The startup in Bangalore gets a battery designed by a former Tesla engineer.

New Delhi, April 2022 – One of the world’s most powerful batteries designed by a former Tesla engineer to promote domestic production.

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The European renewable energy company Eren Group has taken over one of the world’s most energy-efficient batteries designed by a former Tesla engineer for its Bengaluru-based battery start-up, to promote domestic production.  – Founders said Sunday.  The development has opened up the possibility of using these batteries in EVs and solar projects in India, the co-founders said.

Battery is a critical component of an electric vehicle, and the run it delivers at full charge and the time it takes to charge dictates the success of the green vehicle.

This is crucial in solar power projects as energy from the sun is not available all day and all day, thus requiring storage.

Sidhartha Bagri, who founded Pravig with Dhaval Winkai Khullar, said the Eren Group – promoted by solar power pioneer Paris Mouratoglou – would acquire a 54MWh battery from Pravig.

โ€œWe have been working on the prototype of EVs for the past decade and have developed a more dense, fast charging battery during the discovery,โ€ he said, adding that it only takes half-an-hour to fully charge the battery.

Also, being more dense means that it gives more energy to each atom, proving to be cost-effective compared to alternatives such as sodium-ion or aluminium air.

“After eleven years of studies and development, we’ve now produced one of the maximum electricity green batteries globally for automobile applications, as much as one hundred eighty Wh consistent with kg,” stated co-founder Ram Dwivedi.

“Pravig batteries have a critically fast response time of up to 1 minute and are built according to European automotive safety standards.”  Pravig batteries are built for the toughest conditions in the world, i.e. Indian roads.

It is utilising their battery expertise for renewable integration to replace diesel generators and large-scale storage solutions for use in large-scale backups.

These modular batteries pack 3.2 MWh in a standard 20 foot container and provide 1.5 MW of power in two hours. The lifestyles of those batteries are two decades of each day’s use.

“These batteries are fully designed, designed and manufactured in India. Pravig’s Chief Battery Engineer is Anirudh Vijaykumar.  In a small group of 12 people making batteries for storage systems, โ€he said.

The Indian automobile space is now filled with two-, three- and four-wheeler EVs but due to battery issues, near-zero emission vehicles are not yet a big choice.

Also, those in corporate India – from billionaires Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani to state-owned enterprises – have announced renewable energy projects and battery solutions.  And Pravaig’s battery answer opens up new opportunities for them.

One of the largest European renewables companies, Eren Group, has been promoted by Paris Mouratoglou, a pioneer of solar energy, who started the solar energy industry in 1974 with the first commercial solar.

As an independent power generator, the group has more than 2.2 GW of solar power in India with their JV partners.

More importantly, they have various technologies for India, unified under the banner of Unity India Private Limited.

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In a letter to Union Electricity Minister RK Singh, Mouratoglou said the batteries manufactured by Pravig were “equal to or better than global technologies”.

“Equity will continue to work with Pravig and government agencies to bring India’s electricity infrastructure,” he said.  Pravig is the only company in India to manufacture large scale energy storage systems.  The annual production capacity is 2 GWh from their Bangalore facility.

They also provide defence and automotive battery solutions for those critical applications with an annual output capacity of 500 MWh.

Bagri added that Pravig is a deep tech company that started in 2011, is building world-class products from the ground up, and is targeting a global opportunity to produce 2 billion EVs over the next two decades.

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