Noodoe EV simplifies charging.

Noodoe EV, a global leader in electric vehicle charging technology, has begun to leave its EV charging footprint to Australia, with Gold Coast installing its first charger at Golden Sands, a beach apartment in Australia.  The announcement was made by Nudo EV COO Jennifer Chang and Commercial EV Chargers (CEVC) Director Sam Moran.  The attraction for Nodo is that Noodo makes it simple.

Noodo makes it simple!

Sam is using the first noodle charger in Australia. 

For their part, Moran is more impressed with Noodo’s EV charging solutions. โ€œHaving spent ten years withinside the IT sector, I was capable of apprehending and recognizing properly a person revelling in from an end-person and administrative perspective.

Noodoe and their team have a clear focus on providing the optimal user experience with Noodoe EV OS.  Among many EV charging solutions, Noodoe Electric seems to be uniquely positioned to help reduce the complexity of vehicle charging, enabling businesses to leave EV charging management to Noodoe, freeing them to do what they do best.  I look forward to embarking on this journey with the whole team at Noodo, โ€Moran said.

Very suitable for Moran Noodo.  He runs Tesla Model 3 Performance (red of course) and has extensive background in IT, working with IBM, Data # 3 and Education Queensland.  He has experience with software, hardware, customer support and managed services.  “I actually have an elegant love for technology withinside the broadest sense, smart format that suits purpose – now not really cool gimmicks.”  In immoderate faculty, he modified into the only who pulled out faculty computer systems and stuck them.

He worked on paintings with John Wang, CEO of Noodoe. Wong has a great vision for the future and Sam sees him as Steve Jobs of the charging industry.  Noodoe provides good hardware, but is undercover SaaS software.  The software is hardware agnostic.  It is easy to use for both the end user and the building manager.  A person can operate a network of 1000 chargers.

Noodo makes it simple!

Hilton Palm Springs – Noodoe EV : charging station in Palm Springschargemap.com

Sam is now busy getting his ducks in line, looking for sites to set up and hosting partners and noodle chargers.  On a recent visit to the Gold Coast, Sam took us to meet Barb and Ernie – they operate Golden Sands on the beach.  As noted above, it was the home of the first noodle charger installed in Australia.  We had a great conversation about negotiating with body corporations and tenants to site the charger in the most convenient location.

Ernie responded to the tenant’s request for an EV charger and did his research.  He worked closely with Regenev and Sam to present a cost-effective solution to the body corporate.  The proposal was approved.

Noodo makes it simple!

Noodoe Smart EV Charging Installed in Apartment Complex – ReGen EV โ€ฆ

  The convenience, cost and simplicity of use factors mean that a lot of thought is needed on where the charger is placed inside or without the building.  With many apartment blocks already in use on the Gold Coast, we are impressed by the number of blocks still under construction.  There are countless opportunities for companies like Noodoe and visionary energetic young people like Sam to bring out the ecosystem to support EV rEVolution.

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