The waiting list for the upcoming luxury electric SUV, the Range Rover EV, is open.

The first-ever Range Rover electric vehicle has been hinted at by British SUV manufacturer Land Rover. For the Range Rover EV, Land Rover has set up the waiting list, although pre-orders won’t be available until sometime in 2024.

The Range Rover EV prototype is now undergoing testing. In order to make sure the future Range Rover EV satisfies Land Rover’s criteria for performance, durability, and safety, it will undergo extensive testing in a variety of environments, including hot deserts and sub-zero temperatures.

Land Rover has unveiled five teaser photos and one brief video of the upcoming Range Rover EV to the public. These pictures and a video showcase how some areas of the soon-to-be electric vehicle will seem on the streets.

The electric SUV’s wheel caps bear ‘EV’ marking to reveal to onlookers what drives the forthcoming Range Rover, while the grille seen in the teaser video appears much more flush with the rest of the body and mostly closed off.

Additional pictures display the tailgate, the rear LED lighting, the electrically controlled flap covering the charging port, the state-of-charge light, and the future SUV being charged with a rapid CCS charger. Copper trim can be seen on what appear to be the SUV’s front flanks in another teaser shot.

“We are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created,” stated Thomas Muller, Executive Director, Product Engineering, JLR, in reference to the future Range Rover EV. Range Rover’s go-anywhere capability, calm interior, and classic, reductionist design are still its secret ingredients, but it is now available with zero tailpipe emissions.

And the Range Rover will keep setting the bar high, as it has done for centuries. the initial instance of its kind. A high-end electric SUV that lives up to the Range Rover brand. An authentic worldwide premium item that hasn’t been seen in the market yet.”

According to Land Rover, the new Range Rover EV will perform on par with the flagship Range Rover V8 and demonstrate the all-terrain prowess that has helped the Range Rover become a household brand.

The British carmaker further states that the new Range Rover EV will have the most luxurious and quietest interior ever, thanks to its exceptional active road noise cancellation setup, sound system, and degree of cabin comfort.

Ideas Regarding The Range Rover EV

The first SUV to carry Land Rover’s trademark badge to fully electrify will be the Range Rover EV. With performance comparable to the V8, it is expected to be the quietest and most sophisticated Range Rover yet, yet still capable of crossing all streams and mountains.

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