The Firefly Bicycle “FF-697 is a type of titanium bike with a price tag to match its capabilities.”,

The global of biking is a massive vicinity and one it really is chargeable for a countless array of designs and ideas. For a few humans, the bicycle is greater than only a mobility device; it is a manner of life.

FF-697 Titanium Bike15

To show off simply how good a deal you could acquire with a bicycle, I’ve determined to deliver a mild motorbike, acknowledged actually because of the FF-697. I do not know about you, however to me, it really is the form of a call that you can locate in a laboratory, you recognize, like specimen FF-697.

Enve, Kevin Wolfson,

Firefly Bicycles, the group in the back of the 697, began out in 2011 with an easy purpose: to do matters their manner. In an interview with Enve, Kevin Wolfson, one of the founders of Firefly, states, “The purpose became to construct the kinds of motorcycles that we desired to construct, withinside the manner we desired to construct them. For us, that supposed being a smaller company, making high-end, absolutely custom frames, usually focusing definitely carefully on information the wishes of every customer.”

Firefly Bicycle “FF-697

Now, a crucial thing of Firefly’s paintings is they construct motorcycles with a base cloth acknowledged to even outlive its proprietors, titanium. You guessed it, each unmarried tube used to provide the body is created the use of the famed metal, and in case you appearance carefully on the welds, it need to provide you with a few concept of the extent of precision this group places into their machines. The 697 isn’t any different.

FF-697 Build Process

As we preserve to discover simply what this Bike is constructed to acquire, here is something you want to know: Firefly builds custom Bikes. This approach is that in case you need a whole machine, you’ll pick out each unmarried issue that is going into it. The identical holds genuine in case you’re going to shop for only a body too. What does this imply for viable destiny proprietors of a 697?

Price varies from bike to bike

Well, it seems that you may have to dish out at least $4,700 (โ‚ฌ4,451 at cutting-edge trade rates) for only a body. How good is a complete bike  going to run you? Anywhere from $6,500 (โ‚ฌ6,155) to $10,000 (โ‚ฌ9,470) or greater. And those are not just a few numbers off the pinnacle of my head, either. They’re published proper there at the manufacturer’s internet site for all of the global to see. Furthermore, this group even consists of out e- bike conversions on maximum of the frames they construct, and people begin at around $8,900 (โ‚ฌ8,428).

There aren’t any facts on Firefly’s internet site concerning information of the 697 you spot here; it stands as a guidepost to what is viable. Looking at the bike as a whole, I cannot assist however shake off the impact that becomes given to the tubes. The ends are polished titanium, even as the centres are painted matte black, performing as one of the first-rate visible contrasts I’ve visible in an extended time. A matte black fork completes that impact, however do take a look at out the metal blue highlight. The pink tone of the leather-based used for the saddle and grips additionally appear to healthy proper into the coloration pallet, too, for loss of a higher word, mouthwatering.

FF-697 With Bags

Finally, I began this newsletter with the aid of citing that humans use bicycles for greater than simply getting from factor A to factor B. Well, this could not be more genuine for the 697. Whoever owns this bike, you will see a few insane journeys. The tires, as much as 700×45 and 650bx53 sizes, and the handlebars are multiple clean symptoms and symptoms it is made to be ridden far. With a couple of gravel rubbers, whoo!

The front of the Bike would not function any cargo-sporting competencies besides a handlebar-hooked up bag. At the rear, all that changes. With the capacity to connect a rack to the body, the 697 is converted right into a equipped and capin a position bike-packing trinket. A couple of water bottles additionally trace at how this bike is supposed to be ridden.

Beyond that, I’m now no longer going to attempt to make out each unmarried function in this bike due to the fact it really is sheer insanity. But I will factor out that you, too, can personalise a motorbike. It really is equipped to do greater than simply your common trinket. Sure, you may pay a touch greater, however it seems like yours, too, will emerge as being one-of-a-kind. Not to say likely passing it right all the way down to your kids.


Ride the eBike for the first time and as soon as you start to pedal, you will experience a level of freedom you didnโ€™t even know existed before.  After a while, you notice a completely unavoidable smile across your face.  And then, the really good part is, you start to dream about all the ways you can use it.

At best, eBikes break down barriers.  Not sure if you can ride to work because it’s a bit too far / too hot / too hilly?  Want to explore the muddy roads around you but need a little boost on some steep hills?  Do you want to ride your mountain bike more without going in your car or working on the roads to get to / from the trails?  Ebikes fixes everything, which is why almost every bike brand is now offering them.  Here’s what they can do differently:

Compatibility with each of our full titanium frame models, so virtually any Firefly eBike you can dream of

The specially designed custom fit, geometry and tubes make for a perfect fit and feel perfectly suited to your riding style

The industry’s leading titanium expertise has been applied precisely to create a framework that you can trust and acquire in a lifetime

Full custom component selection, tire adjustment and frame options so you can do what you want, nothing less

Unmatched custom titanium finish options

Try eBike once and you want one for yourself.  This can be a bike you like.


What is the maximum speed?

Performance Line Cruise and CX motors provide speeds of up to 20mph and 28mph.  Then you’re yours!

How does the motor have an effect on my geometry and fit?

The size and shape of the motor requires us to use longer chainstays, which have the side benefit of adding stability that you admire when you travel at high speeds.  More generally, ebike geometries must be carefully designed to maintain balanced and stable handling at high speeds.  Otherwise there is no limit to the way we design your eBike, which means we can still dial in the fit and handling as we always do.

What are the motor and battery options?

We can construct eBikes with any of Bosch’s overall performance line motors, That includes their Performance Line Cruise, Speed โ€‹โ€‹and CX.  We can power those motor units with any Bosch frame and rack mounted batteries.  See Bosch’s guide or email us to help you choose the right combination for you.

What are my gearing options?

All eBikes require the same front chainring.  The Performance CX motor expands the potential chainring and crank options anew.  Almost any previous drivetrain system can work, which means we can choose the right gear range and options for any use.

Why Bosch?

Mid-mount motors such as Bosch offer many advantages over hub-based motors.  Weight focusing drastically improves rear wheel handling and reliability.  Bosch’s motor units in particular give the most natural and intuitive feel, class leading range, battery options and light weight.  Finally, Bosch has a very robust support system, meaning worry-free reliability and service.

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Sources : Firefly

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