Hyperion XP-1 Supercar Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Public for the First Time

In August 2020, Hyperion supplied plans for the XP-1, a hypercar driving on hydrogen. It could now no longer burn the gas in a combustion engine. Instead, it’d use it in fuel cells to transform it into strength. More than years later, the corporation determined to offer no longer the simplest walking prototype of the XP-1 however additionally the hydrogen refuelling station so that it will be vital to make it feasible.

Hyperion XP-1 and XF-7 hydrogen station made their public most excellent on the LA Auto

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We can not say that Hyperion did now no longer keep in mind how hard it is to be able to discover hydrogen out there. The XP-1 has various 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) with complete tanks. What the corporation failed to reveal is how many tons of hydrogen it is able to deliver and where it forms. Is it liquid or below excessive pressure, as maximum carmakers selling fuel cells use it? Weโ€™ll attempt to analyse the corporation as quickly as possible.

More than the vehicle, it’s far from the hydrogen refuelling station that Hyperion desired to introduce. The corporation simplest shared that it’d display it on the Los Angeles Auto Show however did now no longer submit pics or records approximately after the choice. Considering the occasion will simplest give up on November 27, it might be now no longer in a hurry to do so.

Luckily, the corporation invited Supercar Blondie to power the XP-1 and to test the hydrogen station earlier than the general public introduction. Hyperion additionally stated on its LA Auto Show web page that the hydrogen station is referred to as XF-7 Hyper:Fuel cell, something Supercar Blondie additionally stressed. The hypercarโ€™s legitimate name is XP-1 Hyper:Car.

Hyperion XP-1 and XF-7 hydrogen station made their public choicest on the LA Auto Show

It isn’t clear if customers of the FCEV get a cell hydrogen station covered in the rate or if Hyperion will preserve them as unbiased businesses. The corporation already stated that it evolved the hypercar to power interest to its centre enterprise as a power corporation: its fuel cells evolved with NASA technology.

Hyperion stated on its LA Auto Show web page that the XF-7 Hyper:Fuel cell hydrogen station โ€œutilises numerous NASA technology to recharge 50 electric powered motors in step with operation.โ€ We confess we don’t have any concept of what that means. It can suggest that it is able to refuel 50 FCEVs in step with day, likely taking into account the XP-1 hydrogen tanks as a reference. It also can be extra literal and use the saved hydrogen to offer strength for fifty battery electric powered motors (BEVs). After all, the corporation stated the hydrogen station โ€œalso can alleviate strained software grids with the aid of imparting cell emergency backup strength with its superior hydrogen-electric powered garage systems.โ€ We have requested the corporation for extra records and could make clear all this as quickly as we listen from Hyperion.

Regarding the XP-1, the corporation sooner or later discovered its precise output: 2,038 hp, way to 4 axial-flux vehicles hooked up onboard โ€“ one for every wheel. Many EVs, inclusive of the Aptera, positioned those vehicles at the wheels, however Hyperion in all likelihood averted that to lessen unsprung mass. The XP-1 is going from zero to 60 mph (ninety seven kph) in 2.25 seconds, reaches a pinnacle pace of 221 mph (355.7 kph), and has a lessen weight of 2,275.2 pounds (1,032 kilograms) โ€“ low even for combustion-engined supercars.

Hyperion XP-1 and XF-7 hydrogen station made their public choicest on the LA Auto Show

The XP-1 stores energy from regenerative braking in supercapacitors, that are lighter, carry out higher in excessive temperatures and additionally discharge power tons quicker than batteries. This is a part of what lets it be so light โ€“ the fuel cells and hydrogen do the relaxation of the work.

For the XP-1 to attain production, there may nonetheless be a whole lot of work to be done. For example, you’ll in no way see a current vehicle with this kind of pointy front bumper because of pedestrian protection regulations. It could be exciting to see what Hyperion could be capable of manufacturing. Above all, โ€œwhenโ€ is the maximum urgent query for the hydrogen-powered hypercar.

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