The new belt-drive Honbike U4 electric bike looks so good, you’ll think it’s purely a pedal bike.

Electric bikes are brilliant for a number of things.  They get you where you want to head quicker than a conventional bike, reduce thru visitors quicker than a car, and feature extra laughs than each.  But the disadvantage is they regularly appear bulky.  Some easy chanks too.  But now no longer the Honbike U4, due to the fact it is a brand new e-bike that appears so glossy and fashionable that you would in no way wager it has an electric powered motor or battery on board.

Honbike U4 e-bike can be released soon

Eurobike 2022 (Europe’s largest bicycle exchange display to be protected at the site), the Honbike U4 is ready to make its global debut on July 13.

  The layout speaks for itself with remarkably minimum use of spherical tubes withinside the changed X-body.

As the organisation explains:

  Honbike U4 has a easy and modern-day angular-loose unisex layout, appropriate for city use and ideal for each user.  Honbike’s new U4 is an e-bike that looks as if it were a conventional bicycle, however it brings customers all of the blessings of capabilities inherent in easy, easy-to-use e-bikes.


  That glossy body is an ultra-light, but stiff, way of using 7000 collection aircraft-grade aluminium in preference to the extra not unusual place 6000 collection aluminium we see on maximum bicycles.

  This isn’t always Honbike’s first stab at a brand new e-bike.  We examined the organisation’s preceding version and got notably impressed.  You can take a look at our video evaluation of Honbike’s first e-bike version below.

Credit Honbike

  The layout is crafted with none sharp curves or steep angles, ensuing in a spherical and glossy-searching body with single-sided assist wheels.  Unlike the single side-supported wheels we noticed on Honbike’s closing version, this time round On Bike has used an extra trendy mount even innovating with one-piece magnesium rims.

  We do not often see single side-supported wheels on e-bikes and scooters because of the engineering challenge, however while businesses pull it off it offers a totally precise appearance.  Despite assisting extra traditional wheels on each side, the magnesium rim right here seems pretty magnificent and allows put off the trouble of spoke control or wheel truing.

  The bike is powered by means of an integrated 432 Wh battery.  It is body integrated, which has its benefits and disadvantages.  On the upside, it is so slickly hidden you would slightly even understand it become there.  The bike isn’t always effortlessly detachable for charging, so that you want to carry the bike near sufficient to the hole to charge.  If the battery ever wishes service, it could be accessed thru tools, however it is now no longer designed for normal removal.

  Honbike claims the U4 can get a sincere sixty two miles or one hundred km of variety from that battery.  At round 7 Wh/mile, it calls for a number of pedalling on your side, however is manageable on the bottom help setting.  For folks that need extra energy and might sacrifice a chunk of variety, the Honbike U4 has  different energy settings which are possible to offer you a touch extra push.  The bike is wise sufficient to auto-choose the ideal energy degree primarily based totally at the rider’s very own pedalling input.  No phrase but on whether or not or now no longer this indicates a real torque sensor-primarily based totally pedal help system, however we will need to take a more in-depth look at the Frankfurt display subsequent week.


  While the precise mechanism that engages the pedal help continues to be a chunk hazy, the force educating itself is an awful lot clearer.  We understand that the bike packs a Gates carbon force belt system, which lets in it to provide a clean and silent pedalling platform loose from the oil and upkeep worries of bicycle chains.

Quinton Pullinger, Managing Director of Honbike, defined it best:

  Our e-bikes are designed for no-chain, no-fuss campaigning, and our Honbike U4 is no exception.  It’s a version of authentic craftsmanship, way to generation and layout that gives low cost price to buyers, so it is a clever desire for all and sundry who is ever taken into consideration an e-bike however hasn’t made the flow but.  Ideal for the ones on a price range as compared to competitors, the Honbike U4 does not compromise on any of the capabilities that e-bike enthusiasts call for and count on.

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  Belt force is its most effective speed, which may be brilliant or much less relying on your very own biking views.  As a person who by and large rides on flat terrain, I’m a massive fan of unmarried speed.  Even for gentler hills, the electrical help does the paintings of the decreased gear, including extra oomph to the rider while mountaineering slopes.

  The rear wheel motor does now no longer include an energy rating, however is probable to hold a 250W label for criminal motives because the bike will debut in Europe.  Thanks to Europe’s extra restrictive e-bike laws, high-powered automobiles are unusual on the continent.


  The first Honbike U4 fashions can be had withinside the UK subsequent week, priced at ยฃ1,599 along with tax (approximately โ‚ฌ1,880 or US $1,920).  EU income ought to be observed shortly.

  Initial shipments will start in August, however do not count on the bike to be to be had withinside the US till this fall.

  I’ll optimistically be giving the bike a look at a spin at Eurobike in which we will assist you to understand our mind at the trip quality.

  Until then, let’s listen to your mind at the layout.  Can you spot yourself on an e-bike like this?


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