Watch as the Sur Ron Storm Bee electric dirt bike is pushed to maximum power on the dyno run.

The Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike is at the rather anticipated (and long-running) run for its wider public release.  Most present fashions are early manufacturing devices shipped to diverse vendors across the world.  Luna Cycle, americaA legitimate provider of Sur Ron, these days shared a video of the proprietor pushing the Sur Ron Storm Bee to its limits.

Sur Ron Hurricane Bee

Eric Hicks, founder and proprietor of Luna Cycle, is a well-known colourful man or woman withinside the electric powered bicycle world.

Hicks in no way shied farfar from pushing the boundaries, simply as Luna Cycle earned a cult following for its incongruous brand.

Look no further than a number of Luna’s fashions, inclusive of the “Fat Babe” electric powered fast tire motor motorcycle.  Luna is thought for pushing the boundaries of velocity and electricity on a lot of its e-bikes – now no longer simply its Sur Rones.

But the trendy push comes at a complete electricity dyno run at Sur Ron Storm Bee, completely tucked for optimum aerodynamics at Hicks Run.

Watch because the Sur Ron Storm Bee electric powered dust moto motorcycle is driven to most electricity at the dyno run

Sur Ron Storm Bee makes use of a mid-established electric powered motor with the very last chain power.  That chain power contributes to the maximum sound you could hear from the motor motorcycle.

On the run, we will see that the Sur Ron Storm Bee ultimately peaked at 23 hp (17 kW) and hit a pinnacle velocity of forty eight mph (seventy seven km / h).

The Sur Ron has formerly floated a pinnacle velocity spec of 22.five kW (30 hp) and a pinnacle velocity of a hundred and ten km / h (sixty eight mph).

This method that we’re searching at a restricted version of velocity or perhaps a few changed gearing which can produce greater torque however much less velocity.

  Sur Ron Hurricane Bee

Drivepilots were given the primary close-up view of Sur Ron as we spied on Milan.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the version’s complete-fledged manufacturing line has been jumping.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike Detailed Overview

The main features of Sur Ran Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike

Sur Ron is known for its dirt bike designs outside the world.  However, this time around, the Sur Ron Storm Bee is close to the official dirt bike look.  With its aggressive geometry and race-like decals it is still quite attractive.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike assessment summary

Manufacturer: Sur Ron,

Classification: Motocross Dirt Bike

Age Limit: Adults

Price: $ 10,460.forty USD

Sur Ron Storm Bee Tech Specifications

Manufacturer Name Sur Ran, model Name Sur Ran Storm “Storm Bee”, Model Year 2020, Motor Manufacturer Ran motor, Model OEM Brushless DC Air Cooled Motor, Motor Power 21.5 kW 96V (30 hp, 382 ft-lbs 96V (30 hp, 382 ft-lbs with torque) Sony vt6 cells),  Battery Capacity 48AH Battery Yes RemovalCC Hatch Range 93 Mile @ 31mphriade Mode Comony, Sport Modsarative Braking yes throttle variable Twist Throttle Creative Brawe Strafe Forged Aluminum Alloy Seat (11.4 inches Travel)

  Adjustable Mono Air Absorber DisplayLCD (Speedometer, Battery Level, Time, Odometer) Purpose All Off Road Terrain Connectivity N / A SecurityKey-Powered Ignition

Sur Ron Storm Bee Display and Batteries

The Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike features an LCD dashboard that displays basic but important information such as battery level, speedometer, odometer and timing.  It also displays bonus information such as motor temperature and ride modes.

To power the Storm Bee and provide decent operating time, SurRon bike is equipped with a 96V 48Ah lithium battery pack with integrated charger and brake regen.  This setup gives you about 93 miles of range at 31mph, plus an extra 10 miles on the Brake Regen (depending on how much you use the brakes).  The integrated charger allows riders to park right next to the socket and start charging without extra effort.  Your neighbors will not notice the missing juice.

If you want even more range, you can easily find the amazing Sur Ron battery upgrade on the market.  Most of the time, they are more cut than stock batteries in terms of features and quality.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Frame

The Storm Bee is a forged aluminum alloy frame that offers greater flexibility and greater durability with less weight.  This means you donโ€™t have to worry about big drops along the way.

