“Time Launches Its First New Bike ADHX”

Time launches its first new bike in years – and it is a gravel frame with dynamo fibers

French brand Dyneema uses its braided carbon construction with fibers to create this fast gravel framework

Time ADHX frameset specifications

Frame: HS / HM Carbon / Dynamo BCS, Forged Carbon Dropouts

Fork: HM / HS Carbon BCS, Forged Carbon Dropouts

Lower bracket: BB386

Weight: 1,025g (size S, colorless)

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Price: ยฃ 3,149 / $ 3,799 / โ‚ฌ 3,499

 ADHX (Alpe d’Huez X)

Time is back with a new performance gravel / all-road bike called ADHX (which refers to the Alpe d’Huez X) with a carbon frame that includes Dynamo fibers.

The brand has a reputation for handmade carbon bikes decades ago, but has been somewhat discouraged since its founder, Roland Catin, died in 2014. The company’s pedal business is now owned by SRAM and the bike operation, Arkansas-based Cardinal Cycling Group.

However, ADHX marks the latest release of Time, which is made in the EU and uses Time’s original braided carbon construction method, where carbon fibers are literally woven into frame tubes, instead of being inserted into layers of carbon prepregs.

Time allows its carbon fibers to run the length of the frame’s tubes and allows the use of a mixture of different types of fiber, increasing the frame’s strength than the one made using the usual method.

On the sportier edge of the ADHX gravel bike spectrum, tire clearance is maxed at 40mm, but Time says it’s a bike designed to bridge the gap between road and off-road.

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Added Dynamo fibers

The frame design includes the dynamo fibers.  Time

In ADHX, the frame adds dynamo fibers to the mix.

Dyneema is said to be the most powerful fiber in the world and is the same bio-based fiber used in abrasion-resistant bicycle apparel and footwear, such as special S-Works 7 shoes.

Time says that adding Dynamo gives ADHX strength and stiffness without adding weight to it.  The weight claimed for a size-small ADHX frame is 1,025g without color.

Inside the junctions between the main frame tubes, weave 35 percent of the dynamo fiber added to the weave, where it is under pressure and has a large impact on the strength of the ADHX frame over time.

The ADHX is pitched as a fast gravel / all-road bike.  Time

Time also uses its own resin transfer molding process where resin is injected into the woven carbon fiber structure at high pressure.

Because the Times curing process occurs at lower temperatures than conventional prepreg curing, it allows the dynamics to be incorporated into its frames.

Time says that common frame-curing processes are at high temperatures and beyond the recommended range of dynamics, which can deteriorate its structure.  There are no commercial prepreg products available that contain Dyneema according to Time.

Hidden Cable Routing is an Option

The Deda headset allows internal cable routing to the ADHX’s head tube.  Time

The frameset includes dummy carbon thru-axle dropouts and a high-tube mounting space for extra load-carrying capacity.

It is designed to handle 1x and 2x groups and uses the Deda S-DCR headset, which allows you to add a Deda bar and trunk to completely route the cables.  You can also use a traditional bar and trunk to run cables and hoses externally from the bars to the trunk.

Time’s ‘Single Cover’ front-derailleur system provides a clean look with 1x or 2x groups.  Time

The head tube angles are steep enough for a gravel bike, starting at 70.5 degrees for the smaller XS frame and rising to 73 degrees for the larger XL size, while the mid-size frames are 72.5 degrees.

Tire clearance up to 40mm, depending on the rims and tires you use.  This is a bit narrower by modern gravel bike standards, such as the 45mm standard and the new 3T Explora Ultra, which is capable of handling gravel tires up to 61mm.

However, Time claims that the ADHX balances a wide enough tire profile for fast, light weight and fast gravel riding.

The Time ADHX frameset-only is available in five sizes, from XS to XL, priced at ยฃ 3,149 / $ 3,799 / โ‚ฌ 3,499.  It comes in four colors and comes with a bare frameset ready to be painted.

Credited : Paul Norman / Drivepilots

sources : Time Bicycles

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