Chatting With Mark Frohnmayer, CEO of Archimoto.

Founder, President – Archimoto Mark Frohnmayer Software and Clean Technology Entrepreneur.  He was a leading programmer at StarSize, 

When we heard the Arcimoto, it reminded me that my younger brother was very angry about going to the amusement park and shouted for a fun utility vehicle (FUV) ride.

Arcimoto CEO Mark Fronmayer,  Mark Archimoto shares details about his vision, its Fun Utility Vehicle platform and his thoughts on the future of Rideshare.

Earlier last month,  chatted with Mark Fronmayer, CEO of Archimoto.

With Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer

Mark Archimoto and shares a bit about the company’s goals.  He talked about the Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) platform and the family of vehicles being built on the platform.

Archimoto’s mission is to accelerate the shift to a sustainable transportation system and do this with its Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) platform.  As Mark explains in this video, the vision is no longer a city of absorption.

The problem is that more than half the cities are paved for cars and traffic, often for parked vehicles and 95% of their lives are corrosive.  Cars are necessary for humans to carry themselves, but the point of the mark is that they are heavy, dangerous and literally make our cities around them.  The โ€œright-sizedโ€ small EVs not only help clean our air but also help humanity reclaim its space while making cities more habitable for everyone.

Mark has shared some details about FUV and some new things Archimeto unveiled.

“The basic idea of โ€‹โ€‹Arcimoto is the way we carry ourselves today. It’s killing the planet and we will do tons better. The way we wander today is that we drive a relatively small amount of material in a 4,000-pound gas-burning machine, alone or with a single person.  Itโ€™s definitely the model we live in.

This, Mark explained, would make half of our cities comfortable with galvanised concrete to move and park cars.

Ultimately, the idea of โ€‹โ€‹moving a person with four thousand pounds of metal is just crazy.

โ€œWhether you’ll work, to school, to the films or to the park, we are constructing electric powered rides every day that serve instead for a vehicle.  And the purpose is multiple. Ultimately we want sustainable transportation to be affordable for everyone, and when you build more lightweight and less embodied materials that are more simple, then it is really a way to reduce costs so that someone can find a solution.

Arcimoto, Mark explained, is building something from an experience point of view, and it is a fun, enjoyable, nimble and skillful ride that works from A to B to Joy Ride.

“I think what really sets us apart from the other methods we’ve seen is that we’ve developed a really flexible platform. Fun Utility Vehicle is our launch product. We started production with it. FUV is our ticker on Nasdaq. This is our customer-centric product and our demo rental vehicle.  We’ll see. โ€

Mark told me that the company builds an entire family product on the FUV platform, including Flatbed, which is the version of Archimoto’s utility pickup truck.  She shares that people who test it so far love it.  The Arcimoto Emergency Services vehicle is called Rapid Responder, which helps paramedics get to where they need to go quickly.

“We are finally looking at a full range of products based on this common next-generation electric vehicle platform. At Archimoto, we started production before the epidemic. We are increasing production – 47 units in 2019, doubling in 2020 and tripling in 2020 and 2021.”  Think.

โ€œWe are looking at developing our production all over again three times this year in advance, then we start taking massive steps in mass production at the end of this year and early next year.

Arcimoto recently hosted the RAMP IT UP event on February 22, where it unveiled its new production line, outlining its path to mass production of its FUV platform, and more on that in part two.

“This is a big milestone for us. We are officially cutting the ribbon in the first assembly line at our new manufacturing facility.

In this article, Mark shares some details about Arcimoto’s driverless delivery vehicle and new production facility that Arcimoto announced at its RAMP IT UP event on February 22nd.  The event showcased Archimoto’s new production line, where US Congressman Peter DeFazio and Eugene Oregon Mayor Lucy Vinis officially teamed up with Mark to cut the ribbon at RAMP.  Archimoto’s RAMP has a production capacity of 50,000 per year in 2025.

Mark told me that this is a big milestone for Archimoto and will officially cut the ribbon on the production line at the new production facility on February 22nd.

โ€œWe have moved our assembly line to a new factory space.  We’ve put a lot of work into remodelling that, and we’re going to put forward a roadmap showing both the revamp of the vehicle platform we’re currently building, and then we’ll be unveiling our first brand new product platform. In 14 years we have been calling it Platform 2.

Mark said Platform 2 is a true micro-mobility platform for automotive e-bike and e-scooter.

โ€œThe Archimoto exists in the distance between the bike and the car, where the Fun Utility Vehicle is a big step down from the car, and the next step is the e-bike.  We aim to have strong products that offer a wide range of trips from the 100-pound vehicle to the last mile or so of the last ten-mile model, ranging from a thousand-pound vehicles to living.

โ€œThe Archimoto changed into a release after I observed the large hole between the moto motorcycle and the car. Wait a little while because there are bikes, motorcycles and scooters and then cars.  And in that space, nothing.  We spent nearly a decade searching for that sweet spot.

Arcimoto Driverless Delivery Vehicle and Robot Wallet

โ€œIt goes back to building a truly flexible platform for the next generation of mobility.

via cleantechnica / Archimoto.

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