New Vehicles

New Vehicles

“Revolutionizing the Indian Electric SUV Scene: MG Unveils the Stellar Yep Plus 5-Door EV, a Game-Changer in 2025!”

Experience the future of electric mobility with MG’s latest revelation โ€“ the Baojun Yep Plus 5-Door EV. Set to make waves in 2025, this electric marvel combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design upgrades, offering a driving experience like never before.
๐Ÿš— Yep Plus 5-Door EV Highlights:
Larger dimensions for enhanced comfort
Striking design with sleek headlamps and taillights
Impressive CLTC cycle range of 401 km
Potent rear-axle mounted motor with 102 hp
โšก E260 Electric SUV:
MG Motors is gearing up for an electric revolution in India with the E260, internally codenamed. Based on the Yep SUV and utilizing the Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform, the E260 promises to redefine the electric SUV segment, launching in 2025.
Get ready to embrace the future โ€“ where innovation meets performance!

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“VinFast Unleashes Its Irresistibly Cute Electric Marvel on American Roads!”

Embark on a journey into the future of driving with VinFast’s VF 3 Electric SUV. Unveiled at CES 2024, this adorable marvel is set to redefine urban mobility. With a targeted EPA-rated range of 125 miles, tech-savvy features, and versatile design, the VF 3 is not just a car; it’s a lifestyle. Stay tuned for early reservations opening soon, and be part of the electric revolution sweeping the streets of America!

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New Vehicles

Unveiling the Excitement: Tata Punch EV’s Irresistible Features Revealed!

Dive into the future of electric mobility with the Tata Punch EV! Uncover the irresistible features of this upcoming superstar, ranging from trim-specific details to the anticipated cost. With a sleek design and a range of options, including Long Range models and sunroof choices, the Punch EV is set to redefine your driving experience. Join the excitement of bookings, explore the variant extravaganza, and get ready to make a statement on the road with Tata’s latest innovation. Stay tuned for the launch of the Smart+ trim as we unlock the next level in empowered driving.

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‘Nuclear Powered Car’ Can Travel 8000 Kilometres, Making Impossible Dreams Come True.

It was based on the belief that Imagine, a car traveling 5000 miles (over 8000 km) in one go until it reaches the next fuel station! The 1950s used to be a time when car-makers around the world were toying with such seemingly impossible ideas.

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