2022 Moustache Samedi 29 GAME eMTBs increase variety w/ 750 Wh Bosch System & extend range.

This is the perfect way to put together a Moustache Samedi 29 game!  Enjoy its fast performance, steep slopes, more difficult terrain, a high-performance suspension that glows above all, there is much in its element!  But you know how to ride a cool ride

Moustache Samedi 29 TRAIL and GAME eMTBs.

Moustache Bikes has up to date its variety of 29โ€ณ wheel Samedi TRAIL and GAME complete suspension eMTBs, extending their variety via means of a hundred twenty five Wh to supply a complete of 750 Wh. The larger battery isnโ€™t all that new; the Samedi 29 geometry is likewise tweaked to house it, resulting in longer attain figures and a drop in backside bracket peak to hold the bikeโ€™s centre of gravity as little as possible.

The 160mm journey GAME and 150mm journey TRAIL eMTBs percentage the very equal frameset; variations in journey and geometry springing up from the usage of an extended stroke surprise and fork, in addition to the usage of a headset shim. Importantly, Moustache does not make the headset shim to be had aftermarket, so switching among the 2 configurations isnโ€™t a choice at the moment.

The key to the game!

(2022 Mustache Same Day 29 Game Climbing Dolomites)

The large information for the 2022 variety of Samedi 29 eMTBs from Moustache is that they may be now powered via way of means of the cutting-edge Bosch Performance Line CX motor and the 750Wh battery that includes it, boosting variety via way of means of a claimed 20% over that afforded by way of means of the preceding 625 Wh battery. That is real for ten of the eleven new bikes throughout the TRAIL and GAME platforms; handiest the maximum lower priced version, the TRAIL 2 (โ‚ฌ4,799) receives the 625 Wh battery.

(The Moustache Samedi 29 TRAIL five version retails at โ‚ฌ5,899 and weighs a claimed 25 kg)

Simon and Florian in R&D at Moustache have laboured to make sure that, in spite of the bigger battery, the downtube period stays similar to as compared to the 2021 fashions. For this, they targeted their interest at the batteryโ€™s locking gadget, swapping out Boschโ€™s answer for his or her very own, decreased profile answer that shortens the powerful battery period via the means of 25mm. At the motor give up, a similar 20mm of area is stored way to Moustacheโ€™s very own custom, super-compact mounting plates and the radial mounting role they permit.

Unprecedented performance!

A bikeโ€™s centre of gravity is valuable to its handling, highlighted on eBikes because of the multiplied weight related to the motor and battery, so it is clear to see why Moustache went to such lengths to save you the larger battery negatively affecting the bikeโ€™s centre of gravity. The end result is that the 2021 and 2022 Samedi 29 eBikes have the equally powerful motor-battery footprint, in spite of one being 20% larger than the other.

(The Moustache Samedi 29 GAME eleven. Polished welds of the front triangle provide this aluminium body a carbon-like aesthetic, whilst additionally growing the resistance of these welds to fatigue.)

With a larger battery comes multiplied weight, however Moustache have at the least controlled to offset this a touch via way of means of shaving 150g off the full body weight with a polished geometry and stepped forward cable routing that sends the equipment cable and rear brake dampen the pinnacle tube and down the seat tube thereafter.

To overcome any obstacle

Like the preceding TRAIL and GAME fashions, the 2022 Samedi 29 eMTBs function Moustacheโ€™s proprietary Magic Grip Control surprise, designed in-residence with a track unique to their four-bar suspension platform. On this, Moustache says, โ€œThe Magic Grip Control gives a dependable and complicated generation that may be adjusted in  clicks! The integrated โ€œSAGโ€ indicator lets in clean adjustment to locate the highest quality putting on your riding. The new fixation gadget on a floating axle permits a super alignment of the surprise with the body, removing any undesirable friction. The sensitivity and universal niceness of the curve are consequently stepped forwardโ€œ.

Samedi 29 TRAIL

( โ‚ฌ6,699 gets you the 2022 Moustache Samedi 29 TRAIL nine)

The TRAIL version is the shorter journey eBike of the 2, going for walks 150mm of rear wheel journey paired with a 150mm journey fork. Converting the GAME to the TRAIL version isnโ€™t truly a case of switching out the fork and surprise; it additionally receives a 10mm headset shim below the headtube to raise the front give up. This brings the distinction in experience peak among the GAME and the TRAIL to -15mm.

To enjoy the Samedi 29!

Moustache gives the TRAIL in sizes S-XL, overlaying seat tube lengths of 390mm as much as 490mm for riders from 169 cm tall to 211 cm tall. Across the variety, chainstay period is steady at a wholesome 462mm, whilst attain stretches from 441mm in S as much as 512mm in XL. The head tube helps the 150mm fork at a 65.6ยฐ head attitude, whilst the seat tube attitude is quoted at 76.6ยฐ,  levels steeper than that of the preceding version.

There are five fashions of the Samedi 29 TRAIL to be had, beginning at โ‚ฌ4,799 for the TRAIL 2 with its 625 Wh battery. The different 5 alternatives get the bigger 750 Wh battery, with pricing ranging from โ‚ฌfive,699 for the TRAIL five with a RockShox 35 Gold R fork, and topping out at โ‚ฌ8,199 for the TRAIL eleven which weighs an impressive (claimed) 23.6 kg. 

(The 2022 Moustache Samedi 29 TRAIL eleven will depart you โ‚ฌ8,199 out of pocket)

Samedi 29 GAME

(The 2022 Moustache Samedi 29 GAME nine will set you back โ‚ฌ6,999.  It weighs 24.2 kg.)

The GAME is the longer-journey Samedi 29, rocking 160mm rear wheel travel paired with a 170mm journey fork. The taller the front give up offers this eMTB a slacker head tube attitude than its shorter-journey sibling, coming in at 65ยฐ with the seat tube attitude said as 76ยฐ. Reach spans at 433mm to 504mm variety, coming in at 481mm at the large.

For complete information on pricing and spec lists, head to the Moustache Bikes website.

Sources :MoutacheBikes

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