French EV producer Stellantis has created an elegant e-powered vehicle, The Citroen C3 EV

French EV producer Stellantis has created a stylish e-vehicle, The Citroen C3 EV

Citroen, A France EV producer, has been in commercial enterprise when you consider 1919 and has created masterpieces in automobiles, technology, and different fields. Citroen entered the Indian market in 2021 with a goal to offer cheap and terrific electric powered vehicles to Indian middle-elegance families. And to reap its goal, the organisation has delivered cheap electric powered vehicles at a completely low fee.

Variant alternative to be had for Citroen C3 EV

The Citroen c3 EV has motor alternatives 1.2L PURETECH a hundred and ten and 1.2L PURETECH eighty two and is to be had with 10 outdoors coloration mixtures and a three % with fifty six customization alternatives.

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Citroen C3 EV Range and motor

The EV will include a couple of battery version alternatives at the side of a single everlasting magnet synchronous motor on the way to deliver unique stages of using a variety from 250 to 350 km on a single fee and the value of such an alternative will even vary.

Citroen C3 EV Price and performance

The organisation has claimed that their electric powered vehicle might be the maximum budget-pleasant vehicle in India even in case you choose better editions as their vehicle will come in the fee variety of eight lakh to ten lakh. It has a seating potential of five humans with a black leather-based indoors and a boot potential of 315 litres.

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Citroen C3 EV Battery and functions

It will include unique battery alternatives of 40kWh and 50kWh and with a view to lessen the value of the vehicle, many lesser used functions had been eliminated in order that this EV is cheap and nonetheless it’s miles viable that this EV could have cruise control.

Citroen C3 Specification

Range 250-350 km in a single price

Seating space five person

Fast chargingYes

Boot space315 litres

Kerb weight1030 kgs


Powerone hundred thirty five hp with 236 nm pressure technology potential

fee expectationfive.seventy one lakhs to 9.30 lakhs approx

Tire 185/60 R15

Strength windows

MotorA single Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Warranty 2 years or 40,000 km

24/7 Roadside AssistanceYes

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