Australians support Texas plan for 60GW green “hydrogen city”

Hydrogen city”

An Australian-backed project to develop a world-leading renewable hydrogen hub in Texas, US, aims to generate 2.5 billion kilograms of green hydrogen per year from 60GW of solar and wind.

Austin-based start-up Green Hydrogen International, with the help of a Sydney-based energy estate, this week unveiled plans to create the “world’s largest” integrated green hydrogen production, storage and transportation centre in South Texas.

GHI – set up in 2019 – said the massive project will be built in phases with 2GW renewable hydrogen production capacity and the first expected to begin operation in 2026 with the support of two storage caves in the Piedras Pintas salt dome.

Access to the Piedras Pintas salt dome is an important part of the project to collect large quantities of renewable hydrogen, known as Hydrogen City.

As CSIRO has confirmed in its own study, underground caves have emerged as an important option for safe and affordable hydrogen storage, with international experience supporting engineering caves crafted in thick salt deposits as a test-bed of this theory.

Last year in Germany, energy supplier EWE completed the first phase of the test project, laying the foundation for the installation of 160 steel pipes at a depth of 1,000 metres in a salt dome at Rudersdorf, near Berlin.

While GHI founder and CEO Brian Maxwell says that salt caves suitable for this purpose are relatively rare, globally, the cost of the American Gulf is great, hundreds of potentially available and hundreds of more natural gas have already been used to store hydrogen.

We see salt dome storage as a linchpin of large-scale green hydrogen production because it allows them to store large amounts of hydrogen … for a long time,” Maxwell said.

As an added bonus of the region’s abundant wind and solar resources and its situation near the existing export infrastructure, complete the Hydrogen Hub Checklist.

Hydrogen City can be a mission with low-value renewable resources, many land, salt domes and an oversized strength port in Corpus Christi,” stated Andy Steinhubl, a former McKinsey senior companion and GHI member .

It are going to be a transnational value chief and function GHI to bear benefit of growing call for for amateur hydrogen.

According to GHI, eventually, Pydrus Pintas could create more than 50 caves in the salt dome, providing 6TWh of energy storage and turning it into a major green hydrogen storage centre, similar to the role Henry Hub plays in the natural gas market.  .

GHI says to use stored green hydrogen, export markets have talks on end-use options, including green ammonia;  Green ammonia to the fertiliser market, and;  Feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel.

The company is looking to combine hydrogen with CO2 in Brownsville Harbour to create green methane rocket fuel for launch operations in South Texas, and use its green hydrogen as a natural gas replacement in power plants.

We see Hydrogen City becoming one of the largest H2 plants in the world, providing 100% clean H2 fuel to various customers,” Maxwell said.

Energy Energy, which is behind several ambitious renewable energy, green hydrogen and pumped hydro storage projects in Australia, said Friday that it supports GHI in the development of the Texas Hydrogen City and the development of the global pipeline.  Green Hydrogen Production and Storage Projects.

When the opportunity to develop Hydrogen City in 2021, we immediately understand the rationale of a large-scale project to feed green hydrogen to the Corpus Christi Energy Hub in South Texas,”Simon Currie of the Energy Estate grassed the Renew Economy.

The garage possibility is globally full-size and can be constructed through the years as purifier manufacturing, inexperienced hydrogen manufacturing and call for increase.”

Currie said the CSIRO report on hydrogen storage options in Australia identified potential sites for storage in salt caves, but domes and deposits are not as close to ports and are a renewable resource as some other places in the world.

We are working with players like Abergeldi on Australia’s alternative man-made caves and pipeline storage options,” he said.

The depleted oil and fuel line sectors are a possible alternative however we trust they may be appropriate for minimum e-strength garage inside the medium term.”


Where is the hydrogen plant being built?

The project is located in the far northwest of French Guiana and is injecting electricity into the local grid under a 25-year capacity contract with the French utility EDF.

How many hydrogen plants are there in Australia?

20 projects are in operation or under construction (19 in Australia, one in New Zealand) and 12 are in development stage (10 in Australia and two in New Zealand)

Who produces green hydrogen in Australia?

Sojitz, along with Australian Power Generator CS Energy Limited and Nippon Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd. of Japan,

Can hydrogen power the home?

The hydrogen gasoline mobileular boiler is a domestic unit that makes use of this waste warmth for decent water and warmth, in addition to producing energy for the domestic.  Heat and power generating boilers are called combined heat and power units or CHP.

Are there any hydrogen plants in Australia?

Horizon Power is building Australia’s first renewable hydrogen demonstration plant on a regional power system in the regional Western Australian town of Denham, with operation scheduled for early 2022.

sources Image: Texas Co-op Power, CSIRO / GHI

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