Super73’s first electric motorcycle combines retro styling with cutting-edge technology

Super73’s first electric motorcycle combines retro style with sophisticated technology

Ascend to Super73 level.

The SoCal outfit, known for supplying e-bikes to the likes of Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Will Smith, has unveiled the new electric motorcycle as a powerful step forward with its signature rides.  The new bike comes after 33 percent of Super73’s loyal followers expressed interest in street-legal motorcycles.

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Known as the C1X, the motorcycle features the company’s signature retro styling but with battery-powered technology that negates its throwback aesthetic.  Somewhere between the pushbike and the cafe racer, the sleek two-wheeler is lighter (and potentially smarter), but still offers plenty of grunt (though no horsepower specifications are available until writing).


The new C1X is expected to reach 75 mph in full tilt.  Designed for city cruising, the C1X has a smaller footprint, achieved by reducing the wheelbase and reducing to 15-inch wheels.  By comparison, even the smallest Zero e-bike is taller and larger than this swellet machine.  Interestingly, it has a fairly average seat height of 31 inches, which is almost identical to the Ducati Monster.

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Meanwhile, the electric motor is cleverly mounted on the rear of the swingarm, giving the central chassis more room for a larger battery.  According to Super73 this positioning eliminates chain slack and handling.  The company did not give any further details on the powertrain, except to say that the bike has a top speed of 75 mph and a range of approximately 100 miles.  Fast charging is also on the cards โ€” you’ll be able to get 80 percent off the bike in an hour.

Super73 has labelled this C1X as a concept, but you don’t have to wait much longer to see the production version.  The team says the development is going well and the production goals are being met.  Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2023, but you can already book your own C1X with a $ 73 deposit.  The company hasn’t listed the price yet, but we expect it will run well north of the $ 3,695 you can splash for the brand’s e-bike flagship, the Super73-RX.

Source Photography by Chris Robertson./ yahoo.com

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