What I Wish Everyone Knew About Energica EVA Ribelle and Ribelle RS

Energica EVA E-Revolution 

Additional Power Extra Torque Increased Range And Now, Underweight. Energica Eva is the first 100% electric hyper-naked made in Italy:

 The Energica EVA Ribelle is a Naked interpretation of the Energica Pride with the equal necklace, power, acceleration and range; The main dissimilarity is the riding situation and the supreme speed 

  If you prefer a firm-yet-upright riding position instead of an aggressive or unique Track Day Crouch with a real electric hyper-naked, urban mojo, choose the EVA Rebelle.  But like its cousin EsseEsse9 +, the EVA Ribelle easily transforms into a distant bike with the addition of side panniers, windshield and a tank bag.  New to 2022 we also offer EVA Ribelle with tricolour fairing and bodywork.

  The Energica EVA has the same linear 215 Nm (159 lb-ft) of torque as the Ribelle EGO +, while the same 21.5 kWh long-range lithium-ion battery has the same 420 km (261 miles) city range, the same suspension and performance.  Options and all technical amenities.  Not enough?  You can choose the “RS version” for even more off-the-line, litre-bike check speeds.

  To convince even the most dubious IC sceptics, we have now introduced a new EMCE motor and inverter – reducing weight even more when climbing to a maximum of 126 kW (169 Hp), up to 198 km (123 miles) on the highway, and of course, DC fast charging.  EMCE is standard for both versions of EVA Ribelle.


  The worldโ€™s only electric hyper-naked range revolutionises the concept of acceleration without anxiety

  Performance, reliability and safety: These are the Energica capabilities made possible by our extensive experience in international racing, which has now been brought to the streets in the EVA Rebel.  Enjoy the same power, torque and range that Energica Ego enjoyed, with a comfortable, yet robust riding position.

  Special editions

Energica Eva Riebel tricolour,

Eva Rebelle is new to tricolour 2022.

  The elegant but energetic tricolour is a tribute to Italy, with its centuries of brilliant engineering and aggressive competitive spirit displayed in full Energica style.  Every detail is crafted with: MY2022’s colour scheme and delicate decals on modern lettering, fairings and rims.  Electric motorcycles have never been such a classic, but the beauty of the future.

  The Eva Rebelle tricolour incorporates the same Energica values, including the latest electrical technology, sustainability and prestige made in Italy.  The EMCE engine, the Energica Eva Rebelle is standard on the tricolour, delivering bullying speeds from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.6 seconds.  And the uttermost speed is confined to 200 km/h. 

  Thanks to its 21.5 kWh battery, like all Energica motorcycles, the Eva Rebelle enjoys the longest range of any electric motorcycle, especially at high speeds.

  Energica Eva RS

  Upon popular request, Energica Motor Company has added the RS version to our new line-up with availability to customers by February 2021.

  The RS version contains the revised drivetrain and VCU software that still dives 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph);  And the new EMCE motor and inverter will lighten the EVA Ribel to 260 kg (573 lbs.) And boost peak horsepower from 145 hp to 169 hp.  On top of this, the range has been extended to 10% and maintenance intervals have been reduced by three to four times.

  In the Eva Ribelle RS version, VCU implements new mapping and parameterization that allows acceleration from 0-100 km / h – 0-60 mph over two-tenths of a second: 2.6 seconds 0-100kmh, 0-60 mph

  The existing final drive chain has been changed to the Regina 15/44 525 O-ring chain to handle this extra power.  RS decals are displayed in the following fairing.

Energica Eva’s  both model Ribelle and Ribelle RS have the same POWER 126 kW, TORQUE 215 Nm, MAX SPEED 200 km/h and RANGE 420 km.


Energica Eva Ribelle

ACCELERATION is 0-100 km h 2.8 sec.

Energica Eva Ribelle RS 

ACCELERATION is 0-100 km h 2.6 sec.

Technical sheet


SEAT HEIGHT 790 mm / 31,1โ€ณ,

WHEELBASE 1465 mm / 57,7โ€,

LENGTH 2140 mm / 84,2โ€,

WIDTH 870 mm / 34,25โ€,

HEIGHT 1152 mm / 45,35โ€ณ, WEIGHT 260 kg (573 lbs).

(mirrors not included)

Is Energica EVA The Most Trending Thing Now?


Q) How much is Energica Eva Rebelle?

Ans. The Eva Rebelle is approximately $ 22,160 with a 21.5 kWh battery.  It rolls for better contrast with the red trellis frame with a choice between Rosso Corsa (Racer Red) and Stealth Gray

Q) Where are Energica motorcycles manufactured?

Ans. Modena, Italy

Q) How much is Energica ego?

Ans.Energica Ego is a two-wheeled electric rocket that costs $ 34,000.

Q) How long is the Energica Eva Acceleration Period?

 Ans.Rebel acceleration 0-100 km h 2.8 sec, and Ribelle RS Acceleration 0-100 km h 2.6 sec.

sources Energica EVA

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