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Kawasaki’s Rideable Robotic Goat Is An Electric Vehicle For Wandering Cowpox.

The Goat Robot

If you ever wanted to have a robot goat that you could ride to work, your dreams could come true.  Kawasaki recently demonstrated Bex, its robotic goat, which can carry goods up to 220 pounds.

Kawasaki unveiled its 4-legged robot to the world at the 2022 International Robot Show in Tokyo last week.  Along with its humanoid robots, the company showed RHP Becks, a multi-legged robot that resembles ibex.  Ibex is a species of wild goat commonly found in Eurasia, North Africa and East Africa.  He is known for his sure footwork that allows him to measure and navigate steep slopes.

We are still very low on the robotics stage, where engineers are throwing something at the wall and hoping to find a design that will stick.  Or at least, this seems like an excellent explanation for why Kawasaki created a four-legged walking ibex – a species of wild goat – that can carry goods or make passengers more rushed.

The International Robot Exhibition (iREX),

The International Robot Exhibition (iREX), held in Tokyo last week, is part of Bex Kawasaki’s Kelido program, which has been working on developing bi-pedal humanoid robots since 2015.

“Halfway between humanoid robots and wheel robots, (we) thought there was a chance,” Kawasaki’s Masayuki Soubey said in an interview.  “That’s why we started developing quadruped walking robot becks. We believe that the technology developed in the development of humanoid robots can definitely be applied to quadruped walking robots.”

Developing a bipedal robot that is as agile and stable on two legs as a real human being is not an easy task, as Boston Dynamics watches every blooper reel sharing its multi-million dollar Atlas robot slipping and falling.  And that led to the creation of Becks.  Robotics engineers at Kawasaki are looking for a happy medium among the skills of a bipedal robot that can navigate uneven terrain with the reliability of a wheel robot that avoids balance problems by placing all its wheels on the ground at all times.

Kawasaki shows off robotic goat that rides around with a human …

Goat function

At a time when speed is a priority and the route plan takes advantage of smooth, smooth surfaces, the Bex robot is able to lower its body and kneel on four pairs of wheels on each knee, turning it into an electric scooter.  But when the terrain starts to become uneven, Becks stands on four more clear legs and at least half of them use a manipulative walk to make sure they touch the ground at any time, greatly reducing the balance action that needs to be performed.  .

To build a robot it can move quickly across flat ground, but still be able to navigate tricky terrain.  If you weigh 220 pounds (100 kg) or less, you can choose to jump on a metal goat for a ride.

The robot control system “V-Sido” is used to produce leg walking motion and works with human instructions in real time, for example by remote control using a steering wheel or joystick from passengers.  V-Sido Asratec Co.  Is a product of Ltd.

Bex’s cargo capacity is about 220 lbs, so it can carry heavy objects and human passengers who rotate the quadrant using a traditional pair of handlebars.  Realising the limited attractiveness and function of this boat as a wild goat, Kawasaki has designed the upper part of the Becks to be fully modular.  So consumers who want to focus on shipping can get rid of the animal trait altogether, but those who see an opportunity to modernise their livestock farms can ride a full horse with this robot and bring the cowpack to the 21st century completely.

I think.

It is unknown whether Bex is attracted to local zoos or county fairs.  However, cases of use of such a robot can be found in many industries and applications.  In the meantime, we sit here on the highway,  imagining the day we will ride our goat robot.

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