“Aerial Rider D-Class” Analysis: 33 MPH Scrambler Electric Bike with Two Motors!

Ariel Rider D-Class E-Bike Introduction

Do:- Aerial rider


Price:-$ 1,999 (Premium Model $ 2,399)

Body position:-Upright

Suggested Use:- Neighborhoods, cruises, sand and snow..

Electric Bike Class:-Throttle on Demand (Class 2), Speed ​​Pedalek (Class 3)

  The Ariel Rider D-Class Scrambler Electric Bike is one of the most powerful and vibrant e-bikes I’ve ever ridden.  And the fact that it has a fresh mini-bike look just adds to the appeal.

  From the ultra-pedal bikes on one end to most motorcycles on the other end of the spectrum of e-bikes, the Ariel Rider D-Class is definitely on the edge of the motorcycle.

  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t pedal-able or reasonably comfortable when pedalling.  Pedal-assist on this monster of an e-bike is absolutely doable.

  Is it an e-bike, a mini-bike or an e-moped?

  The Ariel Rider D-Class finds itself in this odd imbricate between electric bikes,minibikes and mopeds.  It has a mini-bike frame, speeds close to the electric moped, but is actually able to pedal like an e-bike.

  However, the power of the Ariel Rider D-Class sets it apart from any other e-bike.

  It’s hard for me to let you know how powerful this thing is.  No matter how much energy you think it has, add some more.  This e-bike is ridiculous.

  Each motor pulls 30A at 48V, which gives a maximum power of 1,500W per motor.  When I put it in all-wheel-drive mode, I routinely do burnouts, especially with the front tire.  In fact, I usually start off in the rear-wheel-drive mode, then turn on the handlebar switch to engage the front motor a couple seconds later.  It gives me better control and the extra power gobs don’t cause the tires to spin.

    The Ariel Ryder D-Class designers did not diminish the details.  They gave the bike some decent parts.

  The light is great and the front headlight is practically blind if you are standing directly in front of it.  Hydraulic disc brakes stop you quickly.  And the big battery means you got enough juice for those two hungry motors.

    The suspension fork works, but it’s not the best I’ve seen.  It absorbs bumps and 4 “fat tires take what it missed, but I’ve seen more plush suspension.

  And the former traveller’s footpegs leave much to be desired.  They look kind of weak.  I stood over them with my full weight and they held me, but they didn’t look happy about it.  Of course, most people don’t stand on them completely and instead put most of their weight on the bench seat.

  Ok, let’s talk about that seat.  Extraordinary, what a comfortable seat!  I’ve ridden mini-bikes with less than ideal seats in the past, and the Ariel Rider D-Class nailed it.  It is both soft and supportive, plus it compresses well to give you even better pedal movement.  This is a really nice seat, so base on it!

  It’s really made for two butts, though you can set up three depending on the size.

  I put an extra 35kg of weight on the back with me and when I drove there was no difference, even when accelerating.

Ariel Rider D-Class total Weight:-74.6 lbs (33.83 kg)

Battery weight:-8.6 pounds (3.9 kg)

Motor Weight:-8.15 lbs (3.69 kg)

  How does a passionate electric mini-bike execute?

  As long as you are not addicted to energy, the maintenance is really good.  The only problem is if you level it off the line, you really shouldn’t do it anyway.

  On the street, high tire pressure has definitely helped in better handling.  I was less stressed when riding on some trails, but when those fat tires got too low they would slow down on the street.  So keep an eye on your stress and adjust to what is right for your weight and desired maintenance.

  With a straight riding style and comfortable seating, you can lean harder on the turns and really push the bike stronger.

  The Ariel Rider D-Class also includes small details

  Many e-bikes focus on the beautiful design and forget about the main things.  But I happy how the Ariel Raider team has treated the very very small details.

  For example, the bike comes with a little bottle of touchup paint.  It’s not hard to find this shade (who doesn’t own a can of black matte anywhere?) But I’ve never seen an e-bike that includes touchup paint on the box.

  There is also a bag of extra bolts with different sizes and some washers.  If you’ve ever wanted to add spare parts or forgot to check your bolts and lost one (surprisingly common for new riders who don’t know how to check their bolts more often in the first few weeks and months of riding), the Ariel Rider has your back.  These little metric bolts are very annoying to the original, so it would be nice to see some extras added.  It certainly costs nothing, but shows little foresight from the company.

  Sorry, I forget to mention the adjustable cup holder?  It’s small enough to hold a glass bottle, of course you should use it for water bottle.

  Is the Ariel Rider D-Class really worth the price?

  Priced at $ 2,399, the Ariel Rider D-Class is not cheap.

  But no matter what you get, I think it’s actually a fair price.

  Where else are you going to find a 33 mph e-bike with a large battery, two motors, suspension, passenger room, high-end brakes and amazing design?

  Ariel Rider D-Class E-Bike

 I think the D-Class is definitely worth it.  This is a ridiculously powerful, fast and fun e-bike that delights to ride with any range of space.

