This new catamaran combines solar power and giant wingscape with seas that are 100% emission-free

Zero Emission Natick is living up to its name with its premier model.

Established just last year, the newly launched European Yard has unveiled a zero-emission catamaran designed to sail the high seas with unlimited range.

Zero Emission Natick Features

Written by acclaimed naval architect Julian Melot, the new ZEN 50 spans just over 50 feet and features racing hulls that are forged with lighter carbon fiber.  Tipping the scales at roughly 16 tons, the multihull also features a massive solar roof that can produce up to 16 kW.  As a result, the 50-foot has a solar power / weight ratio of 1: 1, which is better than any yacht in the class according to ZEN.  The clean, green energy stored in the high capacity 160 kWh main battery enables two 40 kW electric motors for quiet, emission-free cruising.

The ZEN 50 has a top speed of 14 knots.  – Credit: Zero Emission Natick

  Designed by Ayro,

In addition, ZEN claims to be the world’s first series-producing catamaran fitted with a flagship wingspan.  Designed by Ayro, OceanWings32 is essentially an extension of range and speed.  Fully automatic, it can be lifted up and down with the simple touch of a button to utilize more power from the air.  The pier says the addition will allow sailors to travel longer and faster at higher speeds.

Running only on electric motors, the ZEN 50 has a maximum speed of 10 knots.  However, with the construction of a wing sail, it can reach 14 knots at full tilt.  A self-sufficient cat can ride between 6 and 10 knots continuously while using both motors and wingsails.

The solar roof turns into a giant top deck.  – Credit: Zero Emission Natick

Zero Emission Natick accommodation

Onboarding, meanwhile, offers a range of cat luxuries.  The layout includes three separate dining areas, a professional galley, saloon and two wet kitchens.  There are also accommodation for up to 12 guests in the Ensuit cabins. 

Elsewhere, the solar rooftop actually transforms into a giant upper deck with sweeping views, while the 366-square-foot Flybridge rivals the 80-foot Motoracht.  To top it off, the ZEN 50 does not need any conventional fossil fuels.  Itโ€™s not just the environment;  It’s also easy on the pocket.

“We wanted Zen to be a true solar boat,” Melot said in a statement.  “That’s why the first unit of construction has no generator and does not carry a drop of fossil fuel onboard.”

In fact, the tender in the first hull is also electric and is recharged by the mothership.

Zero emissions, in fact

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