Electric Vehicles, 2 Wheeler Bike, Scooter Unveiled Three Electric Two-wheeler, Great Response to GT Force!

Electric Vehicles, 2 Wheeler Bike, Scooter Unveiled Three Electric Two-wheeler, Great Response to GT Force!

 Electric bikes:

 GT Drive,

 GT Drive Pro, and

 Electric motorcycle prototype

 Release of 3 electric bikes before new year

 Top Class Vehicle Release from GT Force Company

 Two wheelers with a mileage capacity of 150 km

ย EV India Expo 2021 GT Force unveiled 3 electric two wheeler models delivers a range of 150 kms ckm

 New Delhi: India has now become the home of electric scooter production.  Every day, two new electric two-wheelers are being launched.  GT Force has now launched three electric two-wheelers.  EV India Expo 2021 showcases three electric two-wheelers, GT Drive, GT Drive Pro, and Electric Motorcycle Prototype at EV India Expo 2021.  Start-up EV manufacturers presented a startling line-up of high-end EV products that showcase quirky style, elegance and superior technology.

 GT Drive – GT Drive has joined the e-scooter brand unveiled by GT-Force in the high-speed segment.  It speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour and has a mileage of 150 kilometers if not charged at all.  This electric vehicle has a lithium-ion battery.  It comes with three types of drive modes: economy, standard and turbo.  The scooter is equipped with a cruise control system.

 GT Drive Pro – an electric two-wheeler in the slower segment, aimed at meeting short-distance commuting needs for everyday work.  Customer Demand is designed to be compatible with all women, children and the needs of the family.  It can easily cover 150 kilometers on a single charge and can deliver speeds up to 25 kilometers per hour, the company said.

 There are people in the misconception that EVs may or may not be able to meet long-distance travel requirements.  The reason for this misconception is that they have not really tried the products yet.  Therefore, we are working hard to make the product available in every corner of the country.  GT Force CEO Mukesh Taneja said the team has made every effort to expand its network of distributors to connect with a wider audience.

 India is slowly moving from ICE to EV.  We have managed to tidy up our role by offering users quality products.  Its purpose is to align with the larger national ambition, and it is imperative for end-users to become familiar with EV technology.  We are expanding our product portfolio in a way that solves people’s travel challenges one by one.  Our slower products can easily cater to the short-haul daily commute of children, women and families.  After the entry of EVs, people start to choose them.  Only after becoming familiar and comfortable with the technology will they be able to make an informed decision to convert EV to ICE, โ€said Rajesh Saitya, CO-founder of GT-Force.

 Additionally, the brand has unveiled the original model of its first electric motorcycle for the audience at the Expo.  The motorbike is expected to be launched in the second half of the calendar year 2022.

 GT-Force has already expanded its network of dealerships with over 100 dealerships in 80 cities across the country.  Currently, it has a strong presence in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.  It aims to expand its network to over 150 dealers by the end of the current financial year.  The brand already has 07 products on the market for end-users.

 Start of GT-Force:

ย GT-Force is a major brand of Houston Innovations LLP and is headquartered in Manesar, Haryana.ย  This brand has always believed in sustainable and comfortable private transportation.ย  From the very beginning, people associated with the organization worked hard to build trust in the market.ย  GT Force has released a variety of electric scooters under the brand name GT Force.ย  The design models of the GT Force range are trendy, loaded with features and feature eco-friendly technology

 Source: Asianet Suvarna & GT force

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