Reasons Why CHEVROLET SILVERADO EV Is Getting More Popular In The Past Few Months


 664 HP With the 400-mile range

WT and RST trims arrive in 2024 with estimated pricing from $39,900 to over $100,000 depending on dealers.

This Chevrolet Silverado isn’t the primary electrified pickup in the EV category.This is not the first from the General Motors family, but in terms of numbers, it may be the most significant of all.ย  Looking beyond the comfort, the Silverado EV truck is filled with all variety of clever features that fans will like.ย  And it doesn’t look poor.

In April 2021, GM President Mark Reuss publicised Chevrolet would fabricate an electric alternative of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck at the Factory ZERO complex in Detroit. The vehicle was disclosed in January 2022 at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The vehicle has been built from the ground up as a fully-electric pickup by using a battery electric platform shared with the GMC Hummer EV, instead of using the existing Silverado platform. Production will start in the Factory ZERO assembly plant (formerly Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly) in the second quarter of 2023.

ย Letโ€™s start with the statistics, because they are attractive.ย  Chevrolet estimates the range of 400 miles on a single charge, thanks to the largest Altium battery pack ever created.ย  Binary motors revolve all four wheels with 664 horsepower (495 kW) and 780 pound-feet (1,063 Newton-metres) of torque.ย  Engage Wide Open Watts (yesโ€ฆ wow) mode and the big pickup reaches 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.ย  DC fast charging at 350kW recovers the 100 mile range in 10 minutes.ย  Or if towing is your thing, the Silverado EV bed can handle 4536 kilograms of trailer or 590 kilograms.ย  Not bad, Chevrolet.

 Work Truck or RST?

 Here we need to slow down the roll a bit.  Chevrolet initially offered the Silverado EV in base work truck (WT) trim and the main RST model.  The numbers we just rattled off include RST, but there is actually some impressive overlap with WT.  For example, in an entry-level truck you can still get 400-mile range and fast charging capacity.  Power is low, though we doubt anyone would consider the 510 hp (380 kW) and 615 lb-ft (834 Nm) deficit.  The towing also drops to 3629 kilograms, but Chevrolet then introduces the WT Fleet version that can pull 9072 kilograms

 Meantime, the RST proposes features such as rear-wheel steering, an automatic adaptive air suspension, a super-cruise and a configurable pickup bed called the Multi-Flex Midgate.  Here we address the elephant in the room, as we know some of you are looking at the Chevrolet Avalanche shades in the Silverado EV design.

 Interestingly, Chevy’s announcement makes no mention of old snowfall, but the comparisons don’t stop with the styling.  There is additional functionality with the bed, which offers a full pass-through midgate.  With folding rear seats and the non-compulsory Multi-Flex tailgate, the Silverado EV RST has a usable cargo floor length of 10 feet 10 inches, more than double the standard 5-foot 11-inch bed length.

 Inside the cabin, you will find more familiar-yet-different design cues.  Digital displays command both trims, though the RST has an enormous 17.0-inch mid screen that expands to an 11-inch digital device display.  If the driver doesn’t have enough information, the RST also offers a head-up display with a field-of-view that spans 14 inches.  The WT isn’t quite considerable – Chevrolet isn’t ready to share such details in an entry-level truck – but it does have its own digital screens.

ย Both trucks profit from the new Ultifi Linux-based software platform, flourished internally by GM and capable of continual updates.ย  And both still have plenty of manually operated controls for common-use items such as weather and radio functions.ย  However, when you sign up for RST only you get a hands-free vehicle startup by having the device enabled on you.

Good Signs You’re In Love With CHEVROLET SILVERADO EV.

 There is no gasoline engine on the front side, the Silverado EV gives extra storage in the form of locking eTrunk.  The space can be configured to fit in with specific items, and in the RST, the modular console inside the cabin offers about seven gallons of storage.  Whether itโ€™s WT or RST, all Silverado EVs are a crew cab, with enhanced interior space for tall adults to sit comfortably – front or back.  To its credit, GM’s Ultium platform goes into full-fledged ground-up design, pushing the front seats further back.

ย Likewise, the Silverado EV is a remarkable going away from its ignition-powered family in terms of design and technology.ย  Both the RST and WT trims benefit from a more aerodynamic body against the standard Silverado, and each has a powerbase charging system with 10 outlets and 10.2kW of power.ย  The system can power tools, toys or the entire home if needed.ย  The Silverado EV can charge other EVs as a specific Blue Oval competitor.

 Availability and pricing

ย Don’t be impatient, because the Silverado EV production is still more than a year away.ย  Chevrolet’s current project is to have the Silverado EV WT in the spring of 2023, followed by RST in the fall.ย  There will be no RST, but a full-option first version of Chevrolet says it will cost $ 105,000, not counting the $ 1,695 landing place fee.ย  Meanwhile, the WT starts at $ 41,595 (including the destination), though Chevy does not specify whether it will include a 400-mile range battery.ย  Once production is rolling, additional Silverado EV trims will follow the cost range of $ 39,900 to over $ 80,000, with at least one being a pioneer.

 You can expect more and more details on the Silverado EV as the months go by, but Chevrolet is happy to notify the reservation.  You can now make this much-needed Silverado EV reservation.

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 Source: Chevrolet Silverado.


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