Analysis: Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro.

Although the reactor has best 130mm of tour, Nukeproof’s popularity for generating burly bikes shines thru

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Full Shot Mountain Bike Pack Shot

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Riders seeking to goal their the front wheel below steep, hard tracks locate that the reactor invoice suits


The Reactor 290 Alloy Pro takes the low-tour path bike, however in preference to being light-weight and sweltering, the Nukeproof guarantees that you return up with sufficient Burley package so that you descend the hill as rapidly as a 130mm bike.  Has the cap potential to do.

This approach masses of grunt withinside the tire segment, and out-of-region suspension merchandise on a complete-bore enduro bike – probable with extra tour.

A contender for our 2022 Trail Bike of the Year award, it’s miles the exceptional bike withinside the line of Nukeproof.  Scout takes manipulation while you do not need a returned squash, and while Mega and Giga matters are actually hard – or actually, actually hard.

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Frame and Suspension

As the call suggests, aluminium is used to construct this model of the bike, even though the carbon variations are paid for a piece extra and all of them proportion a carbon seat.

The 130mm suspension is treated via means of a four-bar linkage, with the pivot sitting on the end of the chainstay.  It gives the Nukeproof extra manipulation on the rear-axle route and the way it interacts with pedal inputs compared to a single-pivot motorcycle.

Nukeproof says it has multiplied anti-squat stats for decreasing gears so the suspension might not take in extra pedalling energy, however it drops on better gears, which can be generally used while descending.  Here, the suspension needs to be extra open to move.

It is stated to be appropriate and revolutionary, enhancing smoothness and manipulation on the beginning of a stroke earlier than ramping up for large hits.

The body has inner cable routing at the front, whilst the cables at the returned run outward.  The horizontally connected surprise permits area for the bottles underneath it, with the equal set of basses withinside the down tube.

There is a rubber safety patch underneath the down tube, however the ISCG05 mounts round the lowest bracket permitting the chain manual or bash shield to be installed.

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Geometry

The geometry of the bike is contemporary, with all of the traps of the clichเฒกเณd lengthy-low-slack layout principal.

The length is best given to the medium to huge, however the 420mm seat tube withinside the centre is (or as a minimum is) the smallest rider can suit the bike.

My length-huge check bike is 480mm long, even though the 458mm is pretty common in seat tube length.  Although you can battle to suit one of the new technology 200mm droppers, this need to now no longer compromise the suit.

The head attitude for the path bike is slack at 65.three levels (measured), even though the climb seat attitude of seventy five levels may be very loose (I measured myself at seventy five.2 levels with a 71cm saddle height).

These figures are for a decrease placing, due to the fact Nukeproof has introduced a geometrical turn chip to the bike, which makes angles as much as 0.five levels in ‘trial’ mode, versus ‘rail’ mode.  For the sake of context, I’ve frequently examined the moto motorcycle withinside the following rail mode.

  M  –  L  –  XL

Seating attitude (levels) seventy five seventy five seventy five

Angle of head (levels) 65.five 65.five 65.five

Chainstay (mm) 440 440 440

Seat Tube (mm) 420 458 508

Top Tube (mm) 610 640 675

Lower Bracket Height (mm) 330 330 330

Wheelbase (mm) 1,205 1,235 1,271

Standover (mm) 728 735 741

Stack (mm) 615 620 625

Reach (mm) 451 480 514

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Specifications

Most of the development of the reactor is furnished by way of means of SRAM and Nukeproof.

The 150mm RockShox Lyrik Select + has a Charger 2 damper at the front proper hand aspect of the bike.

It is paired with Super Deluxe Select + Shock which controls the rear wheel.  The addition of a piggyback cartridge will increase oil quantity in surprise, because of this that progresses balance over a lengthy, coarse, warm source.

The SRAM bundle maintains with the GX Eagle Drivetrain and Guide RE brakes.  These are the oldest withinside the grand scheme of matters, the use of the manual lever (the predecessor of the present day G2 brake) and the preceding-technology code calliper.

However, they’re exceedingly appropriate pocket-pleasant brakes with masses of energy and first rate modulation, so I don’t have any issues seeing them here.

Nukeproof’s Neutron V2 wheels characteristic a handy guide a rough pickup hub and huge rims, offering a couple of Maxxis tires – the Assegai withinside the the front and the Dexter withinside the rear.

