BMW introduces a car that changes colour with the touch of a button, Its new technology at CES.

The BMW car will change color for a moment, That Chameleon like!

 Clark said the changes could be made in the future by means of a button or manual control on the car’s dashboard.

 When it comes to automotive innovation, BMW is still at the forefront.  At the Electronic Consumer Show, organized by the German luxury luxury car manufacturer in 2022, the car showcases a unique technology that changes the color of its exterior.  Announcing this in 2021, the company announced that it would display a technology that would change the color of its outer casing by pressing a button.

 Demonstration video

 The company used a fully electric powered BMW IX model car to incorporate this inventive color change technology.  However, BMW has not released any details on this color change technology, but the show’s video is shared on Twitter account.  Electronic ink technology is used in this car, and the car’s cover changes its color from white and gray to several different designs.

  Color change technology

 This is really the most fuel efficient color change technology ever invented using e-ink, “commented BMW Research Engineer Stella Clark.”  We took on the challenge of pasting this thick paper on a car that is like our 3D object.

 Graphic technology

 Clark said the changes could be made in the future by means of a button or manual control on the car’s dashboard.  “My favorite is the technology that reflects the sun’s rays and affects the colors. In the days of extreme sunshine, sunlight reflects the color of the car.

 Watch the video:

 BMW iX car standing in dark gray in a video shared on Twitter.  However, as soon as a person standing next to this electric powered car activates the color change system, the color turns white.  The spectacle of color change technology is so bizarre that viewers are likely to be fooled that this video is completely fake and created using graphic technology.

 The Twitter account holder, who shared the video, wrote in the tagline, “The color used for the BMW IX is a temperature microscope.  The Electronic Consumer Fair has become a platform for the rise of traditional technology giants.  However, with the intersection of the automotive and technology sectors, many auto and technology companies are using the electronic consumer fair as an opportunity to showcase their innovations.

 However, it is not clear whether BMW will pass on color change technology to its customers, or if it will be developed solely for technology demonstration at the 2022 Electronic Consumer Fair.

sources NEWS18 / CNB

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