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With Today’s Energy Crisis, Hydrogen Stocks Are Set To Rise

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War v/s Economy

These days we are all about freedom of energy.  We think that the Russian-Ukraine catastrophe that is now unfolding in Ukraine – and the collateral damage it has suffered worldwide – is enough.

It’s better to the world needs to move away from fossil fuels.  No longer struggle with oil or restrictions on natural gas.  No need to rely on foreign exports to energise our economy.  And the prices of gas, groceries and utilities will no longer rise.  But it will definitely hit the economy.

We may think that war will not give us any kind of financial blow.  But in some corner of the world, war or some other natural catastrophe, we find its evil effect.  A flaming example is Kovid-19.

The world needs to do better.  We all need to work together in unity and thanks to hydrogen as an alternative to all fuel.  Because ..

Hydrogen Fuels

Yes, hydrogen – not solar, wind or fossil fuels.  The most important element of the universe is the major cornerstone of the energy independence revolution that is solving today’s crisis and preventing it from happening again in the future.  And yet you probably havenโ€™t thought of it as an economic power.

But this could be the single most expensive mistake of your lifetime.  Hydrogen, folks, will turn into an $ 11 trillion economy by the 2020s.  And hydrogen stocks will be some of the biggest winners of the market of the decade.  And the resource that comes with endless heaps is yes.

It is not an exaggeration.

Remember what solar stocks have done in the last five years?  Take for example Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH).  Every $ 10,000 invested in that stock five years ago has become $ 1.4 million today.

A graph showing ENPH stock price growth

Hydrogen stocks will do that and hydrogen will become the world’s leading energy source in the next few years.

Soโ€ฆ what are you waiting for?  The opportunity has struck.  Answer the door.

Letโ€™s talk science

To understand the big opportunity in the hydrogen economy, we first need to rewind the chemistry we read at our college.

Recall the periodic table.  Hydrogen is the lightest and abundant element in the universe.  Similarly, you can set more hydrogen atoms to a finite space than lithium atoms.  And as a result, the hydrogen energy source is infinitely more energy-dense than any other source of energy.

Figure of the periodic table of 1 elements

This has enormous consequences:

In the transportation markets, high energy density means that hydrogen fuel cells have a longer drive range and a faster refuelling time than batteries.

In stationary markets, this means they have more stable and robust power output.

And in all markets, this means that hydrogen fuel cells are much lighter and more transportable.

Make no mistake.  In the world of clean energy, hydrogen has some enormous value additions.

This is why – once hydrogen is cost-effective and viable – those who produce and supply it will become one of the world’s leading energy companies.  Hydrogen stocks are the best-performing tech stocks of 2020.

But why now?  Unfortunately, the periodic table has not been changed in the last 50 years.  So, what is the change that will allow the acquisition of hydrogen in the 2020s?

Hydrogen stocks are at the “tipping point”

For the first time this year, we believe that all stars have tied hydrogen to “tip” into hyper growth mode.

For starters, you have convenient politics.  In the 1970s decade, no one intrested about decarbonization.  Now almost every country and company in the world is targeting net-zero emissions by 2030, 2040 or 2050.  And the Russo-Ukrainian war only underscores the need to disband their dependence on Russian oil and establish independence through clean energy sources.

The cost of hydrogen has also fallen.  The economy of scale and advanced technologies has caused the price of hydrogen fuel cells to drop by 60% over the past decade.  Deloitte expects the cost of the hydrogen fuel cell by 2024 to reduce the cost of the electric battery and the cost of the combustion engine by 2028.

A graph showing the decline in hydrogen fuel cell costs

Technology has improved dramatically.  Technological advances and declining renewable energy costs have led to a new era of scalable “green hydrogen” production.  Now hydrogen is produced more cost-efficiently from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind – and not from natural gas, which has historically been produced more.

Overall, this is an incredible change.

Essentially, the periodic table has remained unchanged, but everything else in the last 50 years.  For the first time, all the growth drivers of hydrogen are shown to the party at one time.

And itโ€™s time to start rocking this party.

Winning play for hydrogen stocks

With the elimination of cost, technology, and access barriers, the hydrogen economy is poised for its long-term revival in the 2020s.

And it’s not short.  Aeroplanes, trains, trucks, forklifts, data centres, commercial buildings and more could be run by hydrogen by 2030.

That’s why Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) sees the hydrogen economy to be worth more than $ 11 trillion by 2040.

Most investors are sleeping on hydrogen stocks today.  This means you can buy them right now on sale – before turning $ 10,000 into a million-dollar payday, as Enphase Energy has done in the past five years.

Still, the question is: what is the best hydrogen stock to buy today?

To answer that question, I suggest our key investment research advice, Innovation Investor.  In it, we invest exclusively in some of the world’s most mutated megatrends, such as cloud computing, AI, EVs, blockchain, gene-editing and – yes – hydrogen.

We have put together a portfolio of what we think are the most innovative stocks in the world with huge long-term upside potential.

In that portfolio, we have a hydrogen company.

It is one of the most powerful in the market today.  This is a company that plans to be “Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) of hydrogen”.  And its stock – well, let’s just say that it can also follow Tesla’s explosive footsteps.

 The final word

Your gas and groceries prices are rising.  And your heating and A / C bills are also rising.

Why?  Because of Russia or China.

That is nonsense.  For some reason fighting or spreading an epidemic is a biological war.  You pay the price for all this, egotistical prestige, resource depletion, control over the international economy, but not all.

It is rooted in the interconnected web of dependencies that is the global economy.  That web was working.  But it won’t be anymore.  It’s broken.  And now is the time for us to get rid of it for economic freedom.

Sure, it’s easier to say than to do this.  But with technological advancement on our part, this is an achievable task.  We can achieve global energy independence for the first time – it will save us billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Hydrogen plays a crucial role in achieving energy independence.  But it won’t be the only one.

The advancement of “permanent battery” technology will allow today’s electric cars and energy storage units to last longer, recharge more quickly and be safer.

Best Hydrogen Stocks

Here’s a look at some of the best hydrogen stocks to watch as the sector begins to take center stage in the coming years.

Air Products (NYSE: APD) is $ 50.4 billion

Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) is $ 13.3 billion

Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE) is $ 3.8 billion

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP) is $ 2.9 billion

FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) is $ 2 billion

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