The launch of the KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle has been confirmed – likely to be made in India

KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle

ย ย The first electric motorcycle under the KTM brand could be Electric Duke or E-Duke, which is expected to make its official debut this year

ย ย Pierre Mobility, the parent company of the Austrian motorcycle brand KTM, has confirmed the development of a fully electric motorcycle.ย  This battery powered motorcycle is retailed under the KTM brand and is expected to share its internal and running gear with its Swedish counterpart.

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  The upcoming battery-powered motorcycle is based on the Duke range of Naked Streetfighter bikes from KTM.  The bike shares the underpinnings and powertrain with the Husqvarna E-Pillen, which debuted last year as a pre-production concept.  Details of this development were recently confirmed by Pierre Mobility.

  KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle

ย ย This latest development is illuminated by the presentation of preliminary revenues and earnings for the 2021 business year, thus confirming that E-Duke is in development.ย  Not much has been revealed now except for the fact that it is based on its Swedish counterpart, e-Pileen.ย  It features a fully powered powertrain with a stable 5.5 kWh battery pack.

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  This battery pack powers the electric motor with a nominal power output of 10 kW (13.4 bhp).  E-Duke’s performance figures can be compared to the brand’s entry-level Duke 125.  Although not officially confirmed, KTM expects to cover about 100km on a single charge because it is claimed by Husqvarna for E-Pilen.

ย ย KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle Launch Plans

  Expected to be affordable

  It could be argued that KTM may be taking a conservative approach to performance but this is good for the brand because it is entering uncharted areas of electric mobility.  By keeping performance and price within limits, the Austrian motorcycle brand is able to target a wide range of buyers in most markets.

  Coming to its design, the Electric Duke or the E-Duke, has the same frame and rear suspension as its Swedish cousin but showcases a sharper and more aggressive style that fits KTM’s signature design.  The image shown here may be a true prototype photograph rather than an e-Duke sketch because it appears to be standing on the side stand.

  Expected India launch

  Other than the E-Pillen and E-Duke, Pierre Mobility has confirmed the development of two more electric motorcycles – the KTM E10 and the Freeride E LV.  The first is a young dirt bike for amateur riders but the second is seen as a scrambler.  It will be interesting to see if Pierre Mobility decides to bring E-Pillen and E-Duke to the shores of India in the coming days.  However, Pierre has yet to comment on the same.

ย ย If so, the bikes can be manufactured by Bajaj Auto at their newly designated facility in Akurdi, Maharashtra.ย  Indian bike manufacturers have invested Rs 300 crore in this production facility exclusively for the production of electric vehicles.

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