Warranty:-1 year battery, 2 year motor / controller, lifetime frame

Availability:-United States, Canada

  I am now completely a fan of Ariel Raider.  This was my first experience with the company but now I want to test some of their other bikes.

  Obviously not everything was perfect in the D-Class.  I liked the high-end fork with good damping and probably the best footpegs.  But I can’t complain much here.  My D-Class experience is great and I would definitely recommend it to e-bike fans.!

Then read on for all the details about high powered Ariel Rider D-Class e-bike.

  Motor: Dual 750W (1,500W peak) hub motors (3 kW maximum)

  Top Speed: I hit 33 mph (53 km / h), but could be limited to class 2 speeds

  Range: up to 40 miles (64 km), but low when riding at maximum speed

 Battery:- removable and lockable

Battery Brand:-Samsung 18650 25E

Battery Voltage:- 48 volts

Battery amp hours:-14.5 Ah (optional 17.6 Ah)

Battery What Hours:- 696 wh (optional 844.8wh)

Battery chemistry:- Lithium-ion

Charge Time:- 5.5 hours

Estimated minimum range:-20 miles (32 km)

Estimated maximum range:- 60 miles (97 km)

Frame Material:-6061 Aluminum alloy, double heat treated T4 and T6 for strength

Geometric Dimensions:-18.5 “Virtual Seat Tube Length, 18” to 32 “Virtual Reach, 29.5” Stand Over Height, 32 “Minimum Saddle Height, 27.25” Width, 69 “Length

Frame Types:-High-level

Frame Colors:-Satin black with yellow accents

Frame Fork Details:- Rigid aluminum alloy fork,   double crown,   135mm hub spacing, 10mm threaded axle with keyed washers and 15mm nuts

Frame Back Details:-170mm hub spacing, 10mm threaded axle plus keyed washer and 15mm nuts

Attachment points:- Fender bass, Rear rock bass, Front rock bass, Cup holder

Gearing details:- 7 Speed Gearing ​​1×7 Shimano Tourney TZ25007428 Derailleur, 14-28 Tooth Cassette

Shifter Details:-  Shimano AMFLTX50RCT SIS  Index Thumb-Shifter

Cranks:-Plastic Guide with Provheil, Dummy Alloy, 170mm Length, 48 Tooth Steel Chaining

Pedals:- Wellgo B087DU aluminum alloy platform

Headset:-Neko, internal cups, straight 1-1 / 8 “

Stems:-Fork-handlebar integrated, aluminum alloy, adjustable height, 25.4mm crossbar diameter

Handlebar:-Fork-handlebar integrated aluminum alloy, 670 mm long

Break Details:- Tectro Dorado HDE 350 Hydraulic Disc with 160 Rotors, Dual Piston Calipers, Motor Inhibitors Three-Finger Levers and Adjustable Reach

GRIPS:-Rubber, flat, non-locking

Saddle:- Custom Made, Retro Banana, Padded, Stitched, 23 “Long, 7.5” Width, Faux-Leather

Rims:-Double weld, aluminum alloy, 28 hole, 80 mm wide

Spoke:- Stainless steel, 12 gauge rear, silver with nipples

Tire Brand:-Kenda Crusade Sport K1188, 20 “x 4”

Wheel sizes:- 20 inches (50.8cm)

Tire Details:- 5-30 PSI, 0.4 to 2.1 bar, 60 TPI casing, wire bead, reflective branding logo

Tube Details:- Schrader Valve

Accessories:-Color-compatible aluminum alloy fenders, flick bell on the right, custom integrated headlight (12 LED), battery pack integrated backlight, fold-out passenger foot pegs, Ruihang compatible long mid-frame kickstand, optional front basekick, optional front basekick

Other:- Lock Removable Seat Under-Seat Mounted Battery Pack, 1.1lb 2 Amp Charger, IP56 Water Resistant Controller, Honeycomb Battery Cell Layout (Avoiding Short Circuits and Cooling), Maximum Weight Capacity 320lbs

Electronic details

Motor brand:- Dapu M155

Motor type:-Rear-Mounted Guard Hub, Front-Mounted Guard Hub

   About ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:- 750 watts (two motors total 1,500 watts)

Motor Peak Output:- 900 watts (two motors total 1,800 watts)

Motor Torque:- 75 Newton meters (two motors total 150 watts)

Display type: Aerial Rider Branded APT Fixed, Color, Backlit, LCD, Buttons: +, -, Power, Hold + Lights, Hold – Walk Mode, (Double Tap Power for Settings Menu: Language, Components, Brightness, Auto Off, Visual Analog or Digital,  Battery indicator voltage off or percentage, power indicator or current, clock, wheel diameter, USB port on, off, advanced settings, password 1919, speed limit)

  Readings:- Clock, voltage, battery infographic (exact), speedometer, watts, travel distance, odometer, range, timer, maximum speed, average speed

  Display Tools:- Display Integrated 5 Volt 500mA USB Type A Charging Port, Motor Selector Toggle Switch (left, right front, center both)

  Maximum speed:- 20 mph (32 kph) (Unlocked up to 28mph, Password 1919)

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