“Revolutionising India’s Roads: Volkswagen Unveils Bold ‘Peak EV’ Project for Locally-Built Electric SUVs by 2026!

Volkswagen is set to redefine the electric vehicle landscape in India with its groundbreaking initiative, Project Peak EV. Departing from its initial collaboration plans with Mahindra & Mahindra, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India is gearing up for a transformative journey by crafting a dedicated EV platform from scratch.

The spotlight is on VW’s MEB21G architecture, undergoing localization specifically for the Indian market. This strategic move lays the foundation for a fleet of electric SUVs proudly carrying the Volkswagen and Skoda badges. The first electric SUV under this ambitious plan is poised to hit the market with an impressive target of 50,000 units annually, catering to both domestic and international demands. Skoda, following suit, is preparing to introduce its own compelling EV offering shortly after.

Adding to the intrigue, reports suggest that VW’s upcoming compact SUV, positioned below the Kushaq and Taigun, might be exclusively branded as a Skoda product. While Skoda explores the sub-4-metre SUV segment, Volkswagen strategically enters the EV domain in the Indian market. This nuanced approach aims to empower both brands to expand their reach, capturing a diverse audience without compromising on individual sales.

Nevertheless, challenges loom on the horizon, with VW Group CEO Thomas Schafer candidly acknowledging the cost and scale concerns in the Indian EV market. In navigating these obstacles, the company is diligently exploring various options, meticulously crafting a robust business case for sustained success. Key to their strategy is the emphasis on localization, with an estimated additional investment of at least 1 billion euros. Schafer underscores the importance of sound capital allocation, considering factors such as volume, localization plans, and brand involvement.

Despite the hurdles, India emerges as a golden opportunity for the Volkswagen Group. Skoda Auto Volkswagen India’s stellar performance in FY23, boasting a remarkable US$ 2.2 billion turnover and a staggering 48% profit surge, reaffirms the company’s unwavering commitment to the Indian market. With an export potential surpassing 500,000 units, India is positioned to become a pivotal EV hub for the Group.

Project Peak EV stands as a landmark moment in VW’s electrifying journey in India. Armed with a localised platform, immense export potential, and a meticulously planned brand strategy, the company is poised to emerge as a formidable player in India’s rapidly evolving EV landscape. This marks just the beginning of an electrifying new chapter for VW India, promising to redefine mobility in the region.”


  1. Q: When will Volkswagen’s Project Peak EV electric SUVs be available in India?
    A: Volkswagen’s Project Peak EV is set to roll out its locally-built electric SUVs starting in 2026. Stay tuned for the exact launch dates and exciting updates!
  2. Q: What is the significance of VW’s MEB21G architecture being localised for the Indian market?
    A: The localization of VW’s MEB21G architecture is a strategic move tailored for the Indian market. It the groundwork for a fleet of electric SUVs, enhancing performance and adaptability to meet the unique demands of Indian consumers.
  3. Q: How does Volkswagen plan to overcome challenges in the Indian EV market, as mentioned by CEO Thomas Schafer?
    A: VW acknowledges challenges such as cost and scale in the Indian EV market. CEO Thomas Schafer emphasises a diligent exploration of options, focusing on sound capital allocation, and a robust business case. The commitment to overcoming hurdles underscores Volkswagen’s dedication to long-term success.
  4. Q: What distinguishes Skoda’s role in Project Peak EV, and how does it differ from Volkswagen’s approach?
    A: Reports suggest that Skoda might introduce a compact SUV exclusively, differentiating itself from Volkswagen’s EV strategy. This nuanced approach allows both brands to expand their market presence without overlapping, providing a tailored experience for a diverse audience.
  5. Q: Why does India present a golden opportunity for Volkswagen Group’s EV ambitions?
    A: Despite challenges, India offers a significant opportunity for the Volkswagen Group. Skoda Auto Volkswagen India’s remarkable performance in FY23, coupled with an export potential exceeding 500,000 units, positions India as a key player in the Group’s global EV expansion plans.

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