Introducing the Future of Luxury: BYD’s Yang Wang U7 Electric Sedan Takes on BMW i5 and Mercedes-Benz EQE!

BYD is set to revolutionise the electric sedan market with its latest offering, the U7, part of the prestigious Yang Wang brand. In a bold move, BYD aims to challenge the likes of BMW i5 and Mercedes-Benz EQE, setting the stage for a fierce competition in the world of luxury electric vehicles.

1. Unveiling the Stylish Marvel

Under the global luxury brand Yang Wang, the U7 electric sedan boasts a design language reminiscent of BYD’s iconic models, featuring wheels up to an impressive 21 inches in diameter, signalling a blend of sportiness and luxury. While the exact dimensions are yet to be revealed, insiders suggest the U7 could stretch up to 5,200mm in length and 2,000mm in width.

The U7 sedan draws inspiration from the sleek design elements of the U9, showcasing C-shaped headlamps, a gracefully sloping roofline, and taillights that span the entire width at the back. Notably, BYD officials claim the U7 to be one of the most aerodynamically efficient cars in production, boasting a drag coefficient of 0.195Cd, surpassing even the Mercedes-Benz EQE in aerodynamic prowess.

2. Unleashing Unprecedented Power

Prepare to be amazed by the U7’s powertrain and technical prowess. Yangwang hints at a staggering 1,000+ horsepower, courtesy of four electric motors โ€“ one at each wheel. However, the choice between a range-extender powertrain, akin to the U8, or a pure-electric setup, as seen in the U9, remains shrouded in mystery.

The Yangwang U8’s revolutionary REx system combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with four electric motors and a 49.1kWh lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery, delivering an astonishing 1,195hp. Meanwhile, the U9 relies on a pure-electric drivetrain, featuring four electric motors paired with a 100kWh LFP battery, boasting an impressive output of 1,114hp.

3. The Price of Luxury

While the official price is yet to be disclosed, BYD hints that the Yangwang U7 will command a price tag exceeding 1 million Yen (~Rs 1.2 crores) in China. The revelation of the exact price is eagerly awaited, promising to match the luxurious features and cutting-edge technology packed into this electric marvel.

4. BYD’s Roadmap in India

BYD has already made a mark in India with models like the Atto3 SUV and the E6 MPV, showcasing exceptional sales driven by their extended range and rapid charging capabilities. The company’s eyes are now set on the Indian market with plans to launch the Seal sedan, positioning itself as a formidable competitor to the internationally acclaimed Tesla Model 3.

In conclusion, BYD’s Yang Wang U7 is not just an electric sedan; it’s a statement of luxury, power, and innovation. Stay tuned for the official launch, where the electric revolution takes a giant leap forward!


Q1: What sets the Yangwang U7 apart from competitors like BMW i5 and Mercedes-Benz EQE?

A1: The Yangwang U7 stands out with its unique blend of aerodynamic design, powerful performance exceeding 1,000 horsepower, and advanced technology, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the luxury electric car segment.

Q2: What is the expected price range for the Yangwang U7?

A2: While the official price is yet to be revealed, BYD hints that the Yangwang U7 will exceed 1 million Yen (~Rs 1.2 crores) in China.

Q3: Does the U7 come with a range-extender powertrain or a pure-electric setup?

A3: Yangwang has hinted at both possibilities, leaving enthusiasts in suspense regarding whether the U7 will feature a range-extender powertrain similar to the U8 or a pure-electric setup like the U9.

Q4: How does the U7 compare in terms of aerodynamics with other luxury electric cars?

A4: BYD officials claim that the U7 is one of the most aerodynamically efficient cars in production, boasting a drag coefficient of 0.195Cd, surpassing even the Mercedes-Benz EQE.

Q5: What are BYD’s plans for the Indian market?

A5: BYD aims to expand its presence in India with the launch of the Seal sedan, positioning itself as a strong competitor to the Tesla Model 3 in international markets.

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