New Lavoie Series 1 is a ambitious e-scooter filled with McLaren Applied avenue and race tech

This is the brand new Lavoie Series 1, a top rate electric powered scooter providing an era evolved for McLaren’s ultra-a hit Formula 1 and supercar machines.

Now, this could no longer appear just like the papaya F1 racer than Lando Norris hustling round a race track, however there’s a specific link. Due to be released in the subsequent yr, the Series 1 is the primary imparting vehicle from e-mobility start-up Lavoie, a brand new subsidiary of McLaren Applied. That is the McLaren Group’s superior era arm, and seeks to use superior era evolved and stimulated via means of its Racing and Automotive divisions to new areas.

Lavoie’s co-founders are Eliott Wertheimer and Albert Nassar, who previously headed e-bike and e-scooter producer Furosystems – and feature backgrounds in superior area structures and superior robotics. They have been seeking out a brand new undertaking and have been related with McLaren Applied boss Nick Fry.

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McLaren Applied has an inner assignment running on e-scooter era, and learnings, era and patents from the ones are actually being fed to Lavoie for the improvement of recent e-mobility projects.

Speaking to Move Electric, Wertheimer defined Lavoie as “successfully a start-up, however coming with years of micro mobility revel in and sponsored up via means of a super-a hit employer that has validated itself in phrases of layout and innovation.”

Lavoie presently has a small team, however with plans to scale unexpectedly because it ramps up its operation. It additionally works carefully with a key team of workers from McLaren Applied together with major mechanical engineer and previous Red bull aerodynamicist Richard Clarke, and senior layout engineer Diego Valdes, who formerly laboured in luxurious jet layout.

Lavoie Series 1: key technical details

The Series 1 is a brand new high-tech personal e-scooter that’s geared toward the top rate give up of the market: even as now no longer finalised, count on it to value around £1500-£2000. That makes it a rival for the likes of the imminent Bo M and Pure Electric Pure Advance.

Lavoie’s bosses say that the Series 1 can be the halo version of a deliberate variety of electrical mobility machines, despite the fact that each version can be designed with a focal point on superior era, top rate layout and performance.

“We’re top rate luxurious,” Wertheimer informed Move Electric. “Our key cognizance is to provide the high-quality system possible, now no longer at loopy costs however in a manner with a view to maximise capability and performance.”

The system is made with automotive-wide magnesium, because of this that it weighs simply 16.5kg. Lavoie has laboured to hold the load right all the way down to make sure it is able to without problems be used for commuting. 

That short is likewise why the organisation has targeted on growing an revolutionary folding mechanism known as Flowfold, which is ‘stimulated’ by means of Formula 1 suspension. The machine operated with a single button press that folds the the front and rear wheel hinges and collapses the stem. 

The organisation has additionally designed the system to function a extensive board to maximise stability, even as it additionally capabilities a unique lights machine: in addition to the front and rear lighting, there are floodlights at the deck and lighting installed at the rear that factor up and remove darkness from the rider, with the goal of creating it simpler for different avenue customers to spot.

The system additionally capabilities ergonomic handlebars, which can be angled in the style of a motorbike. Its designers consider that is a greater herbal role and could show greater snug for longer rides.

The Series 1 can be made to a pinnacle pace of greater than 25mph, despite the fact that it is able to be managed through the use of software programs to satisfy the rules of unique countries. For example, even as it’s presently unlawful to apply personal e-scooters on UK roads, the authorities are presently running on regulation that is tipped to function at a pinnacle pace of around 15.5mph.

It can be provided in battery sizes, with the access degree model imparting around 25 miles of “real-international variety”. A large model will function with a 700Wh battery and Wertheimer said “it is going to be the type of product you simplest want to feel a couple of times a week”.

Lavoie has but to offer a battery capacity, however says that a -hour fee on a home three-pin plug will deliver the Series 1 as much as 31 miles of variety.

The organisation is likewise running on a bespoke app with a view to provide incorporated navigation – syncing with a show built-into the system so riders can hold their telephones packed away – and more than a few protection capabilities.

It can be provided in more than a few 4 colours, which can be presently being evolved in affiliation with Callum, the layout consultancy installed via means of former Jaguar fashion dressmaker Ian Callum.

The goal is to release the Series 1 subsequent yr with a limited-run Founders Edition, providing greater package and unique trim details. The organisation will make 469 of the ones – a connection with the truth the primary patents for electric powered cars were filed in April 1869.

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