay’s choice of cars has always been a topic of interest, but this BMW i7 holds a special place in his collection.

The car’s price tag is more than just a number; it reflects Vijay’s commitment to embracing sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The actor’s collection is rumoured to be worth more than 2 crores, making it a testament to his passion for acquiring high-end cars and his investment in cutting-edge technology.

Thalapathy Vijay’s collection comprises more than 2 crores worth of buzzing cars, including sleek models from Rolls Royce Ghost, Toyota Innova Crysta, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Mini Cooper S, Audi A8, BMW X6 (2008), and many more. On the work front, the actor is currently shooting for ‘The Greatest of All Time’ under Venkata Prabhu’s direction, produced by AGS Entertainment.

Intriguingly, Thalapathy Vijay’s fascination with luxurious cars coincides with his association with ‘The Greatest of All Time’ under Venkat Prabhu’s direction, produced by AGS Entertainment. This directorial masterpiece promises to be a game-changer, backed by AGS Entertainment.

Explore Thalapathy Vijay’s fascinating collection of luxurious cars, including Rolls Royce Ghost, Toyota Innova Crysta, Range Rover Evoque, and more. Discover the Greatness of All Time under Venkat Prabhu’s direction, produced by AGS Entertainment, as Vijay unveils the pinnacle of his car collection – the BMW i7 xDrive 60. Dive into the world of automotive sophistication with Thalapathy Vijay, where style meets substance, and luxury takes center stage!”


Q1: What is Thalapathy Vijay’s latest addition to his car collection?

A1: Thalapathy Vijay recently added the BMW i7 xDrive 60, an impressive electric car, to his luxurious fleet.

Q2: How much is Thalapathy Vijay’s car collection worth?

A2: Vijay’s car collection is rumored to be valued at more than 2 crores, showcasing his penchant for high-end vehicles.

Q3: Any upcoming projects featuring Thalapathy Vijay?

A3: Yes, Vijay is currently shooting for ‘The Greatest of All Time,’ a directorial masterpiece by Venkat Prabhu, produced by AGS Entertainment.

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