Bolt Mobility has disappeared, leaving e-bikes as previously unanswered calls in several US cities.

Bolt Mobility, the Miami-based fully micro-mobility startup co-founded by Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, has disappeared without a trace from several of its US markets.

Bolt Mobility

In a few cases, the departure has been abrupt, leaving towns with a deserted system, unanswered calls and emails and plenty of questions.

Bolt has stopped working in as a minimum 5 U.S. towns, along with Portland, Oregon, Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski in Vermont and Richmond, California, in step with metropolis officials. City representatives additionally stated they have been not able to attain absolutely everyone at Bolt, along with its CEO Ignacio Tzoumas.

TechCrunch has made a couple of tries to attain Bolt and people who’ve sponsored the organisation. Emails to Boltโ€™s communications department, numerous personnel and traders went unanswered. Even the customer support line doesnโ€™t seem to be staffed. The PR organisation that changed into representing Bolt in March of this year informed TechCrunch it’s far now no longer operating with the organisation. 

Bolt halted its carrier in Portland on July 1. The organisationโ€™s failure to offer the metropolis with up to date coverage and pay a few superb fees, Portland ultimately suspended Boltโ€™s allow to perform there, in step with a metropolis  spokesperson.

Bolt zooms than stalls

Bolt Mobility (now no longer to be stressed with the European transportation splendid app additionally named Bolt) changed into what seemed to be a boom streak approximately 18 months in the past. The organisation obtained in January 2021 the belongings of Last Mile Holdings, which owned micro mobility organisations Gotcha and OjO Electric. The consumer spread out forty eight new markets to Bolt Mobility, maximum of which have been smaller towns together with Raleigh, North Carolina, St. Augustine, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. 

After shopping Last Mileโ€™s belongings, Bolt agreed to hold because the bike proportion is in Chittenden County, Vermont, along with towns Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski.

That licence changed into even renewed in 2022, stated Bryan Davis, senior transportation planner of the county. 

โ€œWe found out multiple weeks in the past (from them) that Bolt is ceasing operations,โ€ Davis informed TechCrunch thru email, noting that Bolt ceased operations July 1, however sincerely knowledgeable the county per week later. Theyโ€™ve vanished, leaving the machine withinside the again of emails and calls unanswered. Weโ€™re not able to attain absolutely everyone, however it appears theyโ€™ve closed save in different markets as well.โ€

Sandy Thibault, government director of Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association, informed the Burlington Free Press that Bolt communicated that personnel have been permitted to pass and the organisationโ€™s board of administrators changed into discussing subsequent steps.

A spokesperson at Burlington relayed comparable records.

โ€œAll of our contacts at Bolt, along with their CEO, have long past radio silence and feature now no longer responded to our emails,โ€ Robert Goulding, public records supervisor at Burlingtonโ€™s Department of Public Works, informed TechCrunch.

Davis went on to mention that approximately a hundred bikes were left at the floor absolutely inoperable and with lifeless batteries. Chittenden County has given Bolt a time body wherein to say or do away with the organisationโ€™s cars in any other case the county will take possession of them.  

Bolt additionally seems to have stopped working in Richmond, California, in step with Richmond Mayor Tom Buttโ€™s e-forum. 

โ€œRegrettably, Bolt seemingly went out of the industrial company without foregoing notification or removal of their capital machine from city property,โ€ wrote Butt. โ€œThey in recent times disregarded the cityโ€™s monthly meeting check-in and had been unresponsive to all their clients in the journey of all their markets.โ€

Butt went on to mention that the metropolis is arising with a plan to do away with all of the deserted system โ€“ approximately 250 e-bikes that have been to be had at hub places like BART stations and the ferry terminal โ€“ and requested people to chorus from vandalising the bikes till the metropolis should provide you with a solution.

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TechCrunch has reached out to numerous different towns wherein Bolt operates and has now no longer been capable of verifying that the organisation has stopped working entirely. In fact, a spokesperson from St. Augustine informed TechCrunch Boltโ€™s bike proportion changed into going for walks as usual.

Boltโ€™s social media has additionally been alternatively inactive in recent weeks. The organisation hasnโ€™t published on Instagram considering June eleven or on Twitter considering June 2. 

The deadline TechCrunch asked from Bolt previously changed to 9 months, but the firm called its in-app navigation engine “MobilityOS.”  At the time, the startup promised that its next generation of scooters would include a phone mount that could double as a phone charger, but it’s uncertain if the scooters will ever hit the streets.

Bolt has raised $40.2 million publicly, which does not include an undisclosed amount from Ram Charan’s company in India in May.  Investors there could not be reached for comment.

sources and Image credits: Bolt Mobility

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