Both triple-composite tires, the Maxterra rubber and the EXO + casing – are lighter than the doubledown casing however tougher than the usual EXO carcasses we see on maximum path motorcycles.

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Ride Impressions

This motormotorcycle has been examined as a part of our 2022 Trail Bike of the Year check.  It competed towards seven different motorcycles, travelled one hundred twenty to 140mm withinside the rear and became priced from ยฃ three,299 to ยฃ three,999.99.

Bikes had been examined throughout the UK, from the lengthy, steep tracks in South Wales to our ordinary check loops withinside the Forest of Dean, the quickest rocky tracks withinside the Tweed Valley, and the fresh-reduce loam and rocky outcrops at Cairngorm National Park.

The motorcycles had been examined returned and forth, with small repetitive loops making it smooth to word the differences.  An vast software of workshop weight, size and trendy piercing guarantees that each little element is explored.

Nukeproof Reactor 29 Alloy Pro Climbing Performance

The reactor has a ridiculously clean rear quit, with a variety of early-stroke sensation that actually will increase grip in nearly each situation.

All this tenderness comes at a cost.  Although Nukeproof claims the kinetics had been progressed to assist with pedalling balance in decrease gears, its more typical weight and complimentary suspension make contributions to a sense of tough paintings at the hills.

Pedal inputs motive brief however regular contractions of surprise, whether or not you mash over the pedals or spin in best zones.

On clean surfaces, I frequently attain for the surprise lockout lever – that is quality on tarmac and hearthplace roads, however the lumpy but plausible singletrack climbs, the rear squish actually enables the bike climb.  Therefore, a compromise need to be made among traction and luxury and pedalling efficiency.

Obviously, this isn’t a bike I run on pedals very frequently.

Similarly, lengthy days withinside the saddle experience a piece longer, tiring extra legs than rapid rolling, extra green platforms.

In addition, until you push and pull the bike aggressively thru rolling terrain to provide velocity whilst pumping, it’s miles slow.

The guide withinside the suspension is there to create momentum at the returned of the stretch, however you need to push deeper into the adventure to locate it – assuming you place approximately a 28 to 30 percentage drop to make the maximum of it.  Complimentary suspension on descents.

If you be given which you are sitting and turning in place of looking to set any PRs, the reactor gets a steep technical rise.

On the detector tarmac balances a fairly competitive tread that does not sound like a tractor, and whilst the seventy five-diploma seat attitude isn’t always steep, in a sluggish hearthplace-street gradient, it is now no longer unpleasant.  However, steep seat attitude is liked on steep singletrack mounts.

Nukeproof Reactor 29 Alloy Pro Descending Performance

The reactor hides modest tour numbers with a luxurious returned quit and a clich warning, an nearly bottomless experience to its rear suspension – till you actually slam it right into a tough landing.

This reasons the bike to land on absolutely risky terrain, supporting to comprehend the detector with each to be had ounce of grip, and easily join your toes in your pedals.

This approach complete self assurance withinside the maximum rugged tracks, whether or not it’s the spider’s internet of chunky rock gardens or fist-deep roots tossed via way of means of a huge trunk.

The rear wheel soaks the whole thing up while not having to keep rapid, produce excessive velocity, or pull at the stoppers.

Small-bump sensitivity is likewise excellent, which enables the bike live calm whilst traversing the rocks at the path and will increase the grip while you want to wash a piece faster.

Under braking, the suspension remains energetic with out pitching an excessive amount of ahead or clamping the rear rotor into the calliper.

Hit some thing larger or much less skillful and the reactor will use all of its 130mm tour.  I can hardly ever get a motorbike to actually bang the surprise bump stops, however the nature of the motormotorcycle encourages you to actually hammer it in regions in which the 130mm-tour bike should not be.

It all enables with the 150mm-tour Lyric Select +.  Its bulk-up chassis and clean-feeling indoors supply it an true experience, encouraging you to goal the 2.5in-huge Maxxis Assegai on the farthest factor you could see, and drop the brakes.

The Canyon Spectral one hundred twenty five CF7, which incorporates the Pike Fork and the equal damper because the Kona Process 134 DL on paper, is a great deal higher at the Lyric route on this newproof.

When all of the forks confirmed appropriate guide and manipulate after stroke, Lyric felt an excellent brief-bulge sensation and therefore decreased hand pain.

