The solar-electric catamaran camper follows next-gen exploration

The Swedish startup Pol Boat is seeking a cleaner, simpler version of On-Water Escape and Adventure with its all-new Lux.  Like a water-bound crossover or multi-sport mini-campervan, the sleek, silent catamaran encourages people to let go of the hustle and bustle of urban life for free, relaxation, and exploration.  Supporting them on the go is a clean, logical Scandinavian design, a solar-excited zero-emission electric drive, a modular deck and a tent that can be deployed overnight.

Originally conceived by naval architect and archetypal rover Gustav Larson, the 25.6-foot (7.8-m) long Lux is designed to deliberately set off a large, powerful boat that dominates the coast and marina.  In fact, it seems to be designed to escape that lifestyle, much like the everyday life of a city.  So think of it as a cheaper alternative to a cabin cruiser and a much larger, lightly powdered cruise alternative to kayaking or canoe camping.

For that purpose, the 12-knot (22-km / h) maximum speed and 7-knot (13-km / h) cruising speed are not the limit but the benefit, a way to slow down life and enjoy every minute of passing.  Through natural surroundings with all five senses.  The projects call for a clean solar mode, in which solar panels power the e-drive directly at speeds of 4 knots (7.4 km / h).  With the help of those solar panels, Poll counts that Lux can wander 60 nautical miles (111 km) before recharging.

The front suspension room can be replaced with a cargo deck or solid diving platform

The suspended room can be replaced with a cargo deck or solid diving platform pol boat

To get to where he is now, Larson worked with Swedish design and branding firm Awake, who turned the rugged model in his backpack.  The two parties collaborated on working with a working prototype to develop, evolve and fine-tune the polished, finalised version that is now approaching production.

Lux’s dual hulls support a larger, flat deck without the bulk and water resistance of a single hull.  In this deck, buyers can exercise their ideas to customise the space to their needs.  Poll and above speculate that this could be a night explorer, a day boat cruising the river, a daytime picnic party boat, and possibly, a seatless, short-haul cargo ship.

Offset Helm Station opens up extra seamless space for modular creativity, placing simple forward, reverse and steering controls in the leader’s hands.  The resettable revolving bench seat gives you ample space to sit and socialise during the day, transforming into a bed at night.  The fabric tent wraps around four framed pillars to deliver weather and insect protection from the roof to the deck.  For extra sleeping space, set comfort on the steering station using straps fastened to all four pols.

Comfort bunk inside pol lux tent

Comfort bunk inside pol lux tentpole boat

To feed its passengers, Lux attaches a removable modular rear table to the rails.  It can be used to simply hold a portable grill or stove, but seemingly inspired by the Snow Peak Iron Grill table, the pol and top make it a modular design on which to turn the tabletop panel into an insertable grill or cutting board.

โ€œPol Lux addresses the needs of a new generation of boat owners that love to explore the great outdoors,โ€ explained Jonas Samrelius, design director and cofounder when announcing Lux in January.  “Going out with loaded batteries on the weekends. He prefers silence and travel over high speeds, happy to leave no trail behind.”

The Pol Boat has not set a price yet, but says it is preparing to build the first production vessels.  It intends to offer the first test rides this spring with early deliveries in the coming months.  Interested parties can contact the company and sign up for a place on the waiting list via the company’s website linked here.


How a great deal does a sun powered boat cost?

Serenity Yachts has released two models for solar-powered yachts.  The boats were unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show held in February.  Serenity 64 will cost $ 3.3 million and Serenity 74 in production will cost $ 5.5 million.

How much is an electric catamaran?

Singapore-primarily based totally Azura Marine unveiled a new $ 500,000 electric powered yacht which could complete “non-forestall cruises powered most effective through sunlight”.  The electrification of transport is slowly spreading to maritime transport

Can you cross the ocean on a power catamaran?

Catamarans are safe to cross the sea.  In fact, catamarans are generally safer than offshore single-sized monohulls.  Safety comes from increased buoyancy due to increased mobility, better stability, speed and lack of ballast

What is the pleasant length catamaran for ocean sailing?

The best size catamaran for sailing around the world is 45 to 50 feet.  The smallest catamaran and cabin can accommodate up to 30 feet long, and the 55- to 60-foot catamaran is the largest and can accommodate most marinas.

How far can a power catamaran travel?

Generally, a 35-foot long motorized yacht can travel 200 miles in 25 knots in 8 hours a day.  At 35 knots, they can travel nearly 300 miles in one day.  With enough fuel or fill-ups, you can go thousands of miles.

Are there electric yachts?

The e-bot has been brewing in the sector, Last week, Silicon Valley startup Navier signed an agreement with Maine Boatbuilder to deliver the first of its all-electric yachts by 2023.  Swedish boatbuilder Candela unveiled its C-8 electric hydrofoil vessel earlier this fall.

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