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There isn’t any scarcity of loopy tales popping out of the route of Hurricane Ian. (I’ve were given my personal from my location of Southwest Florida, however none of them are saucy sufficient or cleantech sufficient for an article.) One that could be a exact healthy for CleanTechnica comes from a Twitter friend, Jeremy Judkins. Jeremy’s residence is a touch south of me in one of the regions hit toughest through the hurricane, North Port.

Jeremy lives (well, lived) in the remaining feasible evacuation category, Zone E, because of being 35′ above sea level. Unfortunately, he didn’t purchase flood coverage because of how excessive he turned into. (This ended up being a “500-year” flooding event.) Warning: if you’re touchy to language, don’t study the subsequent tweet:

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With a huge sunroof and Tesla Powerwalls, even if others in the location have been without electricity, he had masses — extra than he ought to even keep in the Tesla batteries. Therefore, neighbours have been using his residence as a chunk of a hub for air con and speak to charging. He didn’t plan to evacuate till something came about with one of these neighbours. “I was given a tip that flooding turned into getting worse. This water turned shallow. I noticed my neighbour got picked up through the countrywide guard. They recognise a person in emergency management.”

Seeing that, he determined it turned into time to get out of there. Hearing that it turned into a 1½ hour wait to get onto the Interstate close to his residence, he decided to take a one-of-a-kind route. Well, the excellent issue at this factor is to simply watch the subsequent video:


Here’s an extended video:

So, yeah, Teslas can pressure via floodwaters pretty alright. The heavy weight of the skateboard battery platform genuinely helps. The notable Tesla traction manager does too. The nearly unequalled energy of the Tesla Model X Plaid has to be reachable as well. This isn’t to mention a Tesla Model X can pressure via any water, however it incredibly backs up Elon Musk’s declaration some months in the past that a Tesla can absolutely act as a ship for a brief time. (Whether you may steer a Tesla if it is going into true “boat mode” and loses contact with the floor is some other matter, however I’m now no longer going to move to check it out in my Model 3.)

Jeremy is now properly north of me and looking to discern out what to do as a long way as lengthy-time period living. It seems that his residence has now no longer sustained extensive damage, luckily, however the grid down there’s demolished and there’s a great deal rebuilding to do earlier than North Port is livable again.

By the way, Jeremy isn’t the most effective person who drove a Model X via excessive water to get away from the early aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Here’s some other Model X owner, this one using beyond kayakers (as opposed to an airboat) on his manner out:

Good success to all of them. This hurricane is one of the worst to strike the USA, and it grew in power a outstanding deal in the remaining hours earlier than thrashing Florida with sturdy sustained winds (a hundred and fifty five mph, simply mph brief of a Category five hurricane, and lots of think that it absolutely did get to the ones levels). The devastation is incalculable, however genuinely in the billions. Of course, fueled through hotter than ordinary waters in the Gulf of Mexico, one ought to carry up international heating and weather change. Hurricanes will most effectively get larger as the sector warms. While Republican politicians appear reason on fear-mongering approximately immigration election after election (whilst ignoring that the USA as we realise it turned into constructed on large immigration over the last couple hundred years), it’s really well worth maintaining in thoughts that most effective the Democratic Party is reason on slowing and sooner or later preventing international warming. The Republican Party has lengthy been withinside the palms of fossil gas industries and votes 100% in alignment with what the CEOs of oil and coal agencies prefer. Global heating and superstorms are a great deal more risky and destructive than whatever the Republican Party worries about, and Ian is simply one extra reminder of that — masses extra reminders will come.

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