It is as much as the brakes to preserve you below manipulate, with the the front and rear suspension paved the manner.

The Guide RE can be lengthy withinside the tooth, however the mixture of the manual lever and the preceding technology code calliper appears to be handing over buckets of power irrespective of the situation, which is nearly same to Shimano.  Feeling rather virtual on / off.  I like this brief energy delivery.

They can be the ‘cheapest’ option, however if that is the manner to shop Nukeproof’s money, I’m now no longer.

The reactor honestly suits on 65-diploma head attitude (withinside the placing underneath) is quite loose, however now no longer ridiculously.  It is the general supplement of the suspension that unleashes diffused moves that create rhythm and float in gentle terrain.

As such, this isn’t the bike I endorse for riders who need to journey on their every day trails.

Outside of the brakes and fork, the brand new evidence reactor is splendid for placing EXO + tires at the the front and rear.

Yes, they upload to the drag, however they’re higher moisturised than EXO tires discovered some other place and extra assured while damn thru rocks and roots, due to the fact their thicker carcass is much less punctured.

The Nukeproof Finishing Kit is likewise splendid.  Neutron wheels have huge rims and masses of brief pickup from the rear hub.

I appreciated the Sam Hill Signature grips (aleven though they’re a non-public thing), and the Horizon Saddle.

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Kona Process 134 How does the DL and Vitus Escorp 29 examine to the CRX?

During the Trial Bike of the Year, the herbal competition are the Kona Process 134 and the Vitus Escorp, as all 3 bikes provide mini-enduro bikes, in addition to the Supple suspension and Burley components.

The Vitus climbs higher than each different bikes with low pedal bob and rapid rolling velocity.  It has a variety of contact in its adventure and permits you to break out from extra effective pedalling earlier than you attain the lockout.  Of those 3 bikes, I select maximum of the day withinside the hills.

However, Nukeproof is a plus on descending, then Kona after which Vitus.

Both Kona and Nukeproof appear to be higher capable of hit tougher hits via way of means of the quit in their stroke with a extra revolutionary experience.

Nukeproof’s Piggyback Super Deluxe Shock is constantly higher than Single-Can Deluxe withinside the Vitus Small-Volume Fox DPX Shock or Kona, and is extra strong withinside the lengthy, warm slopes.

Nukeproof Reactor 290 Alloy Pro Bottom Line

On a weekly foundation all through the Trail Bike of the Year process, I am in agreement (alas!) To journey all of the bikes at the check, discover their professionals and cons, in which they paintings nicely and in which they do not.

This became a testomony to the reactor’s capabilities, after which I picked it up from the storage at the weekends with the pals to the hills.

It does not include me anywhere or on each journey, however maximum of my loose time is spent on winch-and-plumet kind rides, in which the uphill velocity is mingling and the sloping tempo is as appropriate as I can muster, and the reactor became frequently caught withinside the van.

So why does not the Reactor win the Trial Bike of the Year?

Well, I’m seeking out a bike that actually does the whole thing and the reactor isn’t always pretty.

In the uphill and flat, it’s miles a piece of drag, making it extra steep and gnarlier.

Pros: Smooth suspension offers manner to excessive velocity fun;  Decent package;  Sturdy the front quit

Cons: Bit of traction on hills;  It takes attempt to provide velocity on flat terrain

Product Specifications

Product Price GBP ยฃ 3700.00

Weight 15kg (L) – without pedal

Brand Nukeproof  Features

Available sizes are M, L, XL

Handlebar Nukeproof Horizon V2 800mm

Tires Maxxis Assegai 29 โ€x2.five WT 3C MaxxTerra / EXO + / TR, Rear: Maxxis Dissector 29โ€ x2.four WT 3C MaxxTerra / EXO + / TR

Trunk Nukeproof Neutron AM, 45mm

Seatpost Brand-X Ascend 170mm

Saddle Nukeproof Horizon

Rear Shocks RockShox Super Deluxe Select +

Headset Nukeproof

Grips / Tape Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature

Lower bracket SRAM DUB

Frame aluminium, 125mm tour

Fork RockShox Lyrik Select +, 150mm tour

Cranks SRAM GX Eagle, 30t

Chain SRAM GX Eagle

Cassette SRAM GX Eagle

Brakes SRAM manual RE, 200 / 180mm rotors

Wheels Nukeproof Neutron V2 More Details

sources Nukeproof

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