The Barq RENA MAX E-Scooter Unveils With 150km Range & A Sleek Design.

Barq is ready to make electric scooter custom to suit the needs of Middle East and North African delivery riders

The electric scooter is custom made to suit the needs of Barq Middle East and North African delivery riders.

Middle East Barak?

Abu Dhabi Startup Barq is about to make an attractive, highway-capable electric scooter tailored to the unique needs of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) delivery riders.  More than that, the Rena Max looks like a two-wheeled Gucci bag.

Typical design.

Specifically, I think of the GG Mormont as a small shoulder bag.  The dark leather and quilted diagonal mattress matched the Barq’s ornate Callum-designed look, as the team at Gooch designed and moulded those babies into pannier bags.  Iโ€™m not saying this is happening, Iโ€™m just coming out with ideas.

Barq aims to build 50,000 Rena Maxes by 2025

Barq 2025 aims to build 50,000 Rena Maxs through Barq

Or, I guess, the delivery box Barq is building.  It is an electronic lockable box that warms up the temperature, insulation and configurable shelving, and logs and tracks the box every time you open and close the box to ensure your evil wings and original glazed donuts travel in warmer grade security and weather.  A degree of controlled comfort and style is usually reserved for the small dogs of wealthy socialists.

Barq CEO and Founder.

Barq CEO and Founder Abdullah Abu Sheikh says, “So far, automakers have not built vehicles specifically for our region.

In addition to the high-end handbag look, the company says it includes “multiple engineering innovations from fully integrated software for battery cooling to IoT and custom-built storage and distribution areas” to cater specifically to MENA areas.

Special features

Cooling is definitely a problem in Abu Dhabi, which is an average of 37 ยฐ C (99 ยฐ F) in August, and last year saw temperatures up to 50.9 ยฐ C (123.6 ยฐ F) in the shade – arguably even hotter than the GG Supreme Canvas Padlock MiniBag  Declared as the hottest bag of the season.

LCD Dash and built-in 8-inch big touch screen (or is it literally a tablet?) Is it necessary?

The 5.6 kWh battery packs can be removed or replaced for charging, and Barq says they deliver a range of 150 km (93 miles).  Barq delivers its bait with a 9kW (12 hp) motor that delivers bike highway-capability even though it’s not fast lane friendly with a top speed of 97 km / h (60 mph). 

There is a massive 8-inch integrated touchscreen on the integrated and attractive LCD dash.  In fact, it looks like it’s stuck on a real tablet with a front camera and everything.

With its one-sided swingarm, cover-over wheels, buttocks heat-reducing textured seat and early iPhone-reminiscent glass windshield, the Rena Max is an attractive little scoot that can sell well in many markets at the right price.

You may like unique vehicles.

But as Barq is set to begin production by the end of this year with a target of 50,000 units by 2025, there will be much focus on deliveries.  It is leased by distribution companies for “low monthly subscription”, delivered directly to courier riders, who carry their sixteen tonnes of ninth coal around the city in the highest fashion, but owe their souls to the company’s shop.

ย ย Source: Barq

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