Here’s a Closer Look At Husqvarna’s Futuristic Electric Vehicles Release In 2022; Made In India

Made in India Husqvarna’s futuristic electric motorcycle and scooter release in 2022.

Husqvarna’s electric motorcycle and scooter concept is showcased at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich, Germany.ย  We got an early peek at the first public demonstration of futuristic electric bikes.

ย ย (The next IAA transport will be held in Hanover and IAA Mobility Show Munich 05 from 25 to 25, 2022. – 10. September 2023)

ย ย The company first unveiled the Husqvarna E-Pilane in April, and a few weeks later the Vector Electric Scooter concept and its smaller BLTZ Electric Kickstarter cousin were unveiled.

  All three vehicles incorporate styling clearly inspired by Husqvarna’s design heritage, but take on a futuristic flair more than we’ve seen before.

  KTM and Bajaj are planning a massive attack on the growing Electric Mobility segment.  Both companies are working together to develop a new EV platform and it looks like the electric Husqvarna motorcycle will also be developed.

ย ย The electric scooter, in particular, looks more like what we see in a sci-fi movie than rolling down the street – or before BMW recently rolled out its own sci-fi electric scooter model.

Husqvarna Vector Electric Scooter Render โ€“ Athar 450X -Overview,

  The E-Pilen Electric Motorcycle Company’s gas bike lineup retains the same body and panels as the other Husky Pilen models in the Fox-Tank area.  But instead of a gas tank, the e-pylon has three removable battery packs in the area.  Each has a grab handle on the top and is probably easier to remove for charging at home, although three batteries and two hands seem to be a bit tricky.

  According to an investor presentation by Pierre Mobility – Electric Motorcycles will make its debut in 2022 with KTM and Husqvarna-owned company.  This e-bike will be called โ€˜E-Pilenโ€™ and Bajaj will be making it at its plant.  Chakan, in India.

  The company claims a maximum distance of 100 km (62 miles) from three batteries, which means the bike can have decent city limits on a single charge.

  Underneath the batteries is the e-pylon’s chain driving motor.  Rated at 8 kW (10.7 hp), it’s not a gigantic powerhouse.  But again, the bike is not meant to set speed records;  It is designed for city riders who want to zip their way through the city.

  No word yet on the bike’s top speed, but somewhere in the 100-120 km / h (62-75 mph) ballpark is probably a reasonable guess based on the size of the motor.

ย ย The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept was recently demonstrated, showing off its modern style.ย  In this case, the scooter looks a little faster than it actually is.

  Its maximum speed is not more than 45 km / h (28 mph), but it legally places it as a moped-class vehicle in most parts of the world.  This means that most riders do not need any special motorcycle license to use it.

  Low speed helps to increase the range to 95 km (59 miles).  It is unclear whether this will use the same batteries as the E-Pilen concept, but it would make sense to standardize across models.

  No word on power yet, but it is unlikely that the concept conceals anything bigger than a 2-3 kW motor.  This is the typical power level found on other electric scooters with similar performance levels.

  The presentation also featured a low-res sketch of E-Pilen.  This green motorcycle appears to be available in 4kW and 10kW variants.  With such power output, it is expected that this Husqvarna will compete in the entry-level EV segment.

  While it seems to offer a removable battery pack, it is smaller than the batteries found in the E-Pilen concept.

  Bajaj and KTM jointly operate on a common electric platform with products ranging from 3kW to 10kW using a 48V electric system.  Bajaj Chetak is the first product to come out of this platform.  Others are in the pipeline, including the e-scooter marketed under the KTM brand.

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