iVOOMi Energy unveils new e-scooter this month: aims to conquer 5 percent market by 2025

iVOOMi Energy may be launching a brand new electric powered scooter in India this month, in March 2022

iVOOMi Energy, the EV arm of iVOOMi, has announced that the enterprise will release a brand new electric powered scooter in India this month. The company’s portfolio already includes two e-scooters, iVOOMi City and Eco.  Founded in 2001, iVOOMi is a multi-sector company that manufactures smart gadgets, audio equipment, and now electric scooters.

To date, iVOOMi Energy has only 50 dealerships in the western and southern parts of the country.  However, with the launch of the new electric scooter, the company aims to make its presence felt across India and by April 2022, it will expand its dealer network to over 150 outlets across India.  iVOOMi Energy manufactures its products locally and is capable of delivering 500+ electric scooters.  A day from its production facilities in Noida, Pune, and Ahmednagar.

Sunil Bansal, Managing Director and Co-Founder of iVOOMi Energy, said, โ€œThanks to the optimistic and assertive stance of the state government on EV adoption, Maharashtra is rapidly becoming a hub for EV deployment and there is substantial demand from Tier 2 and Tier 3.  Cities.  With our locally designed and manufactured electric scooters, iVOOMi is playing a critical role in the mass adoption of EVs in the state.

“We apprehend that marketplace dynamics and patron wishes are continuously evolving and are excited to introduce new services to our broader patron base. We are excited to play a sizable function on this transformation.

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He added, โ€œWith our best-in-elegance products, we’re assured of accomplishing our aim of shooting sizable marketplace percentage and decreasing automobile pollutants in India for a greener future.  Our vision exceeds EVs as we strive to capture a 5% market share by 2025.  iVOOMi Energy’s City and Eco Electric scooters are currently available in the price range of Rs 60,000 – Rs 80,000 respectively and are said to run up to 100 km per charge.

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