This type of frame can take a lot of punishment before repairing, and even when broken, it is very easy to weld and repair.  Storm Bee’s frame size is comparable to KTM’s electric dirt bike – the Freeride E-XC.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Motor and Transmission

A effective 21.5kW 96V brushless DC air cooled motor propels the Sur Ron Storm Bee. This motor instantly delivers 382 ft-lbs of torque when you open the throttle.  This is more than the liter bikes you see on MotoGP.  This motor setup provides amazing acceleration but the top speed is only max at 68mph.

The bike also rides in single gear.  It provides a very responsive throttle response coupled with its high torque motor.  Be careful when you open the throttle.  Make a mistake and you will soon be sitting in the dirt.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Brakes and Suspension

The Sur Ron Storm Bee comes standard with a 270mm front rotor and hydraulic disc brakes clamping on a 240mm rear rotor.  Brakes come with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), which is a great help in wet or gravel terrain because it helps keep the wheels locked and slippery.

If your disc brakes deteriorate, consider replacing stock brakes with these Shimano H03Cs, which are a bit pricey but many think it’s worth it.

The Storm Bee DVO comes with adjustable front forks, with travel up to 11.4 inches for optimal front shock absorption, to maintain stability during slopes and drops.  The bike also comes with an adjustable rear air shock that helps the bike stay comfortable even in rough terrain.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Tires & Wheels

Probably the worst part of the Sur Ron Storm Bee is that its tires seem to run on a really steep slope without you having to slide back.  The bike is wrapped in a 19-inch aluminum front wheel and a 17-inch aluminum rear wheel with super-nobby off-road tires.  Uneven tire sizes help to keep the bike well-positioned on uneven or jagged terrain or on slopes.  This is because the larger front tire helps reduce rollover and prevents small obstacles such as rocks from jiggling the handlebars.

  Aftermarket parts

Here are some aftermarket parts that can be a useful addition to your Storm Bee.

Shimano Disc Break.

Extra long dirty pit mudguards have been modified.

Gritshift foot peg support brace.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Videos

Link to the purchase: Sur Ron website

Awesome achievement

The Storm Bee is scheduled to be made to be had in a street-felony model of the motor motorcycle, inclusive of the Zero FXE, even though information on while the version might be to be had to the general public are nonetheless scarce.

In the meantime, the authentic Sur Ron Light Electric Trail Bike is proving to be the most famous electric powered dust moto motorcycle.  With 6 kW of electricity in a bundle that weighs greater than an electric powered bicycle, the authentic Sur Ron changed into an awesome achievement and could be promoted well.  In fact, Fred Lambert, the Editor-in-Chief of Electrek and yours genuinely offered our personal Sur Ron motormotorcycle from Luna Cycle.

Pro and Cons


Brake Regen enables to similarly the range

Has hardcore off-street tires for higher grip on all forms of off-street terrain

Has a completely bendy and light-weight framework

Has an incorporated charger so that you can simply prevent and charge


Can best cross up to,

A 36-inch seat height means fewer riders are comfortable on the bike


Where can I buy Sur Ron Storm Bee?

Sur Ron Storm Bee The best place to get an electric dirt bike is the Sur Ron website.  But if you want to check out their bikes first you can always visit one of their dealers (ie, Luna Cycle) in Long Beach, California.  The bike is not yet available in the US, but you can always choose to book the bike in advance for a US release.

How fast does the Sur Ron Storm Bee go?

68 mph, the motorcycle has a powerful 22,500 watt electric motor with 520 Nm of torque. 

How long does Sur-Ran bikes last?

In full chat they combine to deliver a top speed of 47mph up to 24 miles.

Where are the Sur Ron bikes made?

The Sur-Ran X E-Bike is made in the UK.

What is the after sales support of Luna Cycle?

Luna Cycle, the US distributor of SurRon, led to excellent buyer ratings to solve customer problems.  They offer a variety of customization options and services, which is a huge benefit for Sur Ron riders.

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