Luxury E-Boat Brand ALVA Yachts Introduces OCEAN ECO 60 Coupé Solar Catamaran with Twin 250kW Electric Motors.

ALVA Yachts has introduced the rearmost addition to its family of all-electric luxury windjammers and yachts with the OCEAN ECO 60 Coupe, a 60- bottom electric catamaran with solar panels.

The coupe arrives as a newer, sportier version of ALVA’s ECO 60 and ECO 60 Explorer electric yachts, offering a low profile silhouette and innovative new features.

ALVA Yachts OCEAN ECO 60 Coupé

ALVA Yachts is a German company founded by Mathias May and Holger Hein in 2020, evolved from PICA Yachts, established in 2013.  ALVA’s predecessor began sailing and electric powerboats over forty 20-30 feet during his tenure in boatbuilding.

As the brand looks to create the next generation of electric yachts, it is aware of the problems facing ocean electrification and its own obstacles in developing its zero-emission technologies.  Here is an excerpt from the beautifully written “About” page.

ALVA Yachts chose to enhance the Environment we live in. They are heading towards a sustainable, surreal electric yacht.  Today, electricity is not always produced in a sustainable way – but it can be.  Elements, materials, manufacturing, transportation and the use of yachts are all areas that need improvement.  We do not have all the answers today, but our mission is to tackle these issues and improve the way we live tomorrow.

New OCEAN ECO 60 Coupe / 

In the short term, ALVA Yachts has introduced two 50-foot cruisers, two 72- and 82-foot long electric sailboats, as well as multiple modifications of 60- and 90-foot electric yachts, including the OCEAN ECO 60.

Now, the coupe version of ALVA’s ECO 60 is available for sale before its scheduled production later this year.

“Luxury Guide to Sustainability” with Electric Yachts

Those terms are the company’s main mission on the ALVA Yachts website, especially as it continues to develop luxury and technologically advanced yachts such as the OCEAN ECO 60 Coupé.

According to ALVA Yachts, the Sleeker Coupe version of the ECO 60 and its expansive roof of integrated solar panels offer transatlantic coverage and “virtually unlimited autonomy.”  The all-electric catamaran is powered by two 250kW motors, powered by a 150-280kWh battery pack.  The pack itself is powered by onshore charging with on-board sun and generators.

The solar panels themselves can reach a maximum of 18kW, which ALVA says is better in class compared to its competitors.  Diesel generators produce 2 x 100kW / DC per capita, but consumers can opt for methanol fuel cells to avoid those nasty fossil fuels.

Even with diesel generators, an ALVA yacht representative told us that the OCEAN ECO 60 Coupe can travel at speeds of up to 4.5 knots (5.2 mph) all day without running any diesel.  We don’t condone it, but travelling with diesel and solar power, combined with a full charge on the battery, can deliver 2,800 miles of efficient travel.

Interior Layout

When docked, the ECO 60 Coupe can plug into shore power and refuel at up to 88 kW.  Here are some additional:

Technical Data / Design Draft

Overall length: 18.40m / 60ft

Length of water line: 17.80 m

Beam: 10.20 m

Draft: 1.2 m

Displacement: (LD) 34,000kg / 34t

Electric Engine: 2x 250kW (Performance Edition)

Generator: 48 KVA – Frequency driven DC with soundshield

The fuel cell is ready

Battery capacity: 280kWh

Solar surface 80 m2

Solar power: 18kW peak

Top speed: 20 knots (23 mph),

Fuel: 2x 500

Fresh water: 2x 500 l

Hot water: 200 lbs

Greywater Tank: 400 l

Blackwater Tank: 400 l

Air conditioning: 58.000 BtU – 150.000 BtU

Classification: CE-Swiss Lloyd / Private Yacht

The OCEAN ECO 60 Coupe is available with a fully electric drive and fuel cell ready,

The OCEAN ECO 60 Coupé is now available for sale and should enter production by the end of 2022.

About ALVA Yachts

German-based Electric Alva yachts and floating relief manufacturers have signed contracts with eco-conscious yachts around the world.  Mainly USA, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and ASIA, especially North America.

“We are very proud to announce our global network and look forward to growing further as a company with new partners around the world.”  Says Matthias May Managing Director at ALVA YACHTS

Electric catamarans and German manufacturer Alva Yachts have set up floating villas on yachts.

Alva Yachts has implemented a network expansion strategy, emphasised by strong mutual partnerships with top industry suppliers and distributors.  Customers have a great interest in sustainable and luxury yachting.

Source: ALVA Yachts

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