The new Mercury Electric Outboard makes its large debut in Miami.

The much anticipated Mercury Electric Outboard created a big buzz with the unveiling of the Miami International Boat Show last week.  The motor on display is a concept model designed to showcase the main features of the new line – dubbed the โ€˜Aviatorโ€™ – with models for formal release and for sale later this year.

There has been much debate over the past year about the world’s largest gas outboard manufacturer going electric.  Mercury Marine President Chris Dreiss said on May 2021, “We are launching five new electric outboard models by 2023, and by the end of the year we intend to be the marketplace chief in each traditional and electric powered marine propulsion.”

Approximately 1 out of every 2 boats in the US recreational boat fleet is powered by Mercury products, and the company has a tradition of innovation that goes back to the first Thunderbolt gas outboard in 1947.  So when they put their technical people on a new project, they bring unique experience and expertise.

The Mercury Electric Outboard features a swappable battery

Full view of the Mercury Electric Outboard They have also had 80 years of customer feedback.  Talking about the Avatar concept, “our team is taking everything we know about how customers use our products and incorporating it into Avatar, creating a power propulsion system that sets a new benchmark for the marine industry,” Dries said.

One of the features of the Aviator is its battery pack compared to other electric outboards that slide in and out of Cowling’s hinged lid.

As with electric vehicles, the concept of range is one of the main psychological barriers for consumers who use fossil fuel motors.  Avatar’s swappable battery is a neat and easy solution.  The extra battery can be shipped and double the range in seconds.

Batteries are taken home to charge from the home outlet, which adds to the portability of the unit as a whole.  It can also be charged from the marina pillar.

Mercury Marine vice president of product development and engineering, Tim Reid, says, “We believe that features such as easy-to-replace batteries and quiet operation make them attractive to current and prospective boaters.”

The vast portfolio of low-horsepower outboards”

Naturally, people are interested in what kind of power is available with the Aveter Electric Outboard line.  In response to questions on the Mercury Marine YouTube channel, the company stated:

“We cannot communicate to Horsepower but due to the fact we’re nonetheless growing the product. We can tell you that we are excited about the possibilities the Avatar series has to offer.

The concept represents a vast portfolio of low-horsepower outboards, with Mercury launching later this year and next.  Additional offerings include applications for use on many small boats, including pontoons, tenders and sailboats, as well as improving access to boating in areas where conventional fuel sources are not available or permitted.

You can sign up to receive Avatar updates on the Mercury Marine website.

New digital connection for gas outboard owners

Another advantage of the new Avatar for gas outboard users is the digital connection provided by the electric system.  Another area of โ€‹โ€‹high value is Mercury, which is part of the Brunswick Corporation.

The Mercury Electric Outboard Digestal Screen Brunswick ASG (Advanced Systems Group) segment includes companies such as Simrad, C-Map and C-Zone, which are global leaders in charting, autopilot and digital control and monitoring.  Other companies in the segment include Mastervolt and Lithium-ion battery experts at Reliance.

โ€œElectrification is strategically critical to us, and this idea gives a primary study how we intend to supply our dedication to grow to be enterprise leaders in each inner combustion merchandise and electric powered propulsion,โ€ says Dries.  “We’re taking performance to a brand new level, commencing up new methods to revel in the boating experience.”

Check out the Mercury Electric Outboard look and features, comments by Chris Dries, and the videos below for an interview with Mercury Marine senior class manager Jim Hergert on the Miami Boat Show.

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