Vonmercier Arosa Unveils Sophisticated Luxury Sports Hovercraft

Arosa combines marine, automotive and aerospace designs, a cutting-edge luxury sports hovercraft

Hovering gives new meaning to off-road capability.  Grass, gravel, sidewalk - as we wish.

Electric automaker Vonmercier has just released the Arosa, a flashing and carbon-compatible luxury sports hovercraft that can travel on land and water thanks to an integrated air cushion system.  This โ€˜amphibiousโ€™ ride borrows the anatomy of marine, automotive and aerospace designs to create a sophisticated experience.

The low profile body, aggressive front and powerful side thrust intake make the Arosa the first truly modern hovercraft design.  Marine features such as side decks and open cockpit are mixed with automotive supercar inspiration to embody the versatility and functionality of this luxury sports hovercraft, ‘says Vanmercier.

Air cushion swinging allows you to seamlessly transition from floor to water.  Explore and play in the shallows and depths.

Two-seater, future ride plus ‘patented directional control system’

According to Vonmercier, Arrosa is ‘the world’s most skilled personal hovercraft’.  It features a patented steering control system that allows users to easily and steadily manage the wheel in all four directions (backward, forward, left and right).  .

Despite its ingenious innovation, Hovercraft has a tandem car seat with adjacent decks to welcome more passengers.  The lower hull and upper decks complement those seating options, allowing access to the Arosa through the water and dock.  Finally, riders can use reverse steps to enter or exit a vehicle on dry land.

Fitted with an electric powertrain

When it comes to performance, Vanmercier says: ‘The high voltage battery pack powers the powertrain’s three independent electric motors.  The motors enable better controlled pressure and steady lift.  Battery Pack Power packs can be applied to motors for quick performance in acceleration and maneuverability.  Electric powertrain greatly reduces noise and pollution levels.

According to the numbers, the battery lasts a full 90 minutes and can get the Aurosa to travel up to 72 km before recharging.  And with its three aggressive motors generating a total of 88kW, this futuristic hovercraft takes it to new levels.

Vonmercier-arosa-sports-hovercraft-design boom-full-1

Vonmercier unveiled the Arosa, a sophisticated luxury sport, hovercraft,

Arosa’s prototype has proven key elements of new technology and design.

Discover that hidden cove.  Slip into the beach effortlessly for a day at the beach or for a while from a crowded bar.

A $ 1000 deposit in queue for Aurosa Sports Hovercraft reserves your approximate location.  (Advance is non-refundable after thirty (30) days)

The expected purchase base price for a production Arosa unit is $ 100,000.

Arosa’s first production plants are expected to be completed by the summer of 2022.

The main features of the Arosa

Carbon fiber body and hull

Hanging air cushion

Electric Power Train

Vector side-intake thrusters

Patent Direction Control System

  Aurosa production target specifications:

Hover Height 8 inches (203 mm)

Payload 400 lbs (181 kg)

Travelers 2

Power power 118 hp (88 kw)

Thrust Force 387 lbf (1,724 N)

Cruise speed 30 mph (48 kph)

Maximum speed 50+ mph (80+ kph) Empty weight 900 lbs (408 kg)

Length 15.6 feet (4.8 m)

Width 7.8 feet (2.4 m)

Battery life 90 minutes (1 & half hour)

Approximate range 45 miles (72 km)

Project Information:

Name: Arrosa

Genre: Luxury Sports Hovercraft

Manufacturer: vonmercier

Features: 88 kW, 90 minutes battery, 72km ride between charges


Vonmercier designs and manufactures electric vehicles of the future to enhance exploration, transportation and entertainment in today’s climate and beyond.

Vonmercier’s mission is to create future manned vehicles that enhance exploration, transportation and entertainment;

To design with premium user experience in mind;

To manufacture vehicles in accordance with their concepts;

And to make the head rotate

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How high does it go?  What is its clearance?

A. It rides on an air cushion about 8 inches from land or water.

The question.  On the water, does it take a little soft chop?

A. Yes.

Q.  Can I see it working?

A. Members of the website only have some videos in the area and soon they will post more videos on the main page.

They are expected to implement the production model this summer and be able to schedule shows and exhibitions.

Q.  How does state registration work?

A. Register it as a boat.

Q.  How fast does it go?

A. The production model reaches about 50mph (80kmh) on water.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A. The expected base price is $ 100,000 USD.

Q.  Can I reserve Arrosa now?

A. Yes.  Visit https://www.vonmercier.co/reserve to place a deposit.

Q.  What is the delivery date?

A. The first VonMercier Arosa production plants are expected to be available for distribution in the summer of 2022.

Q.  Do you show it at boat shows and car shows?

A.  Yes.  We will make announcements in 2022 hopefully

Q.  What is a warranty?

A.  We expect a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Q.  A place for repairs and maintenance?

A. The primary location is at our headquarters in Maryland.  We are exploring options with service providers in other places.

Q.  Can I get some basic explanations on that?

A. Bottom of this page: https://www.vonmercier.co/reserve

Q.  Does it only come in red?

A. The second prototype is red.  The production model is blue.  Customizations will be available.

Q.  Can I take a test drive?

 A. We will hopefully make Arosa available for test drives in 2022.

Q.  Are there any independent reviews on Hovercraft’s capabilities?

A. Not yet.

Q.  How do you conduct it?

A.  You have a steering wheel that controls thrust fans for maneuverability.

Q.  Does it have brakes?  How do you stop it?

A.  There are no brakes, but there is a reverse thrust.  When you engage the left pedal the pressure air flows through the front nozzles and slows you down.  The lift should be lowered while adjusting the thrust position for sudden stopping.  On Earth it quickly stops.  It stops less quickly on snow or ice.  On the water it stops the boat from standing.

Q. When it rests on water, does it float?

A. Yes, of course.

Q.  Will this be a street law?

A.  Hopefully one day.

Q.  How big a transport trailer is needed to carry it?

A. About 16 ‘x 8’

Q.  What service and maintenance requirements do you estimate for this?

A. Obviously, you need a standard EV battery charger.  Regular inspection and cleaning of thrust fans and debris lifts such as leaves help keep the air flow system in good condition.  We are still working out the details of other service and maintenance requirements.

Q.  Does it have any storage capacity?  For example, a place for a picnic basket, camping gear or fishing poles?

A.  The cabin has plenty of space for a picnic basket and some camping gear.  Fishing pole mounts can easily be added to side decks.  Some internal sections are added to dry the material.

Q.  How long before any of these units will be available?  When do you expect delivery?

A.  The first deliveries are expected in the summer of 2022.  If you get a deposit now you can still be in the first production.

Q.  Where are you

A. Havre de Grace, Maryland, US

Q.  Will it be available to test buyers for serious buyers?

A. We expect the production model to be implemented this summer and be able to schedule shows and exhibitions.

Q.  What is the maximum ramp slope it can negotiate on its own?  Down above?

A. Up to a maximum of 5% grade from Dead Stop.  Steep slopes can be crossed with the start of the head.  5% down to full control when in full hover.  There are landing skids under the hull, which can be used on the hover for partial skidding if needed.

Q.  Can you pull it off while hovering over the ramp?

A. Yes;  Hover over and pull the craft from one of the deck cleats.

Q.  How much dust / debris will it produce (for example, from the inside of the gated community to the boat ramp from home) if it is paved on paved road?

A. It depends on how dirty the road is.  Asphalt tests show minimal dust buildup, but dry dirt can make up some decent dust clouds.

The question.  I saw some old press … did the price go up from $ 75K to $ 100K?

A. Yes.  When it was a hybrid powertrain in 2016 we set a $ 75k target.  Now we have improved the design to be all-electric and added high-end lightweight components throughout;  So, the original price is now estimated at $ 100k.

Photography and sources: Vaonmercier

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