Tesla Model 3 vs. Robbie Balangir, who drives much.?

Ultramarathoner Robbie Balenger ran a hundred ft greater than a totally charged Tesla Model three pushed at a mean velocity of sixty five mph.

Ultramarathon runner Robbie Balenger runs longer distance than Tesla Model three

In the brand new episode of the age-antique guy as opposed to gadget battle, a marathon runner has outlasted a totally charged Tesla Model three RWD.

Robbie Balenger

Robbie Balenger, who describes himself as a plant-primarily based totally extreme runner, beat the space included through the absolutely charged electric powered automobile by a hundred ft (30.five metres).

Modelled after guy vs. horse marathons

Modelled after guy vs. horse marathons of the beyond wherein human racers try to run longer distances than horses throughout the identical terrain, the first-of-its-type patience race among guy and electric powered vehicle started out on the identical time and the identical start line about 250 miles outdoor of Austin, Texas.

The Tesla changed into pushed at an average velocity of sixty five mph till it’s absolutely charged battery dried out, protecting 242 miles withinside the process. Balenger observed the precise identical path because the Tesla changed into a capable cowl a hundred ft greater in seventy six hours fifty four minutes and forty six seconds.

Why race the Tesla Model three and now no longer some other automobile? The ultramarathoner says the EV maker is “the most disruptive and interesting issue to appear to transportation because the first horse changed into broken,” making it the exceptional opponent for a current tackle in the person vs. horse race.

Initially, Balenger expected he may want to beat the Tesla’s distance in seventy two hours, with 24 hours being a first rate time for completing a a hundred-mile race withinside the extreme community.

“However, 3 instantly days of unrelenting 90+ diploma climate killed that plan. In the end, I changed into a capable of out-distance the Tesla in only shy of seventy seven hours. It changed into honestly brutal, however we were given it done.”

(Gallery: Ultramarathon runner beats Tesla Model three in first-of-a-type patience race)

Mind you, that does not imply Balenger ran for seventy seven hours without taking breaks. He ran for 3 instantly days however made brief stops for sleeping, eating, brushing teeth, converting clothes, and so on. In total, he spent 8.five hours of the nearly seventy seven hours now no longer runningโ€”take a look at the films for greater details.

Does this human victory over the famous electric powered automobile show anything? Not much, aside from the reality that Balenger is a tremendous ultramarathon runner. For example, primarily based totally on facts withinside the press release, we calculated that the Tesla Model three included 242 miles in approximately three hours and forty two mins, so if time mattered the maximum, the EV might win this by a huge margin. Also, the Tesla might want no breaks to cowl that distance.

Furthermore, if the Tesla had run at a far decreased common velocity than sixty five mph, it might have included a far longer distance that Balenger possibly might have located tough to beat.

But it really is simply splitting hairs; withinside the end, what topics is that he did his intention and may now brag approximately having an extended variety than a Tesla Model three RWD, type of. He’s additionally hoping that his feat becomes a suggestion to different people.

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“Overcoming Tesla is the longest unmarried effort I have ever undertaken, My wish is this feat conjures up others to depart their consolation zones and embody innovation, be it through their perceptions in their personal bodily limits, or making way of life adjustments which could have a tremendous impact on the planet.”

The uncommon race changed into backed through NYC-primarily based totally men’s activewear label Ten Thousand, as a part of the company’s ongoing Feats of Strength collection wherein a one-of-a-kind athlete tries a brand new document breaking feat each